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Thailand Business Visa – Requirements and Documentation

Foreign citizens who wish to conduct business in Thailand must apply for a Thailand business visa. Thailand is an exotic escape full of historic landmarks, lush tropical gardens, relaxing stretches of beach, and, most importantly, delicious street delicacies. A visit is all you need!

In addition to its natural beauty, Thailand is a thriving business destination in Southeast Asia. Thailand ranked 46 last year, keeping its place among the top 50 economies for ease of doing business. In contrast to other Southeast Asian countries and on a global scale, the country still has a good and favorable business environment.

You must first obtain a Thailand business visa if you would want to exploit the Thailand business sector. This article will walk you through the simple steps, requirements, and documents for applying for a business visa in Thailand.

Thailand Business Visa

A Thailand business visa is a stamp on the passport of a non-Thailand citizen endorsing them to enter Thailand territory to conduct business. It is a non-immigrant visa of the “B” visa category of Thailand visas. With a business visa, a foreign citizen can operate a business in Thailand without paying.

Notwithstanding that the Kingdom of Thailand has fourteen Free Trade Agreements with eighteen countries, the privileges of its business visa extend beyond the eighteen countries. With the deepening of economic and trade exchanges in Thailand, more foreign investors and business people need to go to Thailand to invest and conduct business.

Although several types of visas can allow foreigners entry into Thailand, all foreign business investors, contract negotiators, and individuals engaging in business-related activities in Thailand need to apply for a business visa before re-entry.

In addition, a Thailand business visa is mainly for on-site inspection or negotiation of business involvement in the destination country. It guarantees the holder the right to engage in investment, trade, conference, exhibition, labor, and other aspects of the business for official or personal reasons.

This type of Thailand visa is mainly issued to foreign business people who meet the requirements of Thailand.

Who is eligible for a Thailand business visa?

Before applying for a Thailand business visa, you should know the eligibility criteria set out by the government of Thailand. The reason is to ensure that those who are not fit in finance, health, and age do not get to apply. So, the eligibility criteria aim to sieve the shaft from the corn.

Below are the eligibility criteria;

  • Must be a non-Thailand citizen either by birth, marriage, or naturalization.
  • Must be above eighteen (18) years old as of the date of visa application with the Thailand embassy in your country.
  • Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the English language or Thai language skills. To this, the applicant must submit evidence of language skills in English and the central Thai language.
  • Have proof of financial sufficiency above $3500 in their savings account.
  • Applicants must be well-behaved, healthy and medically fit.
  • Foreigners must travel to Thailand for business activities such as; conferences, negotiations, etc.
  • Foreign citizens employed in Thailand.


While some countries are Thailand visa-exempt, such exemptions are usually only for tourism purposes. Thus, if you are from a visa-exempt country, you should check if you need a business visa with the Thai embassy in your country.

Also, if your travel to Thailand on business is frequent, you can get a one-year visa with multiple entries for up to 90 days per entry.

Furthermore, if you want to work in Thailand, you will also need a Thailand work permit. Always know that you can’t apply for a Thailand work permit if you don’t have a B non-immigrant visa.

Application requirements for a Thailand business visa

Following the Thailand visa requirements, below are the documents that you need to submit to the embassy of Thailand in your country for your Thailand business visa application;

Documents from the applicant

  1. An international passport. It must have at least six (6) months of remaining validity and at least two blank visa pages.
  2. A completed and signed Thailand business visa application form.
  3. Passport-sized personal photo. Dimensions of 3.5cm x 4.5cm, no headgear except for religious purposes, and no glasses. You must look straight ahead in the picture and maintain a neutral facial expression.
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the duration of your stay in Thailand.
  5. Letter from your employer. This letter is not necessary for all applications. However, if your business activity is on behalf of your company, then you require a letter from your employer.
  6. An invitation letter. The invitation letter issued by the Thai company (English or Thai) must include proof of information of the inviter and the invitee. If the signature on the invitation letter is from a Thai citizen, it must be on the list of directors of the company and a copy of the ID card of the Thai citizen. However, if the signature is from a non-Thailand citizen, it must include the work permit of the invited.
  7. A travel itinerary. The travel itinerary must include the type of work, duration of stay, hotel reservation ticket, and a round trip air ticket in the information.
  8. A Memorandum of the agreement. It must include the signature of both business parties.

Other Thailand visa application documents from the applicant

  1. Relevant documents that show your correspondence with business partners in Thailand.
  2. Copy of Thai employment permit
  3. A letter of guarantee. It must include the official seal of the business and the business card. The letter of guarantee shall indicate the applicant’s name, position, detailed contact information, period of stay, and the purpose of going to Thailand.
  4. An Identification card.
  5. Proof of the sponsor’s business registration.
  6. Evidence of negative criminal record.
  7. Travel health insurance certificate from an Internationally distinguished insurance company. It should include minimum insurance coverage amount of €30,000.
  8. Thailand visa application fee payment.

