5 Fun Things to do in Brantford – For Everyone

All persons enjoy largely by engaging in any of the exciting things to do in Brantford.

There are many fascinating fun and unique things to do in Brantford, Ontario. Such activities range from visiting tourist attractions, historical places to seeing statues of people who made significant impacts to the world during their lifetime. Example of unique attraction in Brantford include checking out statues of telephone’s inventor, Alexander Graham Bell and of the greatest hockey player ever to exist, Wayne Gretzky.

Whether you are looking for things to do in Brantford this weekend, or on a budget and interested in free things to do in Brantford Ontario, this topic will take you round the city of Brantford and all of its beauties, important places and attractions for both young and old.

No matter if you are a student, worker, new resident or coming to Brantford with your family for a vacation, the city will definitely offer you the best experiences that you may never get in other Canadian cities. Brantford has diverse multicultural communities, which provides a place like home while outside their country. There are more of South Asians, blacks, Filipino, Chinese, Koreans, Latin Americans and Arabians in the city of Brantford, Ontario.

Let’s explore some of the amazing experiences that Brantford offers.

Where is Brantford Located?

Brantford, also known as the “Telephone City” is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. The city was discovered in Grand River in Southwestern Ontario, and is currently encircled by Brant County. Brantford is independent as it has its own municipal government.

What is Brantford population?

According to 2021 census, more than 104,688 persons of diverse cultures consider Brantford as their home. Brantford has the most eminent population of Status Indians than any other city in Southern Ontario. This reflected +5.2% changes to its population of 98,563 in 2016.

Neighboring Cities Near Brantford

You may choose to visit one of the cities not far away from Brantford with your family and friends. This enables you and your loved ones to catch more fun within a close proximity. Such cities include Toronto, Waterloo, Kitchener, Hamilton, Norwich, Cambridge, Hagersville, Caledonia, etc. Each of these cities takes not more than 1 hour, 30 minutes of road transit. Besides, they have their own distinct attractions, which offers extensive amusing experiences within the province of Ontario, Canada.

How to get to Brantford?

If you intend getting to Brantford, there are many ways to do this. These include via air, road, and rail transport. Many airports are easily accessible to people in getting near Brantford. Examples of these airports include Brantford Municipal Airport, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport in Hamilton, as well as Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga. Planes are able to land from any country in any of these international airports.

Besides, many bus lines pass through the city of Brantford, which makes it easy to reach the city. If you’re already in Canada, you can board one of the passenger trains that stop at Brantford Station in getting to the city with no hassle.

Things to do in Brantford regardless of age and hobbies

As we’ve explored basic information about the city of Brantford, let’s proceed to check out some of the many exciting places to go and things to do within the city.

  1. Visit Bell Homestead National Historic Site.
  2. Experience ice skating with family and friends.
  3. Visit Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.
  4. Get to know about Canada’s war history by visiting the Canadian Military Heritage Museum.
  5. Enjoy delightful meals from restaurants.

#1 Visit Bell Homestead National Historic Site

If you seek for things to do in Brantford Canada, the most eminent of them all is to visit the first home of the inventor of telephone, Professor Alexander Melville Bell. About 92% of the entire world population has a mobile phone, which makes Bell Homestead National Historic Site to be a very delightful place for you to plan a trip to.

Prof. Alexander Bell initially lived there with his family. He started his research right in this home, and subsequently invented telephone from the same place.

#2 Experience ice skating with family and friends

Of course, skating is a lot fun in Brantford as the city has several ice rinks. Ice skating is not only fun but also beneficial to health. It helps to manage stress, as well as to improve coordination, joint and muscle health.

Examples of ice skating rinks in Brantford includes Outdoor ice rink, Hillier Ice Rinks, Lansdowne Neighbourhood Ice Rink, Anne Good Park Rink, Brier Park Rink, Greenbrier Park Rink, Donegal Park Rink, Parsons Park Rink, Brant Skating Club, etc.

#3 Visit Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

This is indeed one of the entertaining things to do in Brantford ON, Canada. Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre offers a variety of health, fitness and recreational facilities. It has swimming facilities, gymnasium, changing rooms, four (4) NHL-sized rinks, sauna, among others.

Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre has been in existence for more than four (4) decades.

