Teacher Education Scholarships At Red River College, Canada

Teacher Education scholarships are awarded at Red River College every year plus $600 awards are available annually to int’l students.

Are you interested in pursuing a Teacher Education degree? Teacher Education scholarships are awarded at Red River College every year plus $600 awards are available annually to students entering the Teacher Education programs at Red River College. Consideration will be given to those entering the five-year programs.

Red River College

Red River College is the largest institution of applied learning and research in Manitoba, Canada was founded in the mid-1930s in Winnipeg. It is one of the best places to study in Canada.

Whereas the academy was started as an Industrial Vocational Education Centre established by three citizens of Winnipeg to help educate the youth about trade, it turned out to be the one the best colleges in Canada, and over the years it has retained its culture of educating and nurturing the minds of the youth to have good futures and careers.

Because of its initial success, the academy gained financial support and funding from the federal government and has since upheld the respect of students and citizens alike.

Red River College has a close affiliation with Notre Dame and as its former name indicates, it could be branded as a community.

The main interest of the institution is to train students who are interested in attaining a good skill set in the fields of Science, Technology, Trade, and Commerce as well as Arts. It is committed to providing grand learning alongside the impeccable blend of culture, discipline, diversity, and character.

With a total enrolment of over 21,000 students annually and over 200 degrees and certificate programs, this academy certainly sets a high standard for numerous other colleges.

As one of the oldest vocational, educational, and research institutions in the world, Red River College is renowned as the best place to get some quality in learning in the likes of Aircraft and Aerospace, Applied Accounting, Business Information Technology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media Design, Tourism Management, Medical Sciences and much more.

Red River College Programs

River College offers a variety of programs for its over 21000 from all over the world. This is added to its reputation as a certified and one of the leading research institutions in Canada.

Red River College is also widely popular for its diverse, distinctive, and copious disciplines and fields. It offers over 200 full-time and part-time programs, Diploma programs, and certificate options, Red River College aims to offer flexible and popular courses to students from over 60 countries.

The academy has received a high reputation for its Culinary Arts and Aerospace learning experience. Below is a list of programs offered at Red River College, Canada.

Red River College has a good variety of programs which are in the form of full-time programs, part-time programs, online programs, and regional programs and courses.

The full-time programs at Red River include the following programs

  • Architectural Technology,
  • Business Technology Management,
  • Communication Design,
  • Professional Baking and Pastry,
  • Hospitality Management
  • Professional Photography

Some part-time programs include

  • Apparel Design,
  • Business Analyst,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Welding

Under online programs, the college offers the following courses

  • Software Development,
  • Professional Sales,
  • CADD training and
  • Financial Management

For International Students, the college provides a marvelous range of courses such as

  • Intensive English,
  • Transportation Technology,
  • Creative Arts,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Indigenous Education.

The lengths of each program ranging from less than a year to four years.

What Teacher Education means

Teacher Education means programs, training, policy, and procedures aimed at preparing prospective teachers with the required skills and knowledge to undertake teaching-related activities in their respective educational institutions. It refers to courses that lead to a degree and certification for teaching.

This is formal training provided for would-be teachers in an institution of higher learning to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences to bring about changes in the behavior of learners and enable would-be teachers to succeed in their teaching careers.

Formal teacher training (pre-service or in-service) is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitude, behavior, and skills required for teaching at the relevant institutions.

It equips prospective teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider community.

It also refers to the policies, procedures, and provisions designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and the community as a whole

They are programs that prepare preservice teachers for teacher certification and jobs in Kindergarten through 12th-grade classrooms. These programs teach preservice teachers about methods for teaching, managing classrooms, and child and adolescent development.

Teacher Education programs in Canada

Teacher training programs are housed in Canadian universities, although separate standards for teacher qualifications exist among the provinces.

Canada has only about 50 teacher education programs, it becomes easier for provincial governments to regulate quality than in countries with many more programs.

Typically, students must complete a bachelor of education degree or a bachelor’s degree with an additional education certification in order to teach at any level, and several provinces require further subject qualifications for secondary school teachers.

Following initial education, the majority of provinces require another form of assessment, either through an examination or a certification process. The requirements for induction also vary across the provinces, although most do have at least an informal orientation period.

Teacher Education Scholarships at Red River College

There is various Teacher Education Scholarship available at Red River College Canada. It all depends on the student to know which one they qualify for.

See below for more details on how the apply for the Teacher Education Scholarships. See webpage for further information on Red River College.

Teacher Education Entrance Award

Two $600 awards are available annually to students entering the Teacher Education programs at Red River College; preference will be given to those entering the five-year programs.

Applications should be accompanied by a current high school transcript including first-term grades. Selection criteria will include academic achievement with secondary consideration to leadership qualities or peer support activities.

A reference letter from an educator supporting these traits should also be included.

Application deadline

June 15.

Scholarship Value


Red River College Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships valued at $800 each, are available for applicants to regular full-time programs at Red River College. This is processed as payments to recipients’ program fees for those who graduated from a Manitoba high school within the past five years.

Entrance scholarships are available to Canadian citizens and residents of Manitoba.  Those who have had previous full-time post-secondary enrollments are not eligible to apply. A student is allowed to only hold one entrance scholarship awarded by RRC.

Selection will be based on high school average (using four 40S courses: English, Mathematics, and two additional 40S course [highest grade]). Recipients will be determined based on final Grade 12 grades recorded on applicants’ records.

After the deadline for submission of final Grade 12 transcripts, that is when an election will take place, prior to the fall and winter term start dates.

These entrance scholarships are funded by the Red River College Scholarship and Bursary Endowment and by The Winnipeg Foundation through the following sources: Hannah (Nancy) Boon Fund, available to native students (Status Indian or Metis); Press Radio Fund, available to any student.

Additional scholarships, awarded to those students entering these specific programs are funded by the Business Administration, Accounting and Computer Education, School of Business and Applied

Application deadline

June 15. Teacher Education Awards

Partners in Education Scholarships

Red River College has entered into agreements with some Manitoba High Schools/School Divisions to provide Partners in Education Scholarships for their graduating students who are continuing their education in a full-time program at the College.

The scholarships are valued at a maximum of $1000. For more information, contact your high school.

RRC Adult Learning Centre Bursaries

Two bursaries valued at $750 each are available to students who have attended a minimum of four courses, achieved a minimum 75% average in their final term, and graduated from a Red River College Adult Learning Centre, who are continuing their education at Red River College.

The bursaries are intended to assist with program fees for a certificate, diploma, or degree program at the College and, as such, will be applied directly to those fees.

Students, whose fees are being covered by a sponsoring agency, will be eligible to receive the bursary to assist with other related costs. Selection will be based on academic achievement and financial needs. Applications should be submitted to the Student Service Centre.

Applications deadline

October 31.

Westland Foundation Education Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students who are entering full-time programs at Red River College within 30 months of graduating from one of the high schools in the Westland Foundation’s catchment area; Argyle Alternative High School, Children of the Earth High School, Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute, Gordon Bell High School, R.B. Russell Vocational School, St. John’s High School, Sisler High School, and Tec Voc High School.

The value of each student’s scholarship will be determined by the number of 70% or higher marks, earned by the student during grades 7 through 12 (in a school within the Westland Foundation catchment area). The scholarship is available to students for up to 30 months from the date of their Grade 12 graduation.

Please visit the Westland Foundation website for further information about the Foundation, as well as the application form. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application deadline

July 31.

Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship

Candidates for Teacher Education Scholarship must fulfill the following requirements to become eligible

  • Applications should be submitted along with a current high school transcript including first-term grades.
  • Selection will be based on academic achievement with secondary consideration to leadership qualities or peer support activities.
  • A reference letter from an educator supporting these traits should also be included.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teacher Education

Q. How do I become a teacher in Canada?

Ans. To become a teacher in Canada, you must get at least a bachelor’s degree in education or go for special teacher education programs.

Prospective teachers must complete a minimum of a three-year postsecondary degree from an acceptable postsecondary institution. The candidate must have successfully completed a four-semester teacher education program. And apply to the College for certification and pay the annual membership and registration fees

Q. Can international students become a teacher in Canada?

Ans. Yes, an international student can become a student in Canada if the international student holds a degree from an accredited institution. The student can apply to UBC’s regular Bachelor of Education program or its Bachelor of Education – IB Educator stream.

Both programs lead to a highly-regarded degree and certification recognized far and wide. With any of these degrees, a student becomes a qualified teacher in Canada.

Q. Can I migrate to Canada as a teacher?

Ans. Yes, you can migrate to Canada as a teacher and the best way is to migrate to Canada as a teacher is under the Skilled Worker Stream.

FSW is a federal program managed by Express Entry. Another method is to know if you qualify for a Provincial Nomination under one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). With this nomination, your immigration to Canada is well guaranteed and your spot is reserved.