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Guide on how to apply for a Tajikistan Residence Permit

The Tajikistan Residence Permit is available to everyone who meets the requirements and rules. This complete guide is all you need to obtain the Tajikistan Resident Permit. According to the country’s visa laws, almost everyone wishing to visit Tajikistan must first apply for a visa. However, most countries may now obtain a visa online, thanks to the simplified application procedure implemented by the Tajikistani administration.

Tajikistan Residence Permit Requirement

Before flying to Tajikistan, you must determine if you are eligible for a Resident permit. However, be aware that the criteria are modest, and your efforts are inconsequential when you apply for a visa online. Both a passport and an application form are necessary.

What distinguishes a visa from an electronic visa?

A specific visa page in a passport or other similar papers is affixed with the visa, which is available as a special sticker with security elements to prevent counterfeiting. A regular or sticker visa falls within this category. The Republic of Tajikistan introduced an electronic information network system for visa applications on January 1, 2017. Applying online at www.visa.gov.tj will allow you to acquire a regular visa.

 To avoid any confusion, we must clarify that the Tajik electronic visa processing system is not connected to the Tajik electronic visa processing system at www.evisa.tj, which is a single and multiple entry visa issued for ninety days and whose holder is not permitted to stay in Tajikistan for longer than 60 days starting on the date of arrival. Therefore, except in extreme circumstances of force majeure, postponement of the electronic visa is not.

 You may want to check the Tajikistan Visa registration page to access the Tajikistan Visa application.

What is the meaning of force-majeure?

Cases of force majeure include unforeseen and unavoidable events brought on by natural disasters, military actions, and other such tragedies.

Visa Policy for Tajikistan

The guidelines and standards that determine which visas a foreign traveler to Tajikistan needs may originate in the country’s visa policy.

 There are several kinds of visas available for Tajikistan. The kind of visa a foreign person need is dependent on various elements, including the applicant’s nationality, the itinerary’s objectives, the number of entries, and the duration of the visit.

 Unless they come from nations whose citizens qualify to apply for an electronic visa, all visitors to Tajikistan must get a visa through one of the country’s diplomatic offices overseas.

 Most foreign nations can get an electronic visa (eVisa) for Tajikistan, which permits a brief stay in the country for tourists or businesses.

 One can secure the Tajikistan eVisa as a single entry or multiple entry online visas, allowing for a maximum stay of 60 days, depending on the traveler’s nationality.

 Filling out a short online application will get you the electronic visa. Once accepted, one can pick up the eVisa either at the closest embassy of Tajikistan or collect it upon arrival at the airport in Dushanbe.

Documents Required for a Tajikistan Residence Permit

For “those foreigners who come to Tajikistan for permanent residing until the receipt of a residence permit,” according to the partner at ABG.LA, the following documentation is necessary to apply for “immigrant visa[s]” issued by the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consulate offices of the Republic of Tajikistan:

  • Two copies of the stick shot and the visa application;
  • oral reminder (for the granting of a diplomatic or service visa);
  • application of the invitation agency (for business, employment, travel, and education);
  • application and notification to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Visa Registration Office (for the issue of a private visa);
  • Accurate passport photocopies and of high quality;
  • Passport; receipt for state tax and consular fee payments.

It is necessary to note that per the new Rules, except for the above-stated documents, depending on a category of visa, the applicants must submit other documents in addition:

  • the letter-petition of the Republic of Tajikistan’s law enforcement agencies with the foreign national’s location of intended continued residence for immigrant visas;
  • Except for visa categories for “diplomatic,” “official,” “investment,” and “humanitarian” purposes, foreign nationals planning to stay in Tajikistan for more than three months must present a certificate from a medical facility attesting to their lack of HIV/AIDS infection. (Partner; January 20, 2017).

Application method for a Tajikistan Residence Permit

Foreign nationals should submit their applications online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rather than going directly to the Tajikistani embassy or diplomatic post in their place of residence. To upload supporting paperwork with their application, applicants should gather their materials in advance.

