Things To Do After Receiving Your Offer Letter

Things To Do After Receiving Your Offer Letter. there are things to do after receiving your offer letter which are as below.,

Your offer letter is very paramount to you to ascertain if you have been successfully admitted to your Canadian institution of choice. After you have successfully received your admission offer letter, something must come to play. You must ask yourself what next that is what you should do. Below are the things you must do after receiving your admission offer letter. they are.,

Understand the Admission Offer letter

The first thing you have to do is understand the admission offer letter. You should understand if the letter is a conditional or an unconditional offer letter. The conditional letter has conditions attached to it for example providing further documents, meeting the language requirements etc and you must satify all the conditions before accepting the offer and if it is an unconditional offer letter, you can just sign to accept the offer.

Evaluate Your Options

You have to evaluate your options before making your final decision that is if you have received multiple admission letter from different institutions. Most institutions give you time to make your decisions before the deadline. Ensure to get in touch with students of the institution online to know their experience but after having known their experience and you are still in doubt then consult your parents or counselors for advice. Ensure to evaluate factors such as finance, campus environment, destination city etc while making your decision.

Do Not accept Multiple Offers

Accepting multiple offers may cause the university to withdraw your offer letter. If maybe you need extra time to make your decision, then you have to contact the admission office for an extension of deadline.

Make The Final call

You have to make the final call by signing all necessary documents regarding the admission offer letter that is if you have compared the offer with each other both academically and financially. You can then send a copy of your acceptance and documents via email to the institution of choice. having done that, the institution will send via email a confirmation of enrollment to you so that you can apply for a student visa.


Ensure to notify the colleges you do not wish to attend as this reflects a good moral.