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10 Unique Things to do in Barrie – For Singles, Couples and Family

There are always some fun things to do in Barrie, irrespective of your identity. Whether you are single, married, or even if you have a family, the city has many good things, events, and places to entertain you. You are coming into town for a small business trip. Alternatively, you are coming for your honeymoon as a new couple, or you are probably on vacation or with your family; these unique things are for you to enjoy.

Barrie is a natural city with the natural beauty of the freshwater lake and a city with much manmade beauty. All these add to the fun in the city. From the ski resorts to the waterfront to the various festivals, you have nice things and places to visit in Barrie over the weekend or on your family vacation. Life in Barrie has unique things for everyone visiting the city. Let us see some of the best things to do in the city as a visitor, a resident, or a businessman.

Where is Barrie?

Barrie is a city in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. It is about 80 km (50 mi) north of Toronto, the capital of Ontario. It is located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, the western arm of Lake Simcoe. Barrie is part of the extended urban area in southern Ontario known as the Greater Golden. The population of Barrie is 197,059, according to the 2016 census.

Barrie was first occupied during the War of 1812 by the British as a supply depot for British forces; it was named after Sir Robert Barrie. The city has grown significantly in recent decades due to its emergence as a High Tech Hub. The significant sectors of the city’s diversified economy include education, healthcare, information technology, and manufacturing.

Life in the city has a lot to offer you as a visitor, resident, or for whatever reason you are coming to this beautiful city. For sure, there are a lot of things happening for you to do in the city.

Cities near Barrie

As the going goes, “a tree can not make a forest,” so life in Barrie cannot be what it is without the cities around it. There are many beautiful cities around Barrie with a lot of fantastic things to do in them. These cities allow residents of Barrie to have a different taste of events over time. As a result, the cities listed below are some of the nearest cities to the waterfront city of Barrie. They include:

  1. Vaughan
  2. Markham
  3. Scarborough
  4. Brampton
  5. Toronto
  6. Oshawa
  7. Etobicoke
  8. Mississauga
  9. Kitchener
  10. Hamilton

Hotels near Barrie

You will need a place to stay during your trip or visit to Barrie, probably, you love good things, and you want the best of experience while away in Barrie. For these reasons, the hotels below are the nearest to the city, and you can relax there. They include:

  • Hotels near Barrie, Ontario:
  • Howard Johnson Express Inn Barrie Ontario
  • Best Western Royal Oak Inn
  • Travelodge Barrie On Cn
  • Comfort Inn Barrie
  • Monte Carlo Inn Barrie Suites
  • Travelodge Barrie On Bayfield
  • Comfort Inn And Suites
  • Holiday Inn Barrie Hotel & Conference Centre
  • Days Inn Barrie
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Barrie
  • Residence & Conference Centre – Barrie
  • Super 8 Barrie
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Barrie
  • Knights Inn Angus
  • Horseshoe Resort

Airports near Barrie

The nearest airport to Barrie is Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ / CYYZ), with a distance of 93 km. Thus, visitors from anywhere in the world can land at the airport and quickly get to the city within a few minutes.

How to get to Barrie by Air and Road

Getting to Barrie from anywhere in the world is quite simple. However, if you are coming from outside Canada, the only means is through the air. Therefore, you will have to board a flight to Canada. It is good to know that the nearest airport to Barrie is Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ / CYYZ). So, you can land directly at the airport or use another airport in Canada.

There are currently 13 airports designated as international by Transport Canada:

  1. Calgary International Airport
  2. Edmonton International Airport
  3. Fredericton International Airport
  4. Gander International Airport
  5. Halifax Stanfield International Airport
  6. Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport
  7. Montréal–Trudeau International Airport
  8. Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport
  9. Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport
  10. St. John’s International Airport
  11. Toronto Pearson International Airport
  12. Vancouver International Airport
  13. Winnipeg International Airport

On the contrary, if you are moving to the city from within Ontario, you can quickly move to the city by road. There is a lot of road transit moving to Barrie from all over Ontario. You can use any of them to get to the city.

10+ fun things to do in Barrie for everyone

Probably, you have got to know more about Barrie than you think, and rightly so, but it wouldn’t be complete if you don’t know those fun things to do in Barrie to make your visit worthwhile.

Therefore, in the lines and paragraphs below, you will learn about the best experiences you can get in the city as a single person, a married couple, or a family. Let us go there.

#1: Go Downtown Barrie,

You may wonder why we choose this as the number. Downtown Barrie has got many intrigues for you. No matter the kind of life you love, there is a place Downtown where you will live life to the fullest. As a visitor or resident, Downtown is the first place to visit.

Downtown is located right on the waterfront (what a view to behold); the area has a lot of bars, and large and small shops for your data trip. What if you love nightlife? You can visit places like Donaleigh’s Irish Public House. You are not short of fun when you decide to visit Downtown. Give it a try, and you must have a testimony to give.

#2: Try out the Waterfront

Of course, you have heard great things about the waterfront at Barrie, and rightly so. So, we guess you would want to visit this historical and natural beauty. This is a place for everyone to relax. The breeze is excellent, the environment is calm. So, with its three beaches, numerous parks, and five-star waterfront trails, it is one of the most visited sites in Barrie. Who doesn’t like good things? Not you, probably.

