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Taiwanese Embassy in Canada – Citizens Services

If you need information on Taiwanese Embassy in Canada, it might interest you to know that you have come to the right place. Obviously, the Taiwanese Embassy is renowned for several services it offers to its citizens in Canada.

Not just that, Canadian citizens and citizens of other nationals can also have access to the embassy.

As a matter of fact, this article will give you all the details you need regarding the Taiwan Embassy in Canada as well as Canadian Embassy in Taiwan. What’s more, rest assured that you will always come back for more.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission of a country located in another country. It represents the sending country in the host country and offers certain services to its citizens in that country and other nationals.

Usually, an embassy has one or more consulates in the host country which offers similar or lesser services to the embassy. While the embassy is located in the country’s capital city, the consulate is founded in other major cities of the same country.

About Taiwan

Located in the West Pacific between Japan and the Philippines, Taiwan is a country blessed with winding coastlines and mountainous forests. Meanwhile, the official language of the country is Mandarin but it has other languages of which Holo (Taiwanese), Hakka and Austronesian languages are the commonest.

Besides, Taiwan has the world’s largest density of 24-hour convenience stores which are open all-year-round and offers several services. It is also a global authority when it comes to information and communications technology products. Its museum, the National Place Museum in Taipei is one of the largest museums globally.

Further to that, Taiwan boasts of colourful parks and mountains for those who enjoy unwinding outside after a hectic day or during the weekend. The beautiful Sun Moon Lake is a place you wouldn’t want to miss taking a bike ride.

In fact, there is a lot you can enjoy by just visiting Taiwan. If you wish to travel there from Canada, it is a whole lot of fun for you, coupled with the visa waiver you will enjoy as a Canadian citizen.

Taiwanese Embassy in Canada

The Taiwan Embassy in Canada has its headquarters in Toronto
Address: 151 Yonge street,
Suite 501,
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W7,
Telephone: (+1) (416) 369-9030
Email: [email protected].
Consul: Taiwanese Trade Office

The Taiwan Embassy in Canada has two consulate offices aside from the embassy in Toronto. They include:

Taiwan Representative in Ottawa

Address: 45 O’Connor Street,
Suite 1960,
World Exchange Plaza,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1A4,

Taiwanese Trade Office in Vancouver

Address: Suite 2200. 650 West Georgia Street,
Columbia, V6B 4N7,
Telephone: (+1) (604) 689-4111
Email: [email protected]

Taiwan Passport Renewal

To renew your Taiwan passport, you can do that at the Taiwanese Embassy in Canada or the nearest consulate to you. You will need the following documents to enable you to carry out the renewal successfully:

  • Confirmed online appointment
  • A completed passport application form
  • A recent passport with your ID number printed on it. However, if your ID number is not on the recent passport, you will need to provide it. On the alternative, you can provide your household registration record document
  • Two identical passport photos that you took not more than six months ago
  • Your passport renewal fee
  • Other relevant certificates that may be needed by ROC Overseas Mission

Supporting documents

In effect, if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to apply for a fresh passport and not a renewal. You will provide an affidavit or police report, as the case may be before you will receive a new one.

Applying for a Canadian Visa by the Taiwanese

It is quite easy to apply for a Canadian visa from Taiwan. In case you want to go for a short stay, you will need a Tourist Visa to travel to Canada. However, you cannot exceed 180 days for each entry. Fortunately, it does not require much to do on your part to secure the visa.

As a result, the first thing you need to start your application is proof that you are eligible for the Canadian visa. After passing this first huddle, you will need to have a valid passport for at least six months from the day you arrived in Canada.

Furthermore, you will need to provide personal information as that will determine your eligibility. When you o this, you will be asked to make payments and review your form. Then, you will upload the relevant documents that support your online application. Once you finish with the above, you can submit your request.

Moreover, since the application is online, you will need an operational email address. This is because the whole process is online and you will get your document online. For that same reason, you will have an online payment method, probably a debit or credit card.

Processing Fee

The processing fee depends on the processing time option you selected when you fill out the application form. And so, there are three processing choices you are faced with:

  • Standard processing: this enables you to get to your e-Visa in 24 hours and the amount you will be required to pay is USD 22.30.
  • Rush processing: if you need a faster alternative, this one will be more preferable for you. It will take four hours for the visa to be processed and the total amount is USD 55.30.
  • Super rush processing: this option is the fasted and your visa will be processed in 30 minutes. However, it will require a higher charge of USD 69.80.

Canadian Embassy in Taiwan

Address: 6F, Hua-Hsin (Citibank building),
No. 1 SongZhi Road,
Xinyi District,
Taipei 11047,
Telephone for general enquiries: 886-2-8723-3000
Email: [email protected]

The office delivers the same services as the other diplomatic missions of Canada abroad. It has both commercial sections and information services. The former must assist Canadian companies to expand and succeed in Taiwan, while the latter helps Taiwan companies or businesses to invest in Canada.
Other services carried out by the office include:

  • Citizenship services, including proof of citizenship and renouncing citizenship
  • Consular services
  • Passport services
  • Notarial services
  • Cultural and educational enquiries
  • Provincial services
Uruguayan Embassy in Canada

Visa Requirements for Canadians in Taiwan

Canadian citizens who wish to travel to Taiwan do not need any visa for a short stay as tourists or on business. However, this does not apply to persons using a non-Canadian passport to Canadians who are going to Taiwan for work or study.

Also, for nationals of other countries, they will need to apply directly to the Taiwan Economic Office for the visa. Besides, no third party can assist the visa applicant. Also, the process of issuing the visa can take up to a few weeks.


Obviously, the Taiwanese Embassy in Canada carries out several services for those who wish to go to Taiwan from Canada. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be able to access the services offered by the embassy. Hopefully, the information you got here was enough to guide your decision. Do not forget to share the article to enable us to reach a wider audience.

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