Top 6 Unique Things to do in Brossard – Places, Activities and Attractions

Let’s Look into myriads of Entertaining Locations and Exciting Things to do in Brossard, Quebec!

Wish to visit Brossard soon or feeling bored already as a newcomer in the city? Here is a guide to help you learn about six (6) out of the plentiful outstanding things to do in Brossard, Canadian province of Quebec.

These activities range from taking photographs at amazingly great spots, swimming, cycling, hiking to hanging out with friends in any of the attractions around the city. You’ll definitely create more wonderful memories by planning a visit to at least one of these places without breaking the bank.

Brossard has some of the best attractions, which would keep you busy with your loved ones in its multicultural communities of students, workers, immigrants, couples and families. The city has several things worth exploring even at no cost with top-notch experiences and memories.

Check out some of the most fascinating things to do with your loved ones in the city of Brossard.

Where is Brossard located?

Brossard is a city located in Montérégie region, an administrative region in the southwest division of Quebec. The city is also inclusive of Greater Montreal area of Quebec. Montérégie is renowned for a number of things such as its beautiful orchards and vineyards. Brossard was initially inclusive of La Prairie-de-la-Madeleine Paris.

What is Brossard population?

As of 2021, the population of Brossard was 91,525, which indicates a change of +6.8% in the total number of people living in the area in 2016. The city had a population of 3,400 when established in 1958.

Nearby cities to Brossard

The closest cities to Brossard are Montréal, Longueuil and Laval. These cities would take not more than an hour of road transit either to or from Brossard. With a total area of 52.20 km2, you can across the city in about 50 minutes.

How to get to Brossard by air and road

For you to enter the city of Brossard, you can travel via air by landing on Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport (YHU). The airport has its location in Saint-Hubert borough of Longueuil, Quebec.

Being among Canada’s busiest airports, people who want to get to Brossard can easily board a local flight from anywhere within Canada to the airport. This is the closest airport to the city with a distance of 8.4 km.

Another airport near the city is Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL). If you entering Brossard from outside Canada, landing in this airport gets you close to the city with a distance of 22.2 km.

If you prefer driving or coming by an intercity bus to Brossard, you’ll definitely experience a lot of road adventures on your way.

Things to do in Brossard today, on weekends or holidays

Are you a student, worker, young person, single, married or an elderly person? This is to inform you that there are vast things to do in Brossard irrespective of your kind of person, financial capability, age and personality.

The following are six (6) explorable things that you should give a thought while in Brossard, Canadian province of Quebec.

  1. View vehicles or stroll on the trails on Samuel De Champlain Bridge
  2. Paddle canoes and kayak at Parc Radisson
  3. Keep fit or go with family for a picnic at Grand Parc Urbain
  4. See exhibits with your loved ones at Roussillon Archeology Museum
  5. Visit Parc du Bassin-de-La Prairie to rest from work or with spouse
  6. Go to see Grand Parc Urbain on a weekend with your family

#1. View vehicles or stroll on the trails on Samuel De Champlain Bridge

Built by architect Poul Ove Jensen, Samuel De Champlain Bridge is a cable-stayed designed bridge, which serves as a replacement of the old Champlain Bridge. The bridge is located over St. Lawrence River in the Canadian province of Quebec. It has lanes suitable for both walking and cycling.

One thing you’d love about Samuel De Champlain Bridge is that it is the widest cable-stayed bridge worldwide. The bridge is spectacular, and it offers a magnificent view that you may need to see with your friends and loved ones.

#2. Paddle canoes and kayak at Parc Radisson

At Parc Radisson in Brossard, you’ll be able rent kayaks, canoes and paddle boards for a wide range of ultimate fun on the river. The park is an amazing attraction for your kids due to its open greenspaces, which serves as a playground.

Other things to experience here include abundant wildlife, walking, relaxation by the riverside, as well as cycling. Don’t forget to come with a camera or get your smartphone fully charged as the fun here is endless.

Elderly persons are also not left out from the people that can visit Parc Radisson. They have some activities available for them to partake in as well.

