Top 15 Unique Things to do in Burlington – Places, Activities, and Attractions

You cannot exhaust the amazing things to do in Burlington, either in the day, weekend, or at night.

Looking for a place to take a chill as you enjoy the outdoor activities and the scenic view? Visiting Burlington should be your next trip. Or you are interested in taking your lover on a tour, planning a romantic wedding, and having a romantic dinner, whatever your interest is, in just anyway- there are no limits on the things to do in Burlington

Burlington is an amazing place you will love to see. To make things simple, we will enlighten you on the beauty, uniqueness,  population, and how to get to Burlington. We got you covered on the most interesting and attractive things to do in Burlington. Stay close!

Where is Burlington

Burlington is a big city. It is the regional municipality of Halton, located in Ontario Canada. It offers everything for the perfect location of lake Ontario in the shadow of a Niagara Escarpment. The amazing waterfront features a model boating skating water play and dining.

There are many homes owned by upper-class and middle-class families downtown next to the beautiful Lake. There are also many expensive homes built by billionaires at the locality.

Things to do in Burlington

Cities close to Burlington

Burlington is located very close to the beautiful city of Niagara and Toronto. If you are traveling from far and near to Burlington, you are most likely to see this beautuful cities


Niagara is a city in Canada that is unique for its waterfalls. It is located between Canada and United States, it is popular for its tourist attraction for over two centuries as well as its source of hydroelectric power.

Basically, there are three distinct waterfalls at Niagara, which are American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal veil falls. This fall boasts the highest water flow rates around the globe, combining volume and height, making the city breathtaking.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is a world leader in technology, business, finance, culture, and entertainment.

It is a city full of opportunity and energy, and the most culturally diverse city in the world. A major percentage of its residents are people from around the world.

How to get to Burlington by air and road?

Every drive in Burlington (either air or road) is scenic. If you are either traveling by air or road, you will have a lot of beautiful views to keep your mind busy.

If you want to travel by air, we have five listed major airports that are around Burlington. However, if you love to drive as you enjoy the beautiful fresh air with the scent of naturality, we’ve got the best routes to take to Burlington

Air trips to Burlington

Here are the five major airports that are around Burlington, you should pick the best option close to your location.

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ / CYYZ): This airport is about a 56km driving distance from the beautiful city of Burlington, Canada. If you are an international visitor wanting to travel down to Burlington from anywhere in the world, you’d probably want to consider this airline as it provides the best experience of international and domestic flights
  • John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM / CYHM): This airport is about 34 km driving distance from the beautiful city of Burlington Canada. It is majorly a domestic flight from cities like Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, and Moncton
  • Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF / CYKF): Here is another International and domestic flight that is about 66 km driving distance away from Burlington.
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ / CYTZ): It is an international and domestic airport that is 55 km away from Burlington Canada
  • Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG / KIAG): The Niagara Falls international airport is is 2 km away from Burlington on a driving distance with domestic flights from cities like Fort Lauderdale, Sanford, Punta Gorda, and Saint Petersburg

Road trips to Burlington

Traveling by road to Burlington is quite interesting and full of beautiful views, you can decide to travel by bus or car or a train. The city is also cycle-friendly.

Buffalo, New York is about 125 km from the city of Burlington. Orillia, HAMMOCK HARBOUR, Beaver River, Blue Mountain Resort, Collingwood, and The Chipper Fresh Cut Fries Inc. are 141 km north of Burlington. While Griffis Sculpture Park, Sugartown Alpaca Farm, Ellicottville, Holiday Valley Resort, Salamanca (New York) are 148 km southeast of Burlington:

Top 15 Unique Things to do in Burlington

You can never get exhausted of amazing things to do in Burlington. Ranging from outdoor activities to indoor activities, with sufficient sightseeing and swimming-. You will love to book Burlington for your next holiday. For your easy navigation, we have provided you with the top 15 things to do in Burlington- you wouldn’t want to miss out-  let’s go!

  1. Try the Cottage Country Candy (Scholtens Inc)
  2. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens
  3. Check out the Pepperwood Bistro
  4. Visit the City Parks
  5. Visit Bronte Creek Provincial Park
  6. Try the Sunshine Doughnuts
  7. Art Gallery of Burlington
  8. Check out the Village Square
  9. Visit the Odd Spot
  10. The North Coal
  11. Walk along a pier
  12. Go for hiking
  13. Visit the church street
  14. Hop for a beer
  15. Attend a show at the Vermont Comedy Club

#1. Try the Cottage Country Candy (Scholtens Inc)

Traveling and touring is often more interesting when you chunk a pack of candy or chocolate to make your day interesting and mouth-watering. You can check the Cottage Country Candy (Scholtens Inc) to find vegan-friendly sweet meals, nuts and trail mixes, snacks, chocolate, and candies

 #2. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens

Looking for a perfect place to hang out with your spouse and loved ones? You will love to see the royal botanical garden. The royal botanical gardens are not just any garden, it is one of the top Burlington attraction and largest garden in Canada. The garden spread across 900 hectares of land with its landscape divided into several sections.

You can find a gift shop, three restaurants in the greenhouse, and outdoor Gardens at the beautiful palace. So, dare to take a stroll around this garden and discover over 1,000 flower and plant species and the largest Lila collection

#3. Check out the Pepperwood Bistro

Checking out the pepperwood bistro is one thing to do in Burlington before leaving eventually, you will not be disappointed with the delectable meal and the local hot spots offered to you!. You will enjoy their on-premise brewery beers served by the pint, as well as enjoyable meals that will make your trip remarkable

#4. Visit the City Parks

The beach way is your connection to cycling and walking trails, concession stand, host of water activities (including kayaking, boating, paddleboarding), and sandy beach. The trail of the Great Lakes waterfront offers an opportunity for you to cycle and walk along the shores of Lake Ontario.

