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Taiwan Work Visa – Requirements and Documentation

Are you looking for a new job or want to change careers? Then, you can consider applying for a Taiwan work visa as it allows you to improve your skills while exploring amazing landscapes and unique cultures.

However, you cannot simply wake up and begin working in Taiwan. You cannot enter a country to work unless you have a work visa. Similarly, your Taiwan work visa is your ticket to work in Taiwan.

Speaking of the Taiwan work visa, not everyone can get a Taiwan work visa. The Taiwanese government to specific categories of workers who pass the eligibility criteria. Suppose you are a foreign national looking to work in Taiwan; here is a guide that discusses the Taiwan work visa and the requirements for acquiring it.

Taiwan work visa

A Taiwan work visa empowers citizens of foreign nationalities to enter Taiwan and take up legal work within its territories. A foreigner who wishes to work in Taiwan must get a Taiwan work visa, a Taiwan work permit, and a Taiwan residence permit.

Although Taiwan is a country that pays close attention to the labor of its economy, the Taiwan work visa is not for everybody who seeks work. You must first have a job offer in Taiwan before applying for a Taiwan work visa. That notwithstanding, Taiwan offers foreign employees a healthy and non-toxic working environment for a productivity boost.

About Taiwan Job Market

Taiwan’s labor market has a workforce outlook deemed one of the brightest in the Asian labor market due to its disruptive growth in International and staffing procedure. The international staffing agency ManpowerGroup named the Taiwan labor outlook the best employment outlook of 43 global markets. Compared with other emerging economies in the region, the Taiwan labor market is exclusively resilient. The net employment outlook for the fourth quarter grew 11 percentage points from the previous quarter.

Eligibility for a Taiwan work visa

Taiwan is a labor-friendly region. Therefore, citizens of countries eligible for a Taiwan visa can apply for a work visa. However, its work visa is specifically for some groups of workforce and skills.

According to the Workforce Development Agency of the Taiwan Ministry of Labor, the following foreign professionals are qualified to apply for a work visa in Taiwan:

1. Directors of Taiwan-based establishments

2. Employees of Taiwan-owned companies in foreign states but posted to the branch or headquarters of the company in Taiwan.

3. Technical Workers in any of the below-listed fields;

  • Academic Research
  • Authority and the Central Competent Authorities
  • Artists and Performing Artists
  • Attorneys or Patent Attorneys
  • Civil Engineering or Practice of Architecture
  • Communications and Transportation
  • Contract Workers
  • Culture, Sports, and Recreation Services
  • Environmental Protection
  • Foreign Teachers in Cram Schools (full-time)
  • Health Care
  • Immigration Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Sports Coaches or Athletes
  • Tax and Financial Services
  • Technicians
  • Veterinarians

Requirements and documents for Taiwan work visa application.

Applying for a Taiwan work visa is solely the responsibility of the employer. The employer and the employee submit specific documents for the work visa application.

On the part of the employee,

Below are the visa application documents they must present.

  1. A complete Taiwan work visa form. This form should be printed and stamped before submitting it to the embassy or uploading them online.
  2. Two passport-size photos. The photos must be in line with the passport requirements for Taiwan visas.
  3. A functioning international passport. The passport document must also have a minimum of two blank spaces for visa affixation.
  4. Medical report and health certificates
  5. Taiwan work permit
  6. An employment contract. It must stipulate the basis of the agreement and the duration of the contract.
  7. Proof of accommodation.
  8. Proof of financial means; your bank statement or the bank statement of your employer.
  9. Travel health insurance with insurance coverage of £30,000.
  10. Travel itinerary indicating every arrangement made towards the travel.
  11. Proof of visa application fee payment
  12. Curriculum Vitae
  13. Certification of work experience

On the part of the employer,

The employer will submit copies of the employee’s document together with the below-listed documents;

  1. Corporate income tax returns
  2. Recent individual income tax statement
  3. Company representative’s identity card
  4. Employee’s identification cards
  5. Company’s registration certificate
  6. Company’s business registration
  7. Letter of foreign investment approval
  8. Employment contract
  9. Employee’s education diploma
  10. Proof of diploma authentication by a Taiwan embassy has authenticated it.
  11. Work experience certificate
  12. Medical examination report

The employer will complete the visa application procedure by submitting an online application with Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor in person or through registered mail.