#4 Get to know about Canada’s war history by visiting the Canadian Military Heritage Museum

If you would like to see a wide collection of exhibitions, Canadian Military Heritage Museum is a place to be as it is educative and amusing at the same time. It has wide-ranging collections to exhibit to visitors, which include artifacts from World War I & II, UN & NATO peacekeeping and combat missions, War of 1812, armed forces, etc. Canadian Military Heritage Museum opens on all days of the week.

With a building of 13,000 sq. ft., Canadian Military Heritage Museum also displays artifacts relating to the military history of Canada and Brantford. It honors and keeps memory of both past and present military service personnel.

#5 Enjoy delightful meals from restaurants

Food is a necessity, and can be among the most pleasurable things to do in Brantford today. You’ll surely find many meals available in any of the restaurants in Brantford. Some of these restaurants specialize in Indian cuisine, Thai foods, Italian dishes, and other delicacies of the world.

Examples of restaurants in Brantford include La Mia Cucina, The Olde School Restaurant, Anna’s Soul Food Kitchen, Bistro Seven, Brantford Family Restaurant, Angel’s Diner, The Rose & Thistle, Sai Thai Kitchen, My-Thai Restaurant, East Side Mario’s, The Everest Grill Fine Indian Cuisine, as well as Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge.

These restaurants offer different options of food sales such as dine-in, ·takeaway and deliveries to customers’ addresses.

What are the things to do in Brantford on special days?

Without doubt, there are a number of things to do in Brantford on New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, Easter holidays, among other special days in the year.

Among which include:-

  • Ice skating at Hillier Ice Rinks, Lansdowne Neighbourhood Ice Rink, Donegal Park Rink, Parsons Park Rink, etc
  • Grabbing few bottles of drinks or wines in any of the bars or lounges in Brantford. For example; McGonagalls Pub, Manny’s Place Live Entertainment, Two Doors Down, Lookout Sports Lounge, Spice’s On Sydenham, Vegas World Lounge, Zander’s Fire Grill & Brew Lounge, etc
  • Visit historical places such as Bell Homestead National Historic Site or Canadian Military Heritage Museum

Things to do in Brantford this weekend

There are several fun things to do in Brantford this weekend. Brantford offers much fun during weekends as well. You can opt for a drink in a bar, pub or nightclub, enjoy a nice meal from a restaurant or perform skating on ice rinks.

Free things to do in Brantford today

There are myriads of things to do in Brantford for free. For instance, you and your family, friends or colleagues can go to see any of the following places in Brantford, ON, Canada.

  • Glenhyrst Art Gallery and Gardens
  • Bell City Brewery
  • Brantwood Farms
  • Al’s Shoe Factory
  • SC Johnson Trail
  • Lorne Park, etc

What are some romantic things to do in BR, Ontario?

If you are contemplating on couple fun things to do in BR this weekend with your lover or spouse, you can consider a visit to Brando’s Beach House, Glenhyrst Gardens, Tranquility Park, The Butterflyway Project Garden, etc. The once-in-a-lifetime experience you both will get in these places will have good impacts in the bond you share for each other.

Best times to visit Brantford

Summer season in Brantford starts around June and ends in the month of August. This season is comprised of a moderate weather with average hotness and coldness. Housing is more expensive in the city of Brantford during this season.

Moreover, fall season in Brantford is usually very cold as it has a considerable amount of rain and snow falls. This season begins in September until the month of November. Additionally, Brantford is often warm during winter season as it has less snow and rain falls.

Thus, the best time to visit Brantford is winter season, which lasts from December to February.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Brantford Ontario known for?

Brantford is known for one of the greatest inventions of the world, which is the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

What are the things to do in Brantford at night?

  • Clubbing at Marvelous Lounge, yoassff candy shop, Brantford Gentlemen’s Club, Club Nv, etc.
  • Have dinner at La Mia Cucina, On the Lam, Sociable Kitchen + Tavern, etc
  • Play card games at Elements Casino Brantford

What are the things to do in Brantford with toddlers?

You can take children up to 10 years old to Kidtastic Adventures for wild and exciting experiences. Other amazing places to visit in Brantford with your children include Brando’s Beach House, Brant Conservation Area, Mohawk Park Pavilion and Picnic Shelters, Brant Park, etc.

Conclusively, even as Brantford has a longstanding history, it remains a unique city with so many fascinating things to engage yourself in. Thus, new immigrants, international students, foreign workers, and all other persons will definitely feel at home in Brantford.