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8 Fun Things to do in Kelowna – Places, Activities and Attractions

Whether you’re planning a tourist visit or you’re going on vacation or you just want to get off the busy metropolitan life, there are lots of fun things to do in Kelowna.

Ranging from visiting Incredible wineries, golf tours, beaches, Apple Bowl stadium, Kelowna Art Gallery, Center of Gravity Festival (in City Park), Kettle Valley Railway, Big White Ski Resort and lots more, Kelowna might be more fascinating than you ever imagined!

Are you a student, worker, new resident, or even bringing your family to Kelowna for a holiday? the city will certainly provide you with the best experiences that you might not find in other Canadian cities.

Besides, Kelowna City boasts of a diverse community that provides home away from home for people who are visiting from other countries.

Thus, the city is home to South Asians, blacks, Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Latin Americans, and Arabians.

So, Stick around! let’s explore this small but mighty city together. There might be more fun things to do in Kelowna than you ever thought!

Where is Kelowna?

Kelowna is one of British Columbia’s tourism hub which is surrounded by deserts and wineries. It is seated along the lovely Okanagan Lake. It is British Columbia’s third-largest urban region, after Vancouver and Victoria.

Also, Kelowna is one of the province’s most popular summer attractions and is well-known for being one of Canada’s warmest destinations.

So, whether you want to enjoy the heat of the sun, go boating, play golf, visit wineries, or take a trip in the winter for some fantastic skiing, Kelowna is a worthy destination.

Kelowna Population

Amazingly, It might interest you to know that even though Kelowna is a small city, the 2021 Census Population reported that, Kelowna had a giant number of 144,576 people living in 62,209 of its 67,115 total private residences.

Moreover, the city is reported to have had a population density of 682.4/km2 (1,767.5/sq mi) in 2021, with a land area of 211.85 km2 (81.80 sq mi).

Furthermore, In 2011, about 48.4% of the population of Kelowna’s population were male while females made up to 51.6 percent. Followed by children under the age of five making about 4.8 percent of Kelowna’s population.

Cities Near Kelowna

Would you like to visit other cities near Kelowna? If yes, Kelowna is surrounded by many gorgeous cities that offers many fun things to do just like itself.

Notably, nearby communities include the City of West Kelowna (referred to as Westbank and Westside). To the west, across is the Okanagan Lake; Lake Country and Vernon takes to the north side. Peachland borders the southwest; and Summerland and Penticton borders the south of Kelowna.

How to get to Kelowna by Air and Road?

Would you like to get to Kelowna by air or by road?  Either way, we got you covered.

Yes! Kelowna might not be a large city, but that does not limit its  basic infrastructure . The city is home to the Kelowna International Airport (YLW), which is one of Canada’s busiest airports, with over 70 commercial flights each day. The airport is strategically located, with only a 20-minute drive away to downtown Kelowna

Also, you might want to go by road to Kelowna, which of course, Kelowna is a great place to explore on a road trip. Located almost exactly in the middle between Vancouver and Calgary, the city is surrounded by one of the best landscapes in Canada.

When going by road, you can go by bus or drive. If you go by bus transit, you can board a public taxi, bus, uber or Ebus which takes routes from Vancouver to other locations in BC. You can use to see what routes are offered.

Alternatively, if you want to drive, the roads are quite smooth with lots of attractions and views.

Fun things to do in Kelowna

Let’s guess, you now know where Kelowna is, the population, and how to get around the city. Back to our main focus, ‘fun things to do in Kelowna’!

#1. Go Boating on the Okanagan Lake

Definitely, one thing you should do at Kelowna during summer is to board watercraft and sail out onto the stunning and vast Okanagan Lake. This lake is 135 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide, and up to 230 meters deep. The lake is often referred to as fjord lake because it was carved out by multiple glacial activities.

#2. Go Wine Touring

Another fun thing to do in Kelowna is to visit the Kelowna wineries. Kelowna is known for its high-quality wines that regularly win national and international awards. It is the birthplace of winemaking in British Columbia.

Interestingly, you’ll find plenty of terroirs to swirl, sip, and savor with over 40 wineries within a 20-minute drive. Kelowna’s Southeast Bench, Lake Country’s Scenic Sip, Westside Wine Trail, Lakeshore Wine Route, and Downtown Grapes & Grains are among the area’s five distinct Wine Trails.

So, ensure to explore the wine country, which offers a wide range of culinary delights as well as unforgettable winery and vineyard events.

Moreover, as you travel through vineyards, orchards, and farms just minutes from the modern, lakeside city. You will see over 40 wineries. Get ready to be captivated by  Kelowna’s all perfect pairings! You can use the Wine Trail Guide to plan a self-guided tour or book a guided wine tour.

Additionally, Prepare to be swept off your feet as experienced proprietors, dedicated hosts, and award-winning winemakers pour their wines and share their stories. We recommend you visit the BC’s Wine Museum while you’re in Kelowna to get an inside scoop on the staff’s favorite local wines.

#3. Visit a myriad of  jaw-dropping beaches

Needless to mention that one of the outstanding fun things to do in Kelowna is visiting the Okanagan lake. The stunning Okanagan Lake stretches 135 kilometers (84 miles) from north to south (Penticton).

