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Guide in Applying for Thailand 90-Day Reporting

If you intend to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for more than 90 days, making Thailand 90-Day Reporting is one of the important things you should keep in mind. The report is essential to all non-citizens of Thailand, including tourists, international students, foreign investors, workers, businesspersons, and retirees.

Thailand 90 Day Reporting involves a foreigner letting the government know where they presently live in the country and their immigration or visa status. Even if you have not relocated to a new home or apartment within the last three months, you must still report your present place of residence to the Thai government.

This blog post covers various methods of making Thailand 90-Day Reporting, including the required documentation and implications of not reporting.

What is Thailand 90-Day Reporting?

The 90-Day Reporting is a means by which the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand keeps a check on foreign nationals. The government does this to lower illegal stays and activities in the country.

Hence, all foreign nationals must report their present residence when they have lived in the country beyond 90 days. As such, you have to make a report online or in person in any of the immigration offices in Thailand.

Thailand 90-Day Reporting Requirements

To report your place of residency upon your 90 days of arrival in Thailand, you must possess the documents listed below.

  • Your original passport, which should still be officially acceptable
  • A filled-out Thailand 90-Day Report form – TM 47: You must also sign the TM.47 form.
  • Copies of specific pages on your passports, such as its data page, stamped page for your current Thailand visa, your most recent entry stamp, and visa extension (if you extended your visa).
  • A duplicate of the front and back of your Thailand Arrival and Departure Card (TM 6)
  • One duplicate of your previous 90-Day Report Slip (if applicable)
  • An envelope self-addressed with a postage stamp of THB 10 (required to send your 90-Day Report slip if you are reporting via mail)

How to Make Thailand 90-Day Reporting

There are a few ways to make Thailand’s 90-Day Report, as noted below.

  1. In person at the nearest Thai immigration office
  2. Submit Thailand 90-Day Reporting via mail
  3. Through Thailand’s Immigration Bureau online system
  4. Via the Thailand 90-Day Reporting App

#1. In Person at the Nearest Thai Immigration Office

One way to make Thailand’s 90-Day Report is to visit any of the country’s immigration offices. Without a doubt, you can file the report when it is 15 days ahead of the target date or one week following the date.

Even though it takes a lot of time and involves hassles to file a 90-Day Report in person, it remains the easiest and safest for foreign nationals.

Below are the steps to make a 90-Day Report in person at the nearest Thai immigration office.

  • Put together all the required documents.
  • Locate the nearest Thai immigration office.
  • Give in your 90-Day Report at the office.
  • Allow time to receive your Thai 90-Day Report slip.

Additionally, you can authorize someone to help you make the report while you are unavailable. This can be your close relative, an agency, or a representative.

#2. Submit it via mail

Another way to put forward a Thai 90-Day Report is to use registered mail. This will surely enable you to report without the hassling of getting it done at an immigration office.

The following are the steps to make Thailand 90-Day Reporting via mail.

  • Put all your supporting documents in a self-addressed envelope
  • Send through postal service to the nearest Thai immigration office when it’s not less than 15 days ahead of the target date

#3. Through Thailand’s Immigration Bureau Online System

The Government of Thailand created an online system in 2015 to facilitate filing Thai 90-Day Reporting via the internet. Supposing that you prefer to report online, you must report between 7 to 15 working days ahead of the expected date, i.e., when 90 days have been reached.

Bear in mind that the online system for Thailand 90-Day Reporting is unavailable to foreign nationals who do not have up to seven working days to reach the target date. The reason is that the online system requires up to seven workdays for processing.

Besides, an advantage of choosing the online method is that it is very straightforward and allows for status checks. You can also get the hard copy of the approval receipt by printing it out through a Wi-Fi-enabled computer.

Of course, the receipt features information on the next due date for your Thailand 90-Day Report.

#4. Via the Thailand 90-Day Reporting App

Thailand Immigration eServices is a mobile app introduced by the Thai government to assist foreign nationals in filing their 90-Day Report. Without a doubt, the app is downloadable on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Using the app, you will experience a more straightforward and hassle-free way to process Thailand 90-Day Reporting.

What is the Implication of not Making the Thailand 90-Day Report?

Supposing that you could not submit your 90-day report on the expected date, you will be given the grace of one week to do so.

However, you are subject to a fine of THB 2,000 if you still did not make the report within this period. In addition, foreign nationals who could not report their 90 days in Thailand because the police confined them will have to pay a higher fee of TBH 5,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need for 90 Day Reporting in Thailand?

To documents required to make Thailand 90-Day Report includes the following.

  • Your valid passport
  • A filled-out and signed TM 47 form
  • Copies of your passport’s pages
  • A duplicate of your previous 90-Day Report Slip (if any)
  • Copies of your Thailand Arrival and Departure Card (TM 6)
  • A self-addressed envelope for returns (applicable only to foreign nationals who are reporting via mail)

What happens if you don’t file Thailand 90 Days Report?

The Thai government charges huge fines to foreign nationals who did not file their 90-Day Report at the right time. The fine ranges from TBH 2,000 to TBH 5,000 (equivalent to USD 55 to USD 137).

When can I do 90 Days Report for Thailand?

The time you need to file a Thai 90-Day Report varies depending on how you prefer to file it, as indicated below.

  • If filing Thailand 90 Days Report in person: 15 days ahead of the target date or one week after it
  • If filing reporting online: Anytime from 7 to 15 working days ahead of the expected date
  • If sending the report through mail: at least 15 days before the target date.

Can you do 90 Day Report anywhere in Thailand?

No, there are certain places where you can file your 90-Day Report in the Kingdom of Thailand. Such places include any of the immigration offices in Thailand.

Is it easy to make Thailand 90-Day Reporting?

Of course, making a 90-Day Report for the Kingdom of Thailand is very easy. All you need is a Wi-Fi-enabled computer or to visit the nearest Thai Immigration office.

How much does 90-Day Report for Thailand cost?

Foreign nationals who want to file Thailand 90-Day Reporting can do so at no cost. However, they may need to provide a prepaid envelope (self-addressed) of THB 10, supposing that you are filing the report via mail.

Where can I do 90 Day Report in Bangkok?

To make a 90 Days Report in Bangkok, you must visit Thailand’s immigration office address at 120 Moo 3, Chaeng Wattana Rd., Thung Song Hong Subdistrict, Lak Si District, Bangkok. You can contact the office by sending an email to [email protected].

Why can’t I do 90 Days Report online for Thailand?

You cannot use Thailand’s Immigration Bureau online system to file a 90-Day Report supposing that you have below seven working days before the deadline. Alternatively, you have to visit the Thai immigration office nearest to you.

Is Thailand 90-Day Reporting suspended?

No, Thailand 90-Day Reporting is still ongoing, as the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand sees no reason to suspend it, even because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I submit Thailand 90-Day Reporting at the airport?

No, none of Thai’s airports accepts 90-Day Reports of foreign nationals. Hence, you must only report to any of Thailand’s immigration offices.

How do I download Thailand 90-Day Reporting App on my mobile?

To download the mobile app used to make Thailand 90 Day Report, you need a mobile device with Google Play Store or iTunes Store installed. Then, you have to open the App Store and search for Thailand Immigration eServices.


In summary, Thailand 90-Day Reporting is mandatory for all foreign nationals who have arrived in the country for more than 90 days. It keeps the Thai government updated regarding each foreigner’s residency status and whereabouts.

If you think we failed to include any relevant information about Thailand 90 Day Reporting in this blog post, you can contact our team to consider such information.

Thanks for reading!

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