15 Fun Things to do in Coquitlam – For Singles, Couples, and Family

For the best experience of leisure activity, an ethically diverse city, and a lot more! You’d probably want to see Coquitlam. You know, it is always best to know things about a city before deciding on visiting or not, that is why we are going to enlighten you on things to do in Coquitlam, and the fun and exciting things to look forward to

With countless opportunities for dining, day trips, and outdoor exploration, Coquitlam is one of the best places you can have a great deal of relaxation- Fun, right? First, however, you should know more about the city that derived its name from “small red salmon.”

Irrespective of if you are visiting Coquitlam as a tourist, with your family, spouse, or for education, we got you covered! Read on!

Where is Coquitlam?

Coquitlam is located in the Metro Vancouver Regional District in British Columbia, Canada. It is a suburban city and the sixth-largest province in Canada. The city is popular for its fishing, parks, art, and water activities, all within its nearby boundaries. It is one of the most developed residential areas of the Vancouver metropolitan area, with excellent hospitals, parks, schools, and shopping complexes, amongst other facilities.

Coquitlam Population

Coquitlam has a population of over 125,000. It is one of the 21 municipalities that comprise Metro Vancouver. The age group between 50 and 54 years old is the largest population of Coquitlam, while the least population is about 85 years and above.

The workable age of the residents in the city is 15 to 64 years, and they make up about 70.12%, while the younger generation makes up 22.76% and will join the workforce about 20 years from now.

Cities Near Coquitlam

There are many exciting cities near Coquitlam; these are a few kilometers away, not more than 38 km from the beautiful city of Coquitlam. They include:

  • Port Coquitlam, Canada.
  • Pitt Meadows, Canada.
  • New Westminster, Canada.
  • Maple Ridge, Canada.
  • Burnaby, Canada.
  • Surrey, Canada.
  • North Vancouver, Canada.
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Delta, Canada
  • West Vancouver, Canada
  • White Rock, Canada
  • Richmond, Canada
  • Langley, Canada
  • Tsawwassen, Canada
  • Mission, Canada

How to get to Coquitlam by Air and Road

Deciding to take a tour driving from your location to Coquitlam, or going by air isn’t a big deal. The city is linked with many exciting cities that are a few kilometers away.

If you’re traveling from a different country, you can take a flight down to an international airport close to Coquitlam, then drive down to Coquitlam, or take another domestic flight down to the beautiful city- in any of your choices; you will find the journey an adventure!

Getting to Coquitlam by Air

The closest airport to Coquitlam is 24.4 km, and is the Coal Harbour Spb (CXH) Airport. You can also take other routes at some farther airport locations. Some of which are:

  • Vancouver (YVR) (30.7 km)
  • Abbotsford (YXX) (41.3 km)
  • Bellingham (BLI) (57.3 km)
  • Nanaimo (ZNA) (84.9 km).

Getting to Coquitlam by Road

Road trips are a popular way to visit Coquitlam from different parts of Canada. This scenic drive will take you through some of the most beautiful areas in the country as you enjoy the fresh and undiluted atmosphere. For example, driving from Edmonton, you will get to Coquitlam in about 2 hours; Surrey is about 23 minutes drive.

Okanagan Valley, BC, Big White Ski Resort, Big White is about 287km from Coquitlam. Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Suncadia Resort is about 282 km from Coquitlam. While Crystal Mountain, Fryingpan Creek, Mount Rainier National Park, Paradise Inn, Cascade Range, Paradise, Nisqually Lodge, Centralia, and Westport (Washington) is about 283 km from Coquitlam. These amazing cities are about 5 hours’ drive from the beautiful city of Coquitlam.

15 Things to do in Coquitlam

You can never get exhausted of exciting and lively things to do in Coquitlam. Ranging from visiting the Percy Perry Stadium, TD Community Plaza, Town Centre Park inspiration Garden, Coquitlam River Park, and Lafarge Lake Park to walking down the Crystal Falls Woodland Walk Trail.

If you haven’t visited Coquitlam in British Columbia, you probably do not know the breathing things you’d find here. So let’s get you started.

  1. Play Hard Rock Casino
  2. Go, Bowling
  3. Listen to Amazing music
  4. Indoor Rock Climbing
  5. Shopping Central
  6. Visit the Coquitlam Public Library
  7. Outdoor Adventure
  8. VIP Movies
  9. Go fishing
  10. Go for a Swim
  11. Get immersed in Culture
  12. Visit a museum
  13. Try the Climb Base
  14. Inspiration Garden
  15. Crystal Falls

#1. Play Hard Rock Casino

For the love of bets! Coquitlam is the only place you can find hard rock casinos in Canada. You can make a side hustle by betting at a blackjack table, playing the slot, or blending with the crowd for a live performance. You will have an amazing chilled-out vibe with Cocktails as you live in the moment.

#2. Go Bowling

If you are looking for a modern facility that offers about ten-pin bowling with a Polish lane as far as you can see, you should check out Zone Bowling.

During cosmic bowling night, the glow in the dark and blacklight from the balls take bowling to a new level at every cosmic bowling night. You can also order food from nearby restaurants to make it an easy night out chilling!

#3. Listen to Amazing music

Checking out for the lively things to do in Coquitlam is incomplete without seeing the beautiful music and amazing concerts. From the summer concert series to the Canada day celebration and kaleidoscope art festival- you won’t want to miss it!

#4. Indoor Rock Climbing

An indoor activity like no other! The ClimbBase5 offers a 1,000 square-foot ‘Tsunami Wall,’ 16,000 square feet of climbing space, and custom programs for adults, groups, and kids. Every week, there are advanced and beginner lessons added to the new climbing route. It is an experience you don’t want to miss!

