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Steps in Applying for Thailand Travel Insurance

If you ever need to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand from a foreign country, you must purchase Thailand Travel Insurance through any of its providers. However, there are a few things to remember when choosing a travel insurance policy for Thailand. The reason is that Thai travel insurance is only acceptable if it provisions specific policies.

As many things can go wrong while traveling overseas, travel insurance protects you and gives you peace of mind in various emergencies or unfortunate situations. Instances of such conditions are indicated in this blog post.

This blog post also demonstrates the steps in buying Thailand Travel Insurance, including its coverage, requirements, and more.

Why Buy Thailand Travel Insurance?

Below are the top reasons to consider buying Thai Travel Insurance.

  • Travel insurance is compulsory for all foreigners who want to apply for a Thai visa.
  • It also reimburses a foreign national following several unexpected situations, including non-refundable expenses, like flight fees and accommodation costs.
  • Supposing you have any medical condition, your mind can be at peace in Thailand, provided you hold valid travel insurance.

Who Needs to Get Thailand Travel Insurance?

Regardless of your country of origin, you must obtain travel insurance before applying for a Thai visa. The Thai government has made this compulsory since March 2020.

Without a doubt, the Thailand Travel Insurance requirement came through because many tourists frequently had accidents in the country during the previous year.

What does Thailand Travel Insurance Cover?

With valid Thai Travel Insurance, you have coverage when you engage in activities like surfboarding, swimming, hiking, and kayaking.

On the contrary, travel insurance does not offer coverage supposing that its bearer sustained an injury while rock climbing, scuba diving, or doing any other similar activity. This makes it necessary to check all your insurance policy covers before purchasing.

Emphatically, travel insurance for the Kingdom of Thailand must offer sufficient coverage to a traveler under the following circumstances.

  • Medical emergencies, such as when you are involved in an accident, get ill, experience seizure or breathing issues, etc.
  • Medical repatriation and evacuation, which include situations where you are transported in an air ambulance
  • Indemnity for belongings, such as if any of your possessions gets stolen, damaged, or lost during the trip or upon arrival in Thailand.
  • Trip cancellation includes when you must call off your trip to Thailand for any reason whatsoever.

Thailand Travel Insurance Requirements

Before buying Thai Travel Insurance, you must consider some factors, including getting an insurance policy that conforms to Thai diplomatic missions’ requirements. If not, the Thai embassy or consulate will refuse your visa application.

The following are the criteria that your Thai travel insurance must meet.

  • Your Thai travel insurance must possess a minimum of THB 1,750,000 in case of any ailment, accident, or COVID-19.
  • Its validity period must cover your trip and entire stay in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Your travel insurance must also indicate that it covers its holder’s healthcare due to COVID-19.
  • Finally, your Thailand Travel Insurance must cover all expenses for hospitalization, including medication and ambulance transport.

Thailand Travel Insurance COVID Price

To get Thai travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, you have to pay a fee, which varies depending on your current age and stay in Thailand.

Below are the costs for Thailand travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

  • For a stay up to 30 days: THB 4,000, equivalent to USD 110.
  • Cost of travel insurance for Thailand Tourist Visa applicants: ranges from THB 8,000 to THB 14,000 (proportional to USD 220 to USD 385).

How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance

No matter where you prefer to buy your travel insurance policy for the Kingdom of Thailand, the following are easy steps.

  1. Choose your travel insurance
  2. Compare the available insurance policies and opt for one
  3. Fill out the Thailand Travel Insurance application form
  4. Initiate the fee payment
  5. Download your insurance certificate on your computer

Step 1: Choose where to buy your travel insurance

To buy Thai Travel Insurance, you must determine where and how to obtain it. Possible ways to purchase it include airlines, travel insurance companies, and travel agencies.

Without a doubt, the trio offers in-person and online application methods for Thai Travel Insurance.

Step 2: Compare the available insurance policies and opt for one

Next, you are required to check out the policies offered by your preferred travel insurance company. Finally, you also have to opt for the travel insurance policy that satisfies the requirement aforementioned in this article.

Step 3: Fill out the Thailand Travel Insurance application form

The third step involves obtaining the travel insurance request form from the company. Afterward, you must fill out each blank field on the travel insurance form, including your personal information, preferred coverage, and travel dates.

Step 4: Initiate the fee payment

You can now make payment for your Thai Travel Insurance fee based on the instructions provided by the insurance company.

Step 5: Download your insurance certificate on your computer

Following the fee payment, the insurance company will process your request and send your Travel Insurance Certificate to your email address.

Once you have received your insurance certificate, you can print it out to further your Thailand visa application.

Where Can I Buy Thailand Travel Insurance?

There are several places where foreigners can buy Thai Travel Insurance. To begin the application process, visit your preferred travel insurance company in person or log on to its official website. Another place to purchase Thai Travel Insurance is through an airline.

Supposing you are on a group tour, your travel agency will likely include travel insurance in your package. This means you will not have to worry about buying your travel insurance.

However, it would be best to remember that Thai Travel Insurance obtained by travel agencies may not cover you well enough, as they are also trying to cut costs and make more profits.

How to File Claims for Thailand Travel Insurance

Travelers who want reimbursement for their travel insurance coverage must reach out to their insurance company on time. To prove that your claim is authentic and not based on false statements, you must possess certain documents, as indicated below.

Documents Required to File Thai Travel Insurance Claims

Here is a list of the documents required to file a claim for Thai Travel Insurance at the insurance company.

  • Medical bills and receipts (required to recover claims after being involved in an accident or falling sick)
  • Evidence of payments for flight, accommodation, etc. (required by travelers who called off their trip to Thailand)
  • Police reports, which should feature all dates (applicable to travelers who had one or many of their possessions stolen from them)
  • Receipts for extra costs, such as hotel, food, and transport (required if your flight took longer than scheduled)
  • Original receipts for misplaced items: You may also be required to provide photos of the lost items.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Thailand Travel Insurance not cover?

Thai Travel Insurance does not cover its bearer, supposing they sustain an injury while drunk or involved in a high-risk activity. In these situations, the foreign national will have to bear the medical costs alone.

Can I buy travel insurance in Thailand?

Yes, you can buy Thai Travel Insurance even upon your arrival in the country. Besides, many travel insurance providers offer affordable deals to foreign nationals in the country.

What is the best travel insurance for Thailand from India?

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance policy is best for Indian nationals who intend to apply for a Thai visa.

What is the best travel insurance for Thailand from Australia?

Based on our survey, Allianz offers the best travel insurance policy for Australian citizens who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for any purpose. But, first, you can opt for the Allianz Basic Travel Insurance policy.

Can I buy Cigna travel insurance for Thailand?

You can purchase Cigna Global travel insurance by applying for a Thailand visa.

How can I buy Thai Airways travel insurance?

There are different ways to buy travel insurance from Thai Airways. You can buy it through the airline when booking your flight to Thailand.

When should I file a Thai Travel Insurance claim?

To ensure a successful claim for travel insurance, it is vital to file your claim at the airline or insurance company immediately after an unexpected or unfortunate event occurs.


In summary, it is vital to consider buying travel insurance while planning a trip of any purpose to Thailand. All through your period of stay in Thailand, your travel insurance will cover you for any unexpected events or mishaps that occur, including against COVID-19.

It is better to be safe than sorry; ensure that you carefully check the travel insurance policies and choose the most appropriate one.

Thanks for reading!

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