15 Unique Things to do in Kitchener – For Residents and Visitors

Discover the beauty and fun of Kitchener, and find out what fun things to do in this city!

Whether you are a Canadian who is resident in Canada, a visitor, or on a vacation to Canada, there are so much fun activities you can engage in to explore the fun and beauty of Kitchener.

Be it in the winter months, summer or spring, there is always one or more activities that will intrigue you, mesmerize you or get your blood pumping in the beautiful city of Kitchener. Below is a list of 15 unique things to do in Kitchener, if you are visiting the city of Kitchener or if you find yourself anywhere close to the city.

Where is Kitchener Located?

Kitchener is a lovely city located in Saint Lawrence in Southwestern Ontario, about 100 km (62 mi) west of Toronto. Kitchener is historically a German town and it’s largely become a thriving city with strong European vibe, ambience and heritage. Thus, it is culturally rich and vibrant and offers lots of fun things to do and sites to behold to Canadians and visitors alike.

The city of Kitchener is one of the three cities which comprise the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, also it is the regional seat. Before now, Kitchener was known as Berlin till a 1916 referendum changed it to Kitchener.

What is the Population of Kitchener?

The city of Kitchener covers an area of 136.86 km2, with a population of 256,885  as at the 2021 Canadian census.

In addition, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo has 575,847 population, thus, it is the 10th largest census metropolitan area in Canada and the fourth-largest in Ontario.

Kitchener and Waterloo are designated as twin cities, therefore, are usually jointly referred to as “Kitchener–Waterloo” (K–W), although they have separate municipal governments.

Fun Things to do in Kitchener

Below is a list some of the best things you can do to have fun and to feel like a tourist in Kitchener, participating in any of these activities will certainly give you an experience to remember. Do well to read through.

#1. Have Fun Skiing

If you are lover of skiing, a pro or a beginner, you should definitely visit Kitchener. Here, you will find the Chicopee ski and summer resort, which offers you ample fun time skiing, tubing or snowboarding all year round.

In addition, at the resort you can also choose to go mountain biking and hiking, practice your climbing skills in the 9.1 meters rock climbing wall. Also, there are sporting activities like volleyball and lawn tennis, for your pleasure.

#2. Hone your skills on the Golf Course

Kitchener is home to the amazing Rockway golf course. The Rockway golf course is one of the finest golf courses in Ontario.

The course showcases a 18-hole play as well as a pitch and putt course. Therefore, you are sure to have an absolute golfing experience while visiting Kitchener, do stop for a swing.

#3. Visit The Museum

The Museum is a place that is interactive, educative, likewise fun. If you have kids and would love them to have a life impacting experience while having a fun time, then “The Museum is definitely the place to be.

It is a place where kids of all ages can practice graffiti arts or play a great piano with their feet amongst other fun activities.

In addition, there is the 125 gallons fish tank, which is an absolute delight to look on and a beautiful indoor garden for relaxation.

Also, you should visit on holidays as special events are held at the Museum like on Saint Patrick’s day and Halloween.

#4. Experience Time-Travel in Real Life

When you visit Kitchener you avail yourself the rare privilege to go back in time, to experience the world and life as it was in 1914 at the Doon Heritage Village.

The Doon village is a real life, real time historical location that brings back the culture, practices, buildings and lifestyle of the 1914’s. Here you see and gets a first hand picture of what this era looked and felt like.

At the Doon, you are free to explore the buildings, farms and serene gardens, visit the post office, sawmill and grocery store. The Doon’s Heritage Village will certainly thrill you.

#5. Bring a Picnic to the Park

Who wouldn’t love the serenity and quiet that lives in a park? I’m very sure you would too. If so at Victoria Park, which is the oldest park in the city, it is certain that you will not only find serenity, you will also have fun, trailing along the paths, dining at the on-site restaurants or having yourself and your cohorts in a fun picnic.

You can also stroll around the park to feed your eyes with the Clock Tower, the bronze statue of Queen Victoria and dance to the melodies serenading from the Bandstand. However, most importantly, do not forget to breath in fresh air.

#6. Give Yourself a Rare Treat at the Farmers Market

Kitchener aside from being a fun place to be, its also a foodies centre, as there so many restaurants where you can hang out and enjoy a lot of good cuisine or snack depending on your preference and time of the day.

At downtown Kitchener, you will find a plethora of culturally oriented restaurants like the Greek, Ethiopian, Chinese, Caribbean, Japanese and ofcourse German.

To avail yourself of affordable quick meals, you can visit the food courts located at the several shopping malls in Kitchener and ofcourse there is the popular farmers market, where you can get fresh healthy foods. and fruits.

#7. See Kitchener’s Incredible Arts

The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery showcases the cultural diversity of Kitchener. The gallery displays fine arts from both local and international artists.

Occasionally, art events are organized in partnership with other galleries around Canada, in an art exchange programme.

Thus, there is always a variety of arts on display and a chance to see something new every time. Consequently, if you fancy and value the arts, then the Kitchener- waterloo art gallery is a must to see.

#8. Visit Kitchener’s Music Festivals

Kitchener showcases many cultural festivals almost all year round. Thus, in this town there is never a shortage of good music and fun. Whether you are a fan of music or not, there is no doubt you will fall in love with the many music festivals in Kitchener.

