Tajikistan Work Visa – Requirements and Documentation

If traveling to Tajikistan is your plan this season, Tajikistan Work Visa – Requirements and Documentation information is what you need to gain access to the country without hassle.

Before we proceed, let us give you a little overview of Tajikistan.

 Tajikistan, also known as Tadzhikistan, Tajik Tojikiston, or Jumhurii Tojikiston, is a country in Central Asia. The official name they call it for is the Republic of Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan are its neighbors in the north, east, south, and west. The autonomous Gorno-Badakhshan (“Mountain Badakhshan”) region of Tajikistan, with Khorugh as its capital (Khorog).

 Tajikistan is the smallest of the five Central Asian countries in terms of land area, but it has the highest elevation and the most mountains of any country. Tajikistan was a constituent (union) republic of the Soviet Union up until it gained its independence in 1991. Its administrative center is Dushanbe.

Visa categories in Tajikistan

There are several visas available to foreign citizens who want to visit Tajikistan. Several popular types of visas include:


Travel to Tajikistan for official business becomes possible with this visa for diplomats, government representatives, and other representatives.


Heads or representatives of international businesses making investments in Tajikistan’s economy get access with the help of an investment visa or Type C visa.


The bearer of this visa, also known as a K visa, gets the chance to visit Tajikistan for a brief period.

Working Visa

A working visa, or M visa, permits the bearer to go to Tajikistan to work with a locally incorporated business.


A tourist or T visa enables visitors from other countries to visit Tajikistan.


International students get access to this visa, often called an O-2 visa.

You may also study in Canada when you arrive in Tajikistan. You may want to know how by checking out Study in Canada from Tajikistan – Complete Guide

Now that you understand the various types of visas available in Tajikistan, we will be taking into detail the Tajikistan Work Visa – Requirement and Documentation.

Requirement and Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Tajikistan

Any foreign national who intends to reside and work in the Republic of Tajikistan must obtain a working visa. The same holds for any relatives who intend to accompany them on their trip. Foreign workers must first get a work permit in addition to a working visa before they may start working. Following are the prerequisites to acquire a visa for Tajikistan:

  • a passport with three months of remaining validity and at least two blank pages
  • a signed employment agreement with a Tajik business
  • an invitation letter from the candidate’s employer

Application Method

  • Foreign citizens should submit their applications online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rather than traveling directly to the Tajikistani embassy or diplomatic post in their place of residence. Applicants should collect their materials in advance to submit supporting paperwork with their application. 
  • An email with further instructions and an invitation to visit the Tajik embassy or consulate to submit their fingerprints, have their picture taken, and finish the application process with an interview will be available to the applicant after they submit their online application.
  • The candidate should bring their passport, invitation letter, and other papers mentioned in the email on the day of the appointment. Then, while they wait for the appropriate authorities to accept their visa application, they should stay in their country of residence.
  • The diplomatic representatives will inform the applicant when their application has been accepted so they may return to the embassy to pick up their passport and visa. The applicant must make a visa fee payment at this time by the applicant. The employee may go to Tajikistan after they have obtained their working visa.
  • Before beginning employment, foreign workers must also get a work permit. The Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Migratory department is responsible for issuing work permits in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan Visa Policy

The conditions a foreign visitor will need to meet to enter the nation are the focus of Tajikistan’s visa policy. It also lists the nationalities exempt from requiring a visa to visit Tajikistan and the types of travel papers that other people will need to do the same.

 According to the Tajikistan visa policy for tourism, if you want to visit Tajikistan, you will either need an eVisa (electronic visa) or a paper visa given by a Tajikistan embassy or consulate on your nationality.

 Nationals of more than 121 countries may apply for the eVisa online, an electronic travel permit. It functions just like a standard visa.

 Unless you have a passport from one of the ten nations free from visa requirements, overseas visitors who are not on this list will need to submit a paper visa application and go through the standard visa procedure petition. This may include an in-person interview.

 To get these papers, you must have a valid passport for at least six months, know when you want to go, and have the funds necessary to cover the eVisa or paper visa price.

Who Can Apply for Tajikistan Work Visa

Almost everyone planning to visit Tajikistan before their trip must apply for a visa, per the country’s visa regulations. However, the Tajikistani government has imposed a simplified application procedure, making it possible for most ethnic groups to get a visa online.

 Employers in Tajikistan must get a visa from one of the country’s diplomatic missions unless they are nationals of a nation exempt from visa requirements, qualify for an electronic visa, or are eligible for a visa on appearance (at the Dushanbe airport).

Work Permit

Work permits are a significant worry for everyone hoping to begin working in Tajikistan. But if you already work for another firm, you may apply for a work visa more quickly since your present employer will act as your “guarantor” for your stay. This specific funding is essential to the Tajik work visa since it guarantees the authorities that you will be generating money throughout your stay.

 However, there are certain unique situations where foreign businesses are eligible for work permit protection. Both representatives of major international corporations and people who participate in the beneficial investment are examples of persons who are given access to this group. There is no new need for permission in these instances; just an investment visa is necessary.

Entry Requirement for Tajikistan Work Visa

Verify that you are traveling with the appropriate visa, especially if you want to stay with friends or family rather than in a hotel. If you have received a visa that is not a “Tourist” visa, you must register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Department within ten days of your arrival. If your visit also involves travel to other regions of the nation, you may need to register again for the remaining portion of your vacation. Hotels may only carry out registration for your stay with that specific business.

In addition to a current Tajik visa, entry into the area from within and outside Tajikistan needs special authorization. Once in Tajikistan, you may also get permission from the office of visas and registrations or the ministry of foreign affairs. If you want more information about Entry Requirements, please check Tajikistan Internation Travel Information.

If Vaccinated.

Visitors to Tajikistan are required to provide a vaccination record. It is also permissible for a negative PCR test to be performed within 72 hours after the arrival. COVID-19 PCR swab testing is necessary for the test.

 Travelers visiting Tajikistan are strongly advised to confirm the details with their airline before departure, particularly the dates for completing COVID-19 PCR testing, since COVID-19 entrance criteria are subject to change at short notice.

Arriving travelers may be subject to screening and may need to undergo a PCR test.

If Not Vaccinated

Travelers in Tajikistan could be required to provide proof of a PCR test that returned negative within 72 hours of arrival. COVID-19 PCR swab testing is necessary for the test.

If Tajikistan is your transit country

Traveling from one country to another is referred to as transiting.

 It is legal to pass through Tajikistan in transit. However, Tajikistan requires transit permits, which are typically good for three days. Therefore, if you want to remain longer, you must apply for a longer-term visa after arriving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or via Intourist Tajikistan.

 It is important for passengers passing through Tajikistan to provide a vaccination record. It is also permissible for a negative PCR test to be performed within 72 hours after the arrival.

 Travelers visiting Tajikistan are strongly advised to confirm all details with their airline before departure, including the dates for completing COVID-19 PCR testing. Also, ensure you have the appropriate re-entry visa before leaving if you’re returning to another nation, like Russia.

Before departing, confirm your passport and other travel documents.

If you are traveling to Tajikistan, your passport must have two blank pages and be valid for at least three months after arrival.

Make sure your passport and other travel papers satisfy their criteria by checking with your travel company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a work visa for Tajikistan?

The following documents are necessary to acquire a visa for Tajikistan; a passport with at least two blank pages and three months of remaining validity, a signed employment agreement with a Tajikistani corporation, and an invitation letter from the candidate’s employer.

Is Tajikistan cheap?

In Tajikistan, the cost of living is quite low. The most expensive city in Tajikistan, Dushanbe, is 2-3 times less expensive to live in than other major cities around the globe, according to expatistan.com, which you can access with just one click. Even cheaper cities in Tajikistan exist.

Is it safe to live in Tajikistan?

Although Dushanbe is generally safe, foreigners have occasionally been the victims of muggings and other small-time crimes. Women should avoid going out alone at night because they could experience harassment. The British Embassy has received reports of sexual assault cases, including rape.


Now that you have gathered enough data to embark on your journey to acquire a Tajikistan Work Visa, you can rest assured that if you get to work with this information, you will be on your next flight to Tajikistan and ready to work there too.

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