Applying for a Taiwan work visa- Step you need to follow.

The employer is responsible for applying for a work visa on behalf of their employees. The work visa application process after obtaining the Taiwan work permit follows the procedure below:

  1. Complete the online form for the Taiwan work visa application. After which they print and sign on it.
  2. Collect the required documents and submit them together with the work visa application form at a Taiwan diplomatic mission in Taiwan. They are to submit the documents and application in person within 30 days of completing the work visa application online.
  3. After applying, wait for the work visa to be processed. The diplomatic mission, however, can request additional documents if the need arises.
  4. The embassy will contact you for visa processing success and passport collection.
  5. Apply for a Taiwan resident permit within 30 days of your arrival into the country at a local service centre of the National Immigration Agency (NIA).

Work & business etiquette in Taiwan

Visiting a foreign land is always fun. However, to blend in, you should know a bit about what the country’s indigenes love and hold dear.

In Taiwan, there are etiquettes and behaviors you should exhibit to relate with the people easily.

  • Greet people in the most senior positions first and respect them accordingly.
  • Taiwanese often greet foreigners with a handshake. Between men, the senior initiates the handshake. However, between men and women, men should always wait for women to give a handshake first.
  • You should always wear conservative and professional attire whenever you go to work. However, you do not have to overdress.
  • Taiwanese highly value official titles. Ensure to address your counterparts with any official titles they might have.
  • In Taiwan, you do not openly discuss money. Do not openly discuss money.
  • As hierarchy is essential in the Taiwanese workplace, it is helpful if you know your place.

Why you should consider Taiwan for Job

There are many reasons why you should consider taking a job in Taiwan. They are;

#1. Proximity

From the living place to your workplace in Taiwan is always a walkable distance. You can also always go by bus.

#2. Cost of Living

Most workplaces, in particular factories, provide free accommodation to workers. In most cases, the accommodations are in most cases closer to the workplace and so, reducing the cost of transportation. The cost of feeding is also low in this region of Asia.

#3. Hub of modern technologies and facilities

Taiwan exports cell phones, LCD panels, computers, and other electronic goods. For that, facilities and infrastructure in this country are relatively good.

#4. Culture

Taiwan has a variety of cultures. It has a wealth of cultural influences from Korea, Japan, and Mainland China because it is an island in the mountains of East Asia.

In addition to the culture, Taiwan offers you the chance to expand your vision of the world through its numerous mountains and outdoor activities.

#5. High Level of Safety

Taiwan is highly safe for locals, ex-pats, and travelers. It is the 2nd safest country in the world after Iceland.

The country has low occurrences of violence and crime and thus makes it enjoyable and comfortable for foreigners.

#6. Employment

Taiwan is a hub of modern technologies and offers numerous employment opportunities to its citizens and foreign nationals. It has an unemployment rate as low as 3.6%. Furthermore, foreigners from around the globe own most multinational companies in the region. These companies provide lots of employment opportunities.

#7. Economy

Taiwan is considered the 7th largest economy in Asia. Salaries for ex-pats working in the region are relatively high than in most Asian countries. Also, the payrolls are higher compared to the cost of living. Living and working here allows you to save as much money as possible while living an adventurous lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Taiwan work visa last?

The Taiwan work visa lasts for just three months from the date of issuance. However, if your work will require a stay more than that, then you should get an ARC for the duration of your work stay.

How much does it cost to acquire a Taiwan work visa?

The Taiwan work visa fee costs an average of ₹3600, approximately $50. However, the visa fees vary based on the visa entry required. The country of application also contributes to the variation in price. Also, the employer pays the visa fee on behalf of the employee.

How long does it take to get a Taiwan work visa?

It takes about 30 days to process the Taiwan work visa. However, it can take below or more than the average processing time due to some situations.

Does Taiwan issue visas on arrival?

Yes, Taiwan issues visas on arrival to eligible nationals. However, the duration of stay is 30 days, regardless of nationality. Also, you can not extend your visa duration if it expires.

Holders of emergency or temporary passports if Japan and the US are visa-exempt.


Taiwan is a diverse country. The multinational foreign companies established in the country create job opportunities for its citizens and foreign citizens alike. It is a country worth traveling to and exploring.

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