The three days KOI music festival is a great place to be, this happens every September with more than a hundred band playing to the pleasure of attendees like yourself, this, you do not want to miss. Then there is the Kultrun World Music Festival which takes place in July.

In addition, is the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Festival, which is by far the oldest cultural festival in Kitchener. It is a two days long festival showcasing good music, dances and food. Additionally, is the Oktoberfest and the biggest festival in Kitchener. All these festivals are sure to give you the experience of a life time and memories that will linger all through it.

#9. Feel Alive in Kitchener’s Theatres

The theatrical plays or musical symphony which makes Kitchener an interesting town of melodies and love will certainly excite you. There are theatres showcasing amazing plays and broadways musicals all around Kitchener, visiting one of these will ofcourse make your day.

The Centre in the Square, which is Kitchener’s biggest theatre and performing arts centre holds lots of amazing showcases for your viewing pleasure, it is home to the K-W Symphony and many Broadway shows.

Other venues includes the Registry Theatre where you can indulge yourself in very interesting less costly shows, the Lost and Found Theatre, the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre and the Community Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts.

To love music and performing arts, is to love Kitchener, it is good here as it is anywhere else in the world where the music and theatre shows are great. Therefore, be assured that Kitchener will indulge you to the fullest.

#10. Learn the History of Kitchener

you can all you need to know about the city of Kitchener at the Waterloo Region Museum. This museum houses historical facts and materials concerning the area more than 12,000 years of old. In addition, you can choose to visit historical sites.

Some of the historical sites in the area is the Homer Watson House and Gallery, the Joseph Schneider Haus, or the Woodside National Historic Site, built in 1853 Victorian era style, with beautiful gardens and lawns, but most importantly it is the childhood home of the former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.

#11. Take a Tour through a historical Cemetery

You will also find in Kitchener the Mount Hope Cemetery. A walk through this cemetery is a walk into the past, this is because, it is the oldest cemetery in Kitchener and therefore, is the final resting place of many notable historical personalities.

Additionally, there are monuments within the graveyard which goes as far back as the 1700s. Here, you will discover the final resting sites of interesting persons of history in politics, business and so on, and great outstanding leaders.

The Mount Hope Cemetery provides guided tours, three designated tours are provided to guide you around this historical graveyard, or you may choose to take a stroll all by yourself.

#12. Allow Kitchener’s Nature Speak to You

If you are by any chance a lover of nature, the nature at Kitchener in the reserved Huron Natural Area will surely intrigue you. This 107 hectare of natural wonders is truly breathtaking.

At the Huron Natural Area you can have so much fun and relaxation while engaging in a number of activities like photographing, taking a hike, or just simply taking in the natural scenery of the nature at Huron.

At the Huron Natural Area, you will bask in the euphoria of alluring streams, wetlands, forests and meadows, following through the hiking trails in the area will have the nature speak to you, you will also be thrilled when you take in the spectacular scenery at lookout locations across the vast nature at Huron.

#13. Have an Amazing Shopping Experience

A place where you can shop will never be a problem at Kitchener, this city boast of a good number of places where you can have good shopping for your money.

At downtown Kitchener you will discover lots of independent shops. However, if you feel like branding up with popular designers the place to go is the Fairview Park Mall.

The Fairview Park Mall houses important brands like Sears, Walmart, The Bay, including brands like; Banana Republic, American Eagle, Gap and Body shop amongst others, it is therefore, the largest mall in Kitchener.

To shop for more culturally oriented items, you should visit the Kitchener Market, here local artisans market their products, the market is opened every Wednesday and Saturday. Have fun shopping.

#14. Enjoy Life Games at the Adventure Rooms

Do you think you can be the next Houdini? or atleast be able to do some simple escapes Houdini style? then you must certainly pay a visit to the Adventure Rooms. There are lots of live games set up to enthrall you and get your blood pumping.

You fancy a game? the adventure room will give you one, it consist of four different rooms, where you are required to escape from within an hour by searching for keys, clues or codes to carry out your escape.

If you think you are not brave enough to do this yourself, you can team up with others in a team of seven, then play solo or compete against another group. You can already feel how interesting this is, why not give it a try?

#15. Visit the Oktoberfest Drinking Festival

If you are a lover of beer and you would love to experience to experience drinking like a German, Oktoberfest is where you need to go.

The festival which is of German heritage is the largest in the world outside of that which holds in Berlin. It is held every October for a period of nine days with over 700,000 people in attendance.

The aim of the festival is to drink as much beer as you possibly can, while engaging in other cultural activities and ultimately culminating in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is a fun time you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kitchener Located?

Kitchener is located in Saint Lawrence in Southwestern Ontario, about 100 km (62 mi) west of Toronto

How Can You Get to Kitchener?

  • Kitchener can be reached through the Grand River Transit
  • Through the Light Rail Transit System from Conestoga
  • Via Rail intercity passenger rail service available at Kitchener station.
  • By railway which runs through the CN/GO Guelph Subdivision east–west through the north to downtown Kitchener
  • By air; the closest airport to Kitchener is the Region of Waterloo International Airport in Breslau, about 12 km by road from downtown Kitchener.


Maximum fun and pleasure awaits you when you visit Kitchener, as there are lots of activities to keep you engage, places to see, culture to learn and beautiful nature to intrigue you. Kitchener in all its glory awaits you.