#5. Visit Bronte Creek Provincial Park

This is an amazing park you can spend a few nights or a day, with full camping and RV facilities. Once you get to the park, nature takes over, there are hiking trails, Spruce Lane farm, and animal farms to check out.

#6. Try the Sunshine Doughnuts

Checking out the sunshine doughnuts is certainly one Interesting thing to do in Burlington. They make perfect snacks that you can grab before starting your day or exploring the downtown area

Imagine treating yourself with fresh snacks filled with all kinds of wonderful treats like mints, cream, caramel, strawberry, and toffee early in the morning.

#7. Art Gallery of Burlington

At the art gallery of Burlington, you will discover interactive exhibits, locally curated masterpieces, and travel pieces. Burlington is a city that oozes with culture and history, you will want to check out the musical and theatrical production. There are events pages you can take a look at, to see the programs and special events occurring during the season of your visit.

#8. Check out the Village Square

The village square is a multicultural space and tourist site that boasts of specialty shops, culinary delights, and items in architectural history buildings at downtown Burlington. You can pop into the son of a Peach Pizzeria to grab one of their tasty and sharing handheld pizzas after wandering about the cobblestone streets.

 #9. Visit the Odd Spot

One of the things to do in Burlington that you would not want to miss is visiting the Odd Spot. the odd spot has a haven for eco-warriors and thrifters looking for second-hand stuff!. There is a collection of branded tees, vinyl records, and vintage furniture to check out!

#10. The North Coal

The restaurant offers tasty finger food that is more than a food experience. It is a perfect place to grab classic grub for a picnic at the parkside. If you are a finger food and burgers lover, then checking the North Coal is one of the best things to do in Burlington.

#11. Walk along a pier

The S-shaped Pier extends over lake Ontario at about 137 m. You will have a wonderful view of the Burlington and lake shoreline. As you walk along the piers to admire the views, you will feel the wind in your hair and get to enjoy the moment!

#12. Go for hiking

Bruce trail goes from Niagara river to Tobermory. It stretches for 890 km passing through Burlington along the line. It is the best place in the city to hike, known for its trail with wildlife, waterfalls, and stunning views.

#13. Visit the church street

Church Street is one of the most famous hubs in Burlington, having cafes, shops, book stores, and lots more. It is a great place to shop, especially if it is a local shop having stores of all kinds and eclectic boutiques.

Even if you don’t want to shop for anything, you can always enjoy the moment to catch a wonderful glimpse of the beloved local and national meme sensation. You can also pause for a while to listen to local buskers playing with their tunes.

#14. Hop for a beer

There is enough joy for beer lovers! Imagine releasing new brews that are crips and refreshing every time for beer lovers. Foam brewers are one of the most common breweries for tourists and visitors in Burlington, so also Magic Hat is a staple for the brewery scene at Burlington.

#15. Attend a show at the Vermont Comedy Club

The Vermont comedy club is surely a place you can laugh and enjoy yourself as you get entertained by the funny and entertaining comedy. However, if you’re not the comedy type you can check down the street for the Flynn Theatre which offers different entertainment options from symphonies to theatre productions.

What to do in Burlington on special days?

Without a doubt, special days are interesting days at Burlington. Activities range from strolling along lake Ontario while you enjoy the holiday atmosphere at the festival of lights, to joining thousands in the Santa 5K run by the beautiful waterfront.

You can Marvel at the Winter Wonders lights and model train display at the Royal Botanical Gardens- there are no limits to things to do in Burlington

What to do on a weekend?

Weekends are not weak days. There are packs of activities and events to carry out, get yourself active and lively. You can watch a festive concert at the stunning Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Marvel at the Winter Wonders lights and model train exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Watch a festive performance at the spectacular Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Visit one of the many holiday sales or bazaars for unique gifts.

Things to do in Burlington Today

Every day, there is something fun to carry out in the city. You can have a good look at the Arts, visit a pier, go for a hike, eat ribs, have fun at a park, enjoy the food, visit the museum, etc. At night, you can enjoy the Bright Nights light display with the singing tree in Downtown Burlington.

Basically, there are piles of indoor and outdoor activities to carry out today at Burlington. There are food settlements, a playground, picnic slabs, grills, and a washroom with showers, ensuring you have everything you need for that perfect day of fun in the sun.

Best Times to Visit Burlington

If you are looking forward to visiting Burlington during the warmest season, you should schedule your visit by June July, and August as you will get enough warmth with temperatures between 160C (at night), and 250C (during the day).

However, if you are after touring during the dry weather, you can try visiting Burlington by August February, and January. There is a low chance of rain and snow during mid-February.

The busiest month to visit Burlington in June, October, and December when prices for flights and hotels will be high. But tourists are not likely to visit in April, so it is the least crowded month, so it is the least expensive time to pay less for flight and accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I exchange money for use at  my tour in Burlington

To exchange your currency for Canadian currency, you can visit the Trust companies, Canadian chartered banks, credit unions, offices of foreign-exchange brokers, etc

Can I go fishing at Burlington?

Yes you can go on a fish tour at the beautiful Lake and rivers in Burlington

 Can I rent a bicycle?

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable things at Burlington, you can rent a bike at different rental stores in the city

What is showing at the Burlington Performing Art Centre?

There are different events activities and Performances for visitors and residents of Burlington to enjoy at the performing arts center.

Do I need a visa to enter Canada?

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is important and is a major entry requirement for travelers from other countries


Burlington is a nice place with a variety of interesting and lively activities. You cannot exhaust the amazing things to do in Burlington, either in the day, weekend, or at night.