Tanzania Visa requirements – Application, Types, and Documents

The Tanzania visa requirements demand that you apply according to the specific policy regarding your travel.

Tanzania has a lot of visa application routes for which you must know the one that best suits you and your travel.

Furthermore, the entry requirements begin by considering many factors like; where your country stands in the Tanzanian visa policy, how long you can stay, and the documents you must present for your application.

As a traveler, you must either; apply for the Tanzanian visa at the embassy, online, or through the visa-on-arrival route. That is, if your country is not among the exempt countries.

About Tanzania

Set in East Africa, Tanzania was ruled by the Germans and then by the British throughout the nineteenth century but gained its independence in 1961.

Though the country not only houses a population of about 63.59 million people, it is also the location for Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, and Africa’s largest lake, Lake Tanganyika.

Tanzania is made up of about 120 ethnic groups and different religious bodies. This country has over 100 languages and diverse religious worshippers, with Christianity topping 63.1%.

Even with the numerous languages, the majority of Tanzanians speak Swahili as their first language. Out of the countries in the African continent, Tanzania is among the oldest to be inhabited, dating back to 2000 years ago.

Furthermore, the country relies mainly on agriculture as its main source of revenue. 

Agriculture serves as a means of employment for a lot of Tanzanians. Even when they cultivated other crops like; Tobacco, sugarcane, rice, beans, and tomato, maize and cassava remained the largest export material.

Additionally, tourism has helped the country in a lot of ways. Every year tourists visit this country for holidays and sightseeing, especially mountain climbers.

Tanzania may not have it all together now, but it sure has the prospect of becoming a top tourist center and a great place.

Who needs a Tanzanian visa? 

Obtaining a Tanzanian visa depends on the visa policy of the immigration office.

The visa policy allows some countries to enter Tanzania without applying for a visa, while it is not so with other countries. 

With them, they must apply for the appropriate visa before they can visit Tanzania. 

Furthermore, you may also need an authorization-for-travel document that has at least six months of validity and is issued by a recognized state. 

This entry authorization allows you to visit Tanzania for three or six months, as the case may be.

Types of Tanzania visa

The country has made things easier for travelers who seek to visit Tanzania. They have different options of visas for you to select from for your travel smoothly.

 Tourist visa

The tourist visa serves multiple purposes for travelers who seek to visit Tanzania. 

Firstly, travelers visiting this country for a holiday can use a tourist visa. The same goes for visitors coming for medical treatments, sightseeing, or even visiting friends and family.

Transit visa

This visa permits travelers to pass through Tanzania to their original destination. But before you obtain this visa, you must show all the documents that will prove that you are going to your destination. In addition, the transit visa lasts for just seven days, and you do not have the option of renewal.

Business visa 

Anyone seeking a business visa must be going to conduct business assignments or trade in Tanzania. 

Additionally, a business visa has a duration of just three months, and you cannot extend it.

Gratis visa

Tanzania offers this visa to travelers with official passports and diplomats. However, travelers with an official passport from the UN must obtain this visa from Tanzania immigration. 

Tanzania visa requirements 

Tanzania tourist visa requirements

  • A visa application form correctly filled out and signed
  • Proof of payment of visa fee
  • Passport with at least six months validity
  • Return flight ticket
  • Passport size photographs ( two copies )
  • Travelers going for other purposes instead of tourism must possess appropriate documents. For example, if you’re going for medical treatment, you must provide some documents to prove it.

Traveling with a minor

If a minor travels alone, they must present the birth certificate and parental consent from their parents or Guardian.

Transit visa requirements

  • Passport size photographs ( two copies )
  • visa of your destination country
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Onward flight ticket to your country of destination
  • Your valid passport
  • Proof of visa application fee 

Business visa requirements

A letter from your company, written on the company’s letterhead with the details about the travel duration, your assignments, sponsorship, accommodation, and the type of business you are coming to do.

  • A passport with at least six-month validity
  • Passport size photograph
  • Proof of return ticket
  • Proof of visa application fee 

Student visa requirements

  • Letter of admission from a recognized School in Tanzania or Zanzibar
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Application form correctly signed and filled out
  • Two passport-sized photographs

Entry duration requirements

Travelers who wish to visit in a single entry must present the requirements above for each visa.

However, travelers seeking to enter the country more than once must present additional requirements and pay an additional application fee. 

Multiple entry visa into Tanzania requires that you must present

  • Proof of security Bond
  • Visa application form correctly filled out and signed
  • Passport with at least six months of validity
  • ID card and passport of your host in Tanzania
  • An invitation letter from your host in Tanzania
  • Evidence of accommodation or hotel reservation
  • Recent passport-sized photograph (three copies)
  • The evidence of visa application fee

How much is a Tanzanian visa?

  • Tanzanian single-entry tourist visa costs $50. The Visa duration is 90 days; after that, it expires.
  • More so, a double entry tourist visa costs $100.
  • A business single entry visa costs $250. 
  • Please note that you can not pay the visa application fee with cash, and they are not refundable.
  • Therefore, do not present documents with half information or false information. Such documents may delay your visa or deny it entirely. 

Tanzania e-visa application

Applying for an e-visa to Tanzania is a process you can do by yourself online.

Online applications are becoming the best because they are stress-free and can be done without leaving your house. 

Also, you do not have to go for an interview, or be at the mercy of the embassy, except there is a need for that.

The best of it all is that your visa process may not take all the time like the embassy application.

Furthermore, you can save your visa application process in case you cannot finish applying at once. Then, when you have the time, you can begin from where you stopped.

So, all you need to do is log in to the online visa portal, correctly fill out the application form, and do every other thing required of you.

By the way, you can stay in Tanzania for up to a month with an e-visa. Your entry depends on your country. For example, some countries can only get a single entry visa through the e-visa policy. At the same time, some other countries get up to 90 days and multiple-entry true e-visa.

e-visa port of entry in Tanzania

Travelers eligible for the e-visa can enter the country only through specific ports.

If you use any other route, you may not enter the country, and the immigration officers may turn you back. 

On getting to the port of entry, the immigration will look at your documents before permitting you to enter.

Please, note that the immigration officers reserve the sole right to deny you a visa and turn you back if they notice any foul Play.

A Visa extension is possible if you wish to stay longer in Tanzania with your e-visa. You only need to walk into the immigration office at Dar es Salaam and request for visa extension.

Remember this you must not wait for your visa to expire before you start extending it because it may not be possible again.

The e-visa ports of entry are

  • Namanga border
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Tunduma border
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does e visa take?

If you applied for your visa through the online portal, you must wait six working days to get it. You must also print out your e-visa as proof of your travel.

Does Zanzibar have a visa-on-arrival policy?

Of course, you can apply for a visa on arrival at the entry port in Zanzibar. First, however, you must check if your country is permitted to use this route for your travel.

Are there separate visas for Tanzania and Zanzibar?

Sometimes, they both have the same visa policy, which includes; permitting some countries to visit without a visa or use the e-visa.


Obtaining a visa does not guarantee your entry into the country. Firstly, you must pass through immigration, so they have to decide if you are eligible or not. 

Perhaps, immigration denies you a visa, you will not get a refund, and sometimes, they will not give you a reason why they denied you.

You cannot extend some Tanzania visas according to the policy, while you can extend some. So, be sure to know the rules guiding your visa and abide by the laws of the land during your visit, and be safe.

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