 After submitting their online application, the applicant will receive an email with more instructions and an invitation to visit the Tajik embassy or consulate to submit their fingerprints, have their picture taken, and complete the application process with an interview.

 The applicants should bring their passport, invitation letter, and any other papers mentioned in the email on the day of the appointment. Then, while they wait for the appropriate officials to accept their visa application, they should remain in their country of residency.

 The diplomatic personnel will inform the applicant when their application is welcome so they may return to the embassy to pick up their passport and visa. The payment of the visa fee is made at this time by the applicant. The employee can depart for Tajikistan after they have obtained their working visa.

Visa Refusal

The applicant must be in the picture of any decision to deny them a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Tajikistan within three days of receipt. Therefore, the applicant may request that the reasons for the rejection be available in writing.

A higher authority or court may hear an appeal on the Republic of Tajikistan’s refusal to grant permanent residency permits.

The decision to deny foreign nationals a permanent residency permit in the Republic of Tajikistan is valid for six months. After this, foreign citizens can reapply to the local migration service following specified guidelines and orders.

Refusal status for a Tajikistan Residence Permit

Foreign nationals may not get permission to live permanently in the Republic of Tajikistan in the following circumstances:

  • a person who has a disease that could start an epidemic on Republic of Tajikistan territory;
  • a person who has broken the law regarding the legal status of foreign citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • a person against whom a criminal case has commenced – until the conclusion of the proceedings;
  • if the person is guilty of a crime in the Republic of Tajikistan before they serve their sentence. (Junior Attorney, January 23, 2017)

What conditions exist for the revocation of a visa?

The authorized governmental agency may revoke a foreigner’s or a stateless person’s visa by adding a “revoked” stamp and issuing an exit visa if it decides to limit its temporary stay in Tajikistan.

The Main Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan revokes a foreigner’s visa if they have concluded to refoulement a foreigner or a stateless person from Tajikistan. This person’s details are included among the nationalities with special designations.

 The MFA MCD must cancel a foreigner’s or a stateless person’s visa if the category does not correspond to their intended purpose of travel and arrange for a visa in the appropriate category.

How frequently is a visa reinstated?

If a visa has technical flaws, undergoes damage, or is difficult to find, it may be reinstated once the grounds are examined, and the reasons for the issue are verified. In addition, the MFA MCD and Tajik abroad consular offices have the authority to reinstate a visa based on a written request from a foreigner, a stateless person, an organization, or a citizen of Tajikistan. 

Frequently Asked Question

What do you need to get a Resident Permit for Tajikistan?

To ensure that you follow all of the requirements, below is the first list of the most crucial papers to have on hand before applying:

  • Scan personal data from a passport
  • Passport’s last page (if applicable)
  • Letter of Petition (if applicable)

How long does it take to obtain a visa for Tajikistan?

The processing period for an electronic Tajikistan visa may take up to 72 hours (3 business days). Therefore, to acquire your entrance permission in time for your trip, you must submit your application at least three days in advance.

How long is a visa required for Tajikistan?

The validity of visas is for stays up to 60 days and is valid for a term of 90 days. You can only apply for an e-visa if you are outside of Tajikistan, which is not extendable. When admitted using an e-visa, registration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Visas and Registration (OVIR) is necessary.

What is an invitation letter for a visa?

A formal letter of invitation is what a US resident or citizen uses to extend an invitation to a visiting relative from abroad. The host certifies in writing that they can accommodate the visitor in their house and ensures that the guest will return there when their visa expires.

In Tajikistan, how do I get married?

The Tajik State Office for Registration of Civil Status (ZAGS) district where the marriage participants reside performs weddings. Therefore, both parties must submit their marriage applications at the ZAGS office. The legal age for marriage is 18.


We hope you find this guide revealing and detailed enough to get you started. If getting a business visa is what interest you, we have a detailed guide on Tajikistan Business Visa – Application and Documents needed

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