The U.S. Work Visa That Is Right For You

The kind of work you do determines the US work Visa that is right for you. There are various numbers of option for persons seeking temporary employment in the United States. Any foreign national can apply for a U.S. work visa.

U.S. work visa options include:
L-1 visa: for owners and foreign workers who wish to transfer to a new or existing U.S. business
E2 and E1 visa permit: for traders and investors.
H-1B visa permit: for speciality occupations
H-2B visa permit: for non-agricultural workers
EB-1 Green Card: Outstanding Professor or Researcher immigrant visa classification
EB-2 Green Card Permit: Based on Exceptional Ability.
EB-3 Green Card Permit: Skilled, Professionals, and Other Worker
EB-4 Green Card Permit: Special immigrants with religious workers

Exchange Visitor Visa: J-1 Visa Permit

This business visitor visa is referred to as a nonimmigrant visa which is available for persons eligible to participate in work and study-based exchange visitor programs, also by business sponsors. This permit offers visitors the life experience in the US before returning to their home countries.

Temporary Skilled Worker Visa: H1-B Visa Permit

The H1-B visa is planned for skilled, educated foreign workers who are employed in specialized occupations. The US H1-B visa permit allows foreign workers to work for a certain employer in the United States temporarily.

Temporary Non-Agricultural Work Visa: H-2B Visa

The H-2B Visa is provided for foreign workers in non-agricultural fields to work in the United States, as far as there is an insufficient number of natural US-born citizens to fill the position. H-2B visas are often for temporary jobs, though not agricultural. For instance sponsored jobs at truck drivers, ski mountains, hotels, beach resorts, or amusement parks.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Visas: H2-A Visa

The H2-A visas are provided for foreign agricultural workers who like to work in the United States on a seasonal or temporary basis, on the instance of a shortage of domestic American workers.

TN Visa: Non-immigrant NAFTA Professional

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is available for Canadians and Mexicans who seek to enter the United States markets by providing a “fast-track” basis for U.S. visas via the TN visa. Only citizens are eligible for a TN visa; permanent residents or landed immigrants are not eligible to apply.

There are a few occupations that are allowed for the TN visa but if your job offer such as; Medical Professionals, Scientists, Professionals is not one of the listed occupations, you may be helped through.