#5. Shopping Central

Hitting the Farmer’s market to get handcrafted goods, fresh local produce, exciting food trucks, and so much more is one experience of a good living you want to see. Likewise, strolling down the street after popping from the Lincoln train station to nearly 200 stores is one of the best shopping experiences you will experience.

#6. Visit the Coquitlam Public Library

Sightseeing is interesting, but how about sightseeing with a telescope or birdwatching using binoculars? Or reading some interesting books or borrowing some movies to watch. You might want to use a 3D printer to create something beautiful! All of these are publicly accessible at the Coquitlam public library.

#7. Outdoor Adventure

Forest fringed trails, stunning vistas, inner-city oases- things interesting to do in Coquitlam. You can explore the magic of the untamed wild in British Columbia with nature’s beauty in the city. Coquitlam is a hot spot for hikers, mountain bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.

#8. VIP Movies

The Cineplex Cinemas Coquitlam & VIP offers premiere movie viewing for individuals above 19 years. You will experience and enjoy a licensed lounge with comfy seats and in-seat dining. In addition, you can try seeing the Family Favourites series on Saturdays for discount tickets.

#9. Go fishing

The Como Lake at the center of Como Lake Park is an urban park southwest of the city. The lake is common for fishing. It is home to carp, catfish, and rainbow trout. You can also jog and walk around the 1 km distance encircles the lake.

#10. Go for a Swim

There is always time to swim at the city center aquatic complex, no matter what time of the year. Designed with a Florida keys team, painted murals, palm trees, and pelicans, you will find the designs pleasing!

#11. Get immersed in Culture

The Cultural Centre in Coquitlam is an art gallery, theatre, rehearsal hall, and music venue. The center is open to showcasing diverse cultures. It features musical concerts, live theatre, comedy, and visual art workshops.

#12. Visit a museum

Makin House is the only museum in Coquitlam, built-in 1909, to show special exhibitions. The Coquitlam Heritage Society runs the museum and admits based on donations. Here you will see historical figures and items to make your day.

#13. Try the Climb Base

Climb base! The most significant climbing gym in Coquitlam is the biggest in Vancouver. You are certain to enjoy a fantastic date with your family, spouse, and partner as you try something new, including bouldering and a steep lead route.

#14. Inspiration Garden

You will have a fantastic day with your spouse at the inspiration garden in Coquitlam. This garden is run by volunteers and is known to be a home of paradise to enjoy interesting plants, peaceful roses, herbs, plants, and fruits.

#15. Crystal Falls

You have to see the romantic waterfalls and nature where the scenic waterfall seeps into the Coquitlam River. The work is short and extremely easy, and bikeable. So, if you want to try something fantastic with your family, you can pack a little picnic to enjoy the sounds and incredible sights.

What to do in Coquitlam On Special Days?

Visiting Coquitlam on a holiday or other important days? Festivals and Culture days are some of the events that make Coquitlam eventful. It is a period when art and Culture are celebrated. Millions of people from over Canada participate in this event; well, even if you are a visitor, you are invited to get behind the scenes and hands-on experience at the beautiful historical event.

Here we have what will best suit your journey, either as a single, married, tourist, or visiting for any other special reasons.

What to do on a weekends

There are no limits to how you can spend your weekend at Coquitlam. Weekends rock party better! Yay! But have you thought about holding a party with your adjacent neighbors? Yes, it’s a great idea; the Block Party helps you to build new friendships, know your neighbors, and promote the awareness and safety of your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if you are on a long-term vacation or a short visit; enjoy your holiday with people!

You can also play some golf, relax on a patio, go for a ride, try ninja tag, knock down some bowling pins, visit an art exhibition, summer concert series, jump In the pool, go for a ride, etc. So you’ve always got things to do!

Things to do in Coquitlam Today

Today, like any other day, you can not exhaust the many things to carry out in Coquitlam; you can check the bodies of water, Lafarge lake, and Crystal Falls. You can also check the town Lafarge Lake, Mundy Park, Como Lake Park, Town Centre Park, Minnekhada Regional Park, and other exciting parks. The restaurants are amazing; we Trust that you will get the best food and drinks. The different amenities are located minutes from your outdoor Recreation opportunities.

Best Times to Visit Coquitlam

Coquitlam is one of the best and safest cities to travel to. Canada has no travel warnings; however, you should exercise standard security precautions. Averagely, the temperature in Coquitlam differs; the temperature is usually cold for half of the year, having rain or snow throughout most of this time. So, if you’re looking for the warmest time to visit the city, you might be considering traveling down by June, July, and August with a temperature of 13°C at night and 27.3°C in the daytime.

The busiest period at Coquitlam is June, probably because it is the warmest month in the city, and also by July and May. At this period, expect a hike in prices for flights and hotels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for a snow or winter weather event?

You are to plan, ensuring that you have all emergency kits with supplies for your children and infants as well as medication.

Can I park on the street when it’s snowing?

During the snowy period, especially from November 1 to March 15, you should not park outside the compound even though you live in the area.

Are there cheap things to do in Coquitlam?

There is. You can experience Walking Tour Along Stanley Park’s Seawall and get a 2hr Bike Rental.

What is the top attraction in Coquitlam?

The center of attraction includes Lafarge Lake, Mundy Park, Como Lake Park, Town Centre, and Minnekhada Regional Park.

Can you swim Como Lake Coquitlam?

No, swimming is restricted at Como Lake Coquitlam. However, you can try out other swimming pools.


A nice experience is a mix of outdoor and indoor activities in an environment where your presence is appreciated. As a result, you can trust to carry out the best of the best things to do in Coquitlam.

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