#3. Keep fit or go with family for a picnic at Grand Parc Urbain

Wondering where to go for picnics or to ride a bike? Grand Parc Urbain is the place for such activities. It is a nice park for walking, running, biking, hanging out with friends, as well as for a workout session.

If you have a dog, you can take it to Grand Parc Urbain for a walk. The park has amazingly shaded areas for a picnic with your kids or with your whole family. You can keep fit by implementing the training instructions in the park’s workout division.

#4. See exhibits with your loved ones at Roussillon Archeology Museum

Visiting Roussillon Archeology Museum offers a unique experience no matter who you’re going with. You may be opportune to see some special exhibits when you visit the museum. Of course, you can take your kids to help them learn about archeology, as well as on the history of La Prairie.

Before visiting here, it is important for you to make an online booking. As some exhibits are in French, the museum has translators available for both French and English language.

#5. Visit Parc du Bassin-de-La Prairie to rest from work or with spouse

There are lots of exciting reasons for you to plan a picnic to Parc du Bassin-de-La Prairie. One of such reasons is that you’ll enjoy its sunset views.

Even though the park is small, your visit will be awesome as Parc du Bassin-de-La Prairie creates opportunities for you to access a variety of fun things to do in Brossard. These include boating, kayaking and fishing. This makes it an ideal place for relaxation alone or with your partner.

As there are myriads of entertaining activities to do in Brossard, the park is usually very busy on weekends. People come to experience a high level of fun at Parc du Bassin-de-La Prairie from within and outside the city. The park has numerous seating areas and greenspace to serve all of its visitors.

#6. Go to see Grand Parc Urbain on a weekend with your family

A visit to Grand Parc Urbain will forever linger in the heart of your loved ones, including your spouse. The park avails vast activities, and your kids will surely enjoy so many things to do in Brossard by visiting here.

A walk with your spouse around Grand Parc Urbain will bring more positive vibes to your relationship while creating more fun moments for you both. If kids already exist between you and your spouse, Grand Parc Urbain will provide all of you with experiences worth having.

Best times to visit Brossard

While planning to visit Brossard, you need to consider the weather aspect at the same time. Hence, it is necessary for you to arrive in any of the months that possesses pleasant weather temperatures so that you won’t fall sick due to cold or change in humidity.

Coming to the city of Brossard anytime between the months of May until September is the best in terms of the most comfortable climates. The average temperature of these months ranges from 19.1°C to 26.6°C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the top places to eat in Brossard Quebec?

  • Restaurant italien Paolo Gattuso Brossard
  • L’Aurochs Steakhouse
  • Seoul Yokoso BBQ Coréen & Sushi
  • Siam DIX30
  • La Maison d’Anita
  • Restaurant Viet Thai
  • La Tomate Blanche
  • Restaurant ZIBO! Brossard (Quartier DIX30)

Which bars and nightclubs are top-notch in Brossard?

  • Hippo Brossard
  • Mile Public House
  • Bar Les Cousins
  • Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill
  • Club Le Jet Sept
  • Hippo Brossard
  • Le Balthazar
  • Station des Sports – Matte
  • Jack Saloon DIX30

What are the romantic places to visit in Brossard?

  • Visit Grand Parc Urbain for a walk
  • Take your spouse to Roussillon Archeology Museum to view and take photos of exhibits
  • Workout with your spouse or go for a picnic at Grand Parc Urbain
  • Kayak or paddle a canoe together at Parc Radisson
  • Call him or her for a stroll on Samuel De Champlain Bridge

What are the gyms for workouts in Brossard?

  • Missfit Brossard Gym
  • Orangetheory Fitness Quartier DIX30
  • Nautilus Plus Brossard
  • World Gym Brossard
  • CrossFit ADM
  • Athletic Academy
  • Centre d’entraînement et kinésiologie Hamfit


If you’re new to Brossard or intend to visit Quebec province someday, we hope that this article guides you on where to have fun and what entertaining things to do in Brossard. You can tweet this post or share with your friends who may desire to explore some adventures in Canada.