Kelowna is about halfway across the lake, and the magnificent 5-lane William R. Bennett Bridge connects the east and west sides.

Known for its beaches, the Okanagan lake which number in the hundreds, have many playgrounds, concession stands, and restrooms.

Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), wakeboards, sailboats, pedal boats, charter boats, flyboards, kayaks, and canoes are just a few of the watercraft available. During the summer, the lake is inviting and refreshing, but it also hides secrets – creatures, hidden coves, and tombs.

#4. Visit the Borgata Lodge at Quail Ridge resort

Did we mention that a visit to the Borgata Lodge at Quail Ridge resort is an extreme fun thing to do in kelowna? Yes, you heard that right!

The borgata Lodge at quail resort is one place you should go. Known for its golfer’s paradise, the Borgata lodge exhibit a natural beauty, abundant sunshine, crystal-clear lakes, and extended golf season. Without mincing words, Kelowna is an ideal spot for any golfer, with championship golf, fine dining, unique shops, and a vibrant cultural scene, all within 10 minutes of the downtown core.

#5. Experience Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing

Absolutely, another fun thing to do in Kelowna in the winter is either cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. If you’re a skiing junk, or you are just learning how to ski, enjoy this fun outdoor activities that requires practically little or no experience.

Of course, cross-country skis or snowshoes allow you to explore winter terrain easily! Fortunately, the Kelowna Nordic Club maintains a large network of both ski and snowshoe trails.

So, for just $15 CAD a day, you can access the trails, and have all the fun you ever imagined. We recommend you come with your skis or snowshoes. If you don’t have one, consider rentage at fresh sir concept – a store in Kelowna.

#6. Go hiking and cycling around the Kettle Valley Railway from Myra Canyon to Penticton

With breathtaking views and sceneries, the historical Railway with Myra Canyon tresttles and tunnels is definitely one fun thing you could do in Kelowna. Catch a glimpse of the amazing views of the Okanagan Lake, surounded by all kinds of wild life and flowers, riding through the canyon including crossing over different creeks.

At roughly 30-40 minute drive from downtown, the Myra Canyon trestles is part of the Kettle Valey Railway, which happens to be the longest rail-trail network in BC.

You will tour an interactive trail, and ride over 19 trestles and through three tunnels! Continue the fun at Chute Lake, where a restaurant is available for you to take a break or lunch.

Following Chute Lake, 489-meter Adria tunnel where many workers were fed using the rock ovens is quite captivating.

Alas! You will conclude the tour at the Hillside Winery in Penticton. Here, you will be treated to a complimentary wine tasting to cool off the heat. That sounds yummy isn’t it? Plan a hiking or cycling tour around the kettle valley trail, to have a feel of what we’re telling you now.

#7. Take an aerial view of Kelowna by Helicopter

Undoubtedly, the best way to have a glimpse of your surrounding is when you get up there! If you think Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley are beautiful on land, imagine how alluring it will look like from the sky! Get an helicopter tour over Kelowna, and have an aerial view of the  okanagan lake , wineries, kettle trail and lots of  other captivating sights.

#8. Chill out at the okanagan lavender and herb farm

Looking for a place chill out and enjoy the coolness of natural environment? Definitely,  this 8-acre eco-friendly farm is what you need. Located not too far from downtown Kelowna, the herb far allows you to walk around in splendor.

It is surrounded by plants and herbs, such as purple lavender and sage. All these leaves and plants are pretty medicinal and are processed into botanical products. Take the opportunity to buy it on site or online.

Best times to visit Kelowna

Are you planning on visiting Kelowna already, but you are wondering, when is the best time to visit the small tourist city? Actually, summer season in Kelowna starts around June and ends in the month of August.

Hence, the city is often hot during summer months and fairly chilly in the winter, although it might be milder than most of Canada.

Still, majority of tourism in Kelowna happens from spring to fall as people come to either enjoy the lakes, go golfing or visit the wineries. So visiting Kelowna during spring or fall season is not a bad idea.

What to do in Kelowna On Special Days

In line with this, there are lots of fun things you can do in Kelowna during special days. You can go hiking, skiing, golfing, chilling out at the beach side or head to the Myra Canyon for a flat and easy walk along the Kettle Valey Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions to visit in Kelowna?

Undoubtedly, different people have different likes, but for us the top attractions to visit in Kelowna are:

  • The Myra Canyon Park
  • Okanagan Lake
  • Wineries
  • Knox Mountain Park
  • Kangaroo Creek Farm
  • Okanagan Lavender and  herb

Is Kelowna a fun city?

Resounding, Yes! Although little in size, Kelowna is all round fun filled city for both tourist and residents. Ranging from skiing, wine touring, golfing,hiking or cycling around the Myra Canyon park, kangaroo Creek farm, Kelowna has so much fun things to do!


In conclusion, don’t judge a book by its cover! Obviously, though small in size; Kelowna offers you all the fun things you could only imagine. Ranging from golfing, wine touring, boating, hiking or cycling, fly boarding and lots more. Kelowna offers you most, if not everything that any other Canadian big city can offer.

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