Documents from the inviting company

The company or business inviting the applicant must submit a copy of documents confirming the validity of their business. The business board of directors and executives should sign and stamp the business excerpts.

  1. Business license.
  2. Business registration excerpt.
  3. List of company shareholders.
  4. Company profile.
  5. Details of business operations.
  6. The business balance sheet
  7. Income and sales tax.
  8. The business contact address.

Notice: You should translate all documents to Thai or English. The Thailand notary should sign all the documents. The embassy staff may request papers that the representative office deems appropriate.

Applicants must confirm that they have all the qualifications listed above before applying. If the applicant submits incomplete or false, they may lose their visa qualification.

Applying for a Thailand business visa

You must apply for a Thailand business visa from a Thailand diplomatic mission office in your home country or a neighboring country. Here are steps to follow in applying for your business visa.

Contact the embassy

Once you are ready to proceed with your visa application, contact the Thailand embassy in your home country or neighboring country to enquire about the documents you need for the Thailand business visa application. You can also visit their website to find out their specific requirements for appointments, lodgement of visa applications, opening hours, and payment of visa fees. Of course, different offices will always have specific document requirements.

Gather all the visa application documents

After inquiry and booking of appointment, you should gather all required visa application documents and keep them handy.

Commence your Thailand business visa application

To commence your business visa application, you can proceed to the embassy or log on to the official website of the Thailand immigration office.

Submit your Thailand business visa application

Enter all necessary information correctly and accurately. If you encounter difficulty or confusion, request help from the embassy through the helpline. Submit every document indicated in the visa application requirements.

Schedule an Interview appointment

You must attend your interview appointment in person.

Wait for the embassy staff to process your visa

The embassy will return your passport with the attached permit after they have approved and processed your visa application. For this reason, you must include accurate and functional contact details for easy identification and visa return. Mind you that if you applied for the visa application in person, you must go in person to the embassy to pick up your processed passport. However, if you made an application by mail, the embassy will send back the travel permit through the mail.

If your business visa application is approved, you must enter the country within the period of your visa issuance.

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Frequently Asked Question

How much does a Thailand business visa cost?

The cost of a Thailand business visa depends on the type of visa and your country of citizenship. For example, a Single-entry Thailand business visa costs 2000 THB, approximately $65, whereas a multiple-entry Thailand business visa costs about 5000 THB ($150).

However, business visa fees may vary slightly depending on the currency of different countries. Furthermore, the visa fee may also differ depending on the payment method.

Does it take a longer time to process a Thailand business visa?

The time it takes to process a Thailand business visa depends on the specific representative office from which you are applying. However, the visa processing time takes about five to ten working days. Some offices take less than or more than the time interval to process the business visa.

Does Thailand issue a business visa on arrival?

The answer is No! The kingdom of Thailand issues visas on arrival. However, not every country is eligible for a Thailand visa on arrival. Moreover, the Thailand visa on arrival is strictly for tourist purposes. Therefore, every applicant for a Thailand business visa must apply directly through the online application portal or the embassy of their country.

Can I bring my family to Thailand with a business visa?

Yes, you can bring your family with you on your business trip to Thailand. However, they must apply for an “O” non-immigrant visa that allows them to stay in Thailand for up to one year.

Can I exchange a Thailand tourist visa for a business visa?

Yes, you can exchange a Thailand tourist visa for a business visa. However, this privilege does not include a visa on arrival; the tourist visa on arrival is non-extendable.

Does a Thailand business visa and a Thailand work visa mean the same thing?

A Thailand business visa and a Thailand work visa mean the same thing. The visas are B non-immigrant visas. The name business and work visas are not official terms for the visa in Thailand but terms used by foreign citizens and travelers. However, the B non-immigrant visa itself does not empower you to work. Foreigners who wish to work and receive payroll in Thailand must apply for a Thailand work permit.

The business visa is a B non-immigrant visa that allows you to travel to Thailand for business-related purposes without a Thai company paying for it. The Thailand work visa is a Type B non-immigrant visa that permits you to travel to Thailand for work. However, you cannot work with a work visa.

Can I extend my Thailand business visa?

Yes, you can extend your business visa upon expiration. However, the business visa extension is for only seven days.


The government of Thailand created a business policy that provides a business-enabling environment for investors and businesses. However, it is very strict with the business visa application processes. But that notwithstanding, if you follow every step in the article, your business visa application experience will be smooth and easy.

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