There is a lot to enjoy at the waterfront, relax on the beach, play volleyball, have a picnic, or go for a swim. Children are not left out of this fun. The playground is so significant to contain many children with a splash pad. Of course, you would love to get a meal or have a cup of drink; there are great restaurants and cafes for that.

#3: Have a long walk or ride a bike along the Waterfronts or Barrie Parks

Some people find great joy in taking long walks, especially in a calm and quiet environment. This is one of the unique feelings you can get from the waterfront trails. The paths of the waterfront are very close to the shoreline and are great for walking and biking as well. So you can as well exercise and receive some fresh air along with the parts of Barrie Marina.

In addition to Barrie Marina, you can also visit the following parks and take a long walk along the trails. They include Heritage Park, Centennial Park, Allandale Station Park, Minet’s Point Park, and Tyndale Park.

#4: Enjoy a festival

Visit Barrie during the summer, and you will enjoy a lot of festivals; however, there are festivals during any other time. You don’t have to look for the festivals to attend; the venues are primarily known.

One of the most important festivals at Barrie taking place every year is the Kempesfest which takes place in the first week of August. This is an art and crafts festival featuring live entertainment, children’s activities, and a lot of food demonstrations. The festival attracts over 300 artisans.

Other festivals at Barrie include the Barrie Waterfront Festival, Jazz & Blues Festival, and Promenade days. What about the Barrielicious or the Ribfest and Craft Beer for food lovers?

#5: Go skiing

If you plan to visit Barrie in the winter, then snowboarding, snowmobiling, or tubing will kick your day. The city is known for the various ski resorts that fill the city, including Horseshoe Resort, Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Snow Valley, and Blue Mountain. We recommend Horseshoe as the best, though others have their unique features.

#6: Visit a gallery

Art lovers in town also have a place to visit. You can try the MacLaren Art Centre, a prominent art gallery in Barrie known for its bronze cast of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture. The center has three unique galleries that display Canadian as well as international artists.

The MacLaren Art Centre organizes special shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

#7: Visit Barrie Marina

One of the unique things to do in Barrie is to visit Marrie Marina, but only if you enjoy boating. You can get a boat from the waterfront rental, and you are sure to have fun, but you have to be careful of the heavy boat traffic.

#8: SplashON Wibit Water Park

Probably you are looking for a place for your child to have fun, you can try this water park. This is a giant water park with places to climb, jump from and play on. What else do you want for your kids?

#9: Visit the Centennial Park

We have mentioned a lot of parks for you to relax and enjoy, but probably, Centennial Park is the largest of all. Not only that, it is centrally located. The park has many features, including changing rooms, washrooms, a playground for your children, walking paths, and some food stalls. Centennial Park also has the famous Centennial Beach.

#10: Watch a game

If you love sports, especially Ice Hockey, you already have a place to enjoy most of your weekends and some nights in the city. You can go and watch an Ice Hockey game. Ice Hockey is the biggest game in town, taking place at Barrie Molson Centre, the home of the Barrie Colts hockey team. The center also holds other special events like wrestling and the Ontario Hockey league Championship. The Toronto Raptors also used it as a training ground.

Best things to do in Barrie on weekends

Life during the weekends has unique vibes for residents of Barrie. There are special events for everyone in the city, including children, students, couples, and businessmen. So, whichever group you fall into, there are some special packages for you.

Special events for couples

Whether as a newly married couple or a couple, your weekend in the city will be full of fun with the following activities and events. They include:

  1. Visit the MacLaren Art Centre
  2. See a Show at The Five Points Theatre
  3. Head to a game
  4. Look at flowers
  5. Attend a Barrie Festival or Event

Special events for a single person at Barrie

As a single person, you can have much fun at Barrie, especially during the weekend, doing the following:

  • Go to the bar
  • Go to an OHL Hockey Game
  • Have fun on the waterfront
  • Visit the MacLaren Art Centre
  • Admire the “Spirit Catcher”
  • Go skiing

Best time to visit Barrie

Looking for the best time to visit this beautiful city, the summer months of August and June are the best. Not only because of the warm summer weather during this period but because it is the time of the year for various festivals in the city, including the famous Kempenfelt Festival, which draws more than 300 artists. Many tourists also visit the city during this period to attend this festival.

You can also visit the city during the winter, especially if you love skiing, but you should be ready for the cold winter weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Barrie located?

Barrie is located in the Ontario province of Canada.

When is the best time to go to Barrie?

Generally, the best time to visit Barrie is in the summer. However, you can still get some fun during the winter months in the city.

How can I travel to Barrie?

You can travel to Barrie from anywhere in the world using the Toronto airport. You can also travel from anywhere in Canada using air or road.

Is Barrie an excellent place to live in?

Barrie is an excellent place to live for everyone. The city is calm and safe for children. If you are looking for places to visit, the city has many of them, including the waterfront.


In conclusion, Barrie is a great place to visit for singles, couples, and families. There are many unique things to do in the city that you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a new place to explore, check out Barrie.

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