15 Unique Things to do in Longueuil – Activities and Attraction

Luckily, Longueuil is a lively city regarding activities and site attractions, owing to its commercial and industrial activities. Despite being a suburb, it has some urban features. Also, the fresh air and warm environment make it lovely.

Certainly, you will find enough things to do relating to attractions, leisure, and money-making activities in Longueuil. International Percussion Festival, where you listen to live music, cross country skiing, take a trip to a wildlife reserve, and lots more.

Longueuil is relatively peaceful, and the good roads connecting the city and its internal ones will make your trip stress-free within and nearby cities. Also, only some workers enjoy Longueuil. On the other hand, students, visitors, couples, and singles always have things to do day and night.

Where is Longueuil?

Longueuil is located on the Saint Lawrence River river bank directly across from Montreal in Quebec province of Canada.

Longueuil was founded in 1657 as a seigneurie. In 1848, it became a village, then a town in 1874, and a city in 1920.

The city is a three-in-one city because it serves residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. However, compared to Montreal, accommodation is cheaper, so people live in Longueuil and work in Montreal. So people shouldn’t be surprised when they refer to Longueuil as a commuter city.

Longueuil Population

Longueuil is the second largest suburb in Montreal, according to the 2016 census; Longueuil has a population of 239,700.

The population would have increased significantly by now; Longueuil is the fifth most populous city in Quebec.

Longueuil is predominantly a French-speaking city. This is evident from the statistics available. The population density of the city as of the last census is 2,002.0/km2 (5,185/sq mi)

Cities near Longueuil                                                  

Longueuil shares boundaries with different cities, making visiting Longueuil more interesting because you can easily explore nearby cities. Some of the top and closest cities to Longueuil are as follows.

  • LeMoyne
  • Laflèche
  • Old Longueuil
  • Springfield Park
  • Pointe-du-Marigot

How to get to Longueuil by Air and Road?    

It is easy to get to Longueuil by air because there are five (5) nearby airports to Longueuil. Montreal St. Hubert (YHU) airport is the closest. It takes about 11 minutes to get to Longueuil by road. Montreal (YUL) airport is about 35 minutes away from Longueuil, while the three others take from 2 hours and above.

However, RTM (Metropolitan Transportation Network) and other transportation networks by bus will be available at your service from Montreal to Longueuil. The price depends on the route in Montreal that you will be traveling to Longueuil.

Things to do in Longueuil

There are significant things to do in Longueuil though not all of them can be done. Find below 15 interesting things to do in Longueuil relating to attraction and leisure activities.

#1. A trip to Charron Island 

If you are a lover of vegetation and the natural environment, then Charron Island is the best place to visit in Longueuil.

The island sits on the Saint Lawrence River, close to the National Park (Îles-de-Boucherville) to the southeast of Montreal.

There in Charron Island you will find lovely beaches, greenery and different parks for relaxation. Moreover, the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge-Tunnel connects Charron Island to Montreal and the rest of the archipelago.

#2. A visit to Parc de la Cité

This park is one of the most popular and entertaining parks in Longueuil. It is located in Saint-Hubert borough.

This park has no dull moment because you will find fun things to do both in winter and summer. During summer, you can engage in go-cycling, rollerblading, or hiking while ice skating on the lake in winter.

The park hosts many events that make it entertaining throughout the year. Some events include concerts, picnics, Fête nationale, and cinema activities. A couple of single visitors or students will find Parc de la Cité an exciting and entertaining ambiance.

#3. Get your needs from Place Mall

It is rare to find only some of your needs in a place mall, except such conditions are sold in a specific area. Place mall is the largest mall in Longueuil in Rue Saint-Charles, the city’s commercial hub.

The mall has 148 shops selling commodities ranging from fast food, cosmetics, clothing, and others.

#4. Catch a glimpse of activities at Gault Nature Reserve

This reserve is located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire host city of McGill University. It is close to Longueuil. It protects the ancient forests and wildlife in the area. Also, ponds, beehives & nature trails can be found in reserve. It occupies about 1000 hectares of land.

The 25 km trail is suitable for hiking. Other activities are Bird watching, Snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

The hiking trails run from November to March During normal Eastern Time and April to November During Eastern Daylight Time. Although group events such as picnics or sporting activities aren’t allowed, it operates from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

#5. Check out the Montreal golf club

This golf is situated in Montreal, which you can easily access by taking a cab to Montreal from Longueuil.

If you are not into golf, playing in the beautiful environment of the amazing golf club will motivate you to watch the players play. It is among Canada’s oldest, most conducive, and most attractive golf clubs. It is an 18-hole course and was established in 1910.

Similarly, an 18 holes course golf club located in Sainte-Julie called La Vallée du Richelieu is also nearby Longueuil. Although the golf club is a famous one that has been in existence for 55 years, it has successfully hosted golf competitions.

They include Canadian Open, the Peter Jackson Classic, and the Montreal Championship. But, of course, the best is to have the physical experience of playing golf or watching people play in this club.

#6Take a stroll to Old Longueuil

It is usually excellent and educational when you have the historical background of a place like Old Longueuil.

A comprehensive toll of old Longueuli will enable you to see at least 450 historic buildings of old architectural designs.

Indeed you will agree that technology and creativity have existed for decades. However, we are only modernizing and optimizing.

Rue Saint-Charles is the primary street of Old Longueuil, with lots of commercial activities due to restaurants and boutiques.

The historic buildings in old Longueuli are the Gothic Revival church, the Co-Cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue, and the city hall.

#7. A visit to International Percussion Festival

If you are in Longueuil from June to August, include visiting the International Percussion Festival in your routine.

It is one of the most entertaining festivals in Longueuil. You will have the opportunity to listen to live music.

The cultural event show case life of musical and cultural displays from over 500 music artists within and outside Canada yearly.

International Percussion Festival holds for six days in July. It attracts close to 300,000 guests. The event gets more interesting each year with innovations, so endeavors to be part of the next.

#8. Explore Musée De La Femme

Musée De La Femