15+ Unique Things to do in Ajax – For Singles, Couples and Family

Check out our list of things to do in Ajax for all people and ages, and for different times of the year.

Did your trip to Ontario take you to Ajax for a few days? A few weeks, perhaps? That’s wonderful; Ajax is one of the absolute best cities to find yourself in when you’re in Canada.

This guide will help you with some of the best things to do in Ajax, Canada. Whether you’re here for business, on vacation, as a student, a couple, with family, etc., we intend to help you with things you and yours could do while you’re in Ajax.

Where is Ajax?

Ajax is a town located in Southern Ontario, in the Durham region of Greater Toronto. The town is bordered by Pickering to the North and to the West. On the eastern border, we have Whitby, and just beneath it to the south, there is Lake Ontario.

Ajax Population

The city is a relatively small one; harbouring just over 126,000 people and doing so with a land area of about 67.07 square kilometres. It is heavily populated by 98.4% English speakers, placing English as the most spoken language in the town. French, of course, is the 2nd-most spoken in the town.

The largest religious group in Ajax is the Christians; forming about 66.6% of the population. The next most populous is those who have no religious affiliation whatsoever. Then come the Muslims, Hindus, etc. Whichever group you belong to, however, you will always find things to do in Ajax.

Cities Around Ajax

The two cities closest to Ajax are; Pickering and Whitby:


Before WWII, the City itself was one of the rural parts of Pickering. The city is located to the West and North of Ajax, also within the Durham region of Greater Toronto. It is another town rich in history and infrastructure. Pickering is one of the places where British loyalists were settled after the American Revolutionary war.


Whitby is a town located East of Ajax. It houses the headquarters for the Durham region and is one of the predominantly urban towns of Ontario, Canada. Whitby has a border; a harbour on Lake Ontario, and that has been a source of trade and transport to the it even in times past.

How to get to Ajax by Air or by road?

Commuting to Ajax is usually done in one of two ways;

By Air

If you’re travelling to Ajax from outside the country, or from a relatively distant province, air travel is the best option for you. However, there’s no airport in Ajax. The closest airport to the town of Ajax is located about 50 kilometres away; the Toronto Pearson International Airport. This airport is located in the city of Mississauga; 50 km west of Ajax.

It receives and disperses flights within and outside of Canada, making it the closest choice for people who have Ajax as their destination.

From the Toronto Peason International Airport to Ajax, one would have to go by road; which bring us to the other way to get to Ajax.

By Road

The MacDonald Cartier Feeway; more popularly known as the King’s Highway 401, or simply ‘Highway 401’ is a controlled-access 400-series road in the province of Ontario. It runs straight through Toronto and cuts through Ajax from East to West; stretching from Windsor to the very edge of Ontario.

This road is the easiest to access Ajax with when coming from any of the neighbouring cities, or even from the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

From TPI Airport to Ajax, via the Highway 401 road takes about 70 minutes of driving, or 1 hour and 40 minutes of public transit, depending on the traffic situation.

From Pickering, it’s usually between 10 to 15 minutes; making it an easy commute for people who work in the neighbouring city. From Whitby to Ajax, it ranges from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the traffic situation.

Things to do in Ajax – For Families, Singles, Couples

There are a thousand and one things to do in Ajax, whether you’re there alone, as a couple, with family or in any kind of group. Here are some of the top things you wouldn’t want to miss out on should you go to Ajax.

#1. Head to the Waterfront

Of course! It would be criminal to go to Ajax and not enjoy one of its most spectacular views; the waterfront. Rotary Park, Ajax Waterfront Park, and Paradise Park all serve this purpose. The parks occupy different locations along the shores of Lake Ontario, on the south side of the town.

Whether you want to have a romantic evening with your significant other, a cycling race with your friends, a family picnic, or a simple walk to clear your head, the Ajax waterfront is a nice place to do it.

#2. Go Shopping

Surely, you don’t intend to leave Ajax without any souvenirs? The town of Ajax has some very interesting place to test out your fashion sense and update your wardrobe. The Durham Centre on Highway 2 has a large variety of shopping options. Be you a single who loves to shop, or a couple out trying to have a good time, you will find the right spots for you here.

#3. Visit Ajax Downs Races

Do you like Horse racing? Ever fancied a visit to a horse racing track? Then visiting the track here has to be a priority on your list. The Ajax downs racing centre is more than just a sports centre for this town; it is a historical landmark.

The races are usually active from May through October. However, there are restaurants and other side attractions around that could keep you busy if you do visit the place.

#4. Go for Indoor Games with Kids

If you’re in Ajax on a family vacation, you wouldn’t want to leave your kids out of all the fun. Endless Fun is an indoor games arena in Ajax where you can go to let your kids get lost in the fun. It contains mazes, slides, spider climbs, padded toddler sections, etc. The parents/adults are not left out either; there’s a coffee shop and other side attractions where they can sit and pass time while the kids have fun.

#5. Hit the Casino

You’re a young pringle looking to have some night fun in Ajax; you could probably find what you’re looking for there. The Ajax Casino has various games, hundreds of slot machines, weekly promotions, electronic blackjack, etc. It is usually open 24/7 and stores winnings in the form of points that can be redeemed on your way out.

#6. Go Golfing

If you don’t really fancy Casinos and you think golf is more your style, then Ajax still has you covered. There are four golf courses in Ajax;

  • Riverside Golf Club (9-hole course)
  • Annandale Golf & Curling Club (18-hole course)
  • Deer Creek Golf Club (27-hole course, divided into 3 nines)
  • Carruther’s Creek Golf and Country Club (for families)

The Carruther’s Creek Golf and Country Club is family-run and hence, made friendly for kids. Yes, you can golf with your kids when you come to Ajax.

#7. Ski at the Lakeridge Ski Resort

Should you be fortunate enough to be in Ajax during winter, you just have to get to the Lakeridge Ski resort. The best about the place is, you don’t need to be a pro at skiing to have fun here.

Different courses for different levels of difficulty are there and you will surely find a challenge that suits you. There will also be guides to help you ski if you’re not confident enough.

If you don’t find yourself in Ajax during the winter, you could also go there for hiking/climbing.

#8. Go Fishing at the Greenwood Conservation Area

Need some bonding time with your kid? Or some healthy competition with your friends? You can head to the Greenwood Conservation Area; a large protected natural setting just on the edge of the Durham creek.

You can go fishing there, teach your kid how to catch fish, or try to get bigger fish than your friends in a friendly competition. When it comes to things to do in Ajax, like the Greenwood Conservation Area, there are always bigger fishes to fry.

#9. Visit the Axe Throwing League

Unless you’re both into it, the Axe-throwing league is not exactly a romantic evening. However, it’s one of the biggest thrills you can get from Ajax outings. The Backyard Axe Throwing League is actually not in Ajax, but in Pickering; the neighbouring city.

However, you can be sure it is worth the trip. It is an indoor axe-throwing competition where you get to throw an axe at a target and try to hit the mark.

#10. Appreciate Local Art

From the town hall to the street, from the parks and the waterfront to the village community centre, the whole of Ajax lives and breathes local art. They come in the form of street murals, oddly-shaped walls on significant buildings, etc.

Nearly everywhere in Ajax has a piece of local art to showcase if you know what to look for. appreciating this art should make it to your list.

#11. Comedy Clubs

A particularly interesting spot to visit in Ajax would be the Yuk Yuk’s comedy club, after a long day of, whatever it is you did with your long day. It features night of stand-up comedy and an amateur hour where members of the audience get to come entertain the crowd as well.

#12. See Historical Landmarks

The town of Ajax is rich in history and has various buildings, constructs, etc. that serve as echoes of the past. The Veterans Point Garden, for example, is a WWII memorial on its own. Various other historical points exist in the town of Ajax and would be really good things to do when you visit.

#13. Cycle/Hike Around Town

Ajax has a wonderful network of roads including up to 140 kilometres of cycling trails. These roads make for great long-distance cycling and morning runs. You could hire a bike and test out these roads. Feel the wind!

#14. Visit the Ajax Community Centre

The Ajax community centre features a lot of indoor activities including tennis courts, a fitness centre, an indoor pool, a basketball court, etc. There’s something to do for everybody here.

#15. Enjoy the Nature

One thing that’s amazing about Ajax is how close it is to nature. The parks, the Greenwood Conservation Area, and a lot of the town’s landscape is a whole painting of green beauty. Spending the day admiring the picturesque setting is one of the things to do here in Ajax.

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What to do in Ajax on Special Days?

Here are some of the things you can do on certain days when you go visiting the town;

What to do on a weekend?

  • Go watch the races at Ajax Downs
  • Have a night out at the Yuk Yuk comedy club
  • Live your fantasy of being a Viking at the Backyard Axe Throwing League
  • Go have fun at the Ajax casino. This is not financial advice!

Things to do in Ajax, Canada Today

  • Go golfing with your friends, spouse or kids
  • Go fishing with your family at the greenwood conservation centre
  • Rent a bike and hit the trails.
  • Go for a picnic at the Ajax waterfront park.

Best Times to Visit Ajax

The best time to visit Ajax depends on what activities you prefer. For example, here are some of the best season-related activities to do in Ajax;

  • Winter: That way, you could have all the fun you want at the Lakeridge ski resort.
  • Spring: When you get to experience the greenest of the Ajax greens. All that nature at its peak beauty.
  • May – October: The horse races at the Ajax Downs are usually most active during this period.
  • Summer: Visit the beach and have an awesome waterfront experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ajax in Canada known for?

Ajax, Ontario is known for a lot; from its rich history to its natural greens and suburban environment. However, ice skating is one of the departments where the town of Ajax has stood out incredibly. This is evident from the Ajax Ice waves; a skating team in the town.

Is Ajax, Ontario a good place to live?

Ajax is a wonderful place to live. It features a constantly-growing economy, affordable housing, and a nature-friendly neighbourhood.

Why is Ajax Ontario called Ajax?

Ajax is named after one of the three ships (called HMS Ajax) that defeated the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee at the Battle of the River Plate near Uruguay in WWII, 1939.

What is the best area to live in Ajax?

Ajax has a lot of good neighbourhoods to live in, but some of the best include; Duffins Bay, Riverside, Discovery Bay, etc.

Where can one stay while visiting Ajax?

When visiting Ajax, you can choose to stay in hotels or book Airbnb, depending on your budget.


Ajax is an awesome town to be in. Whatever time you spend there will live with you for a while. We hope this article has given you some insight into some exciting things to do here in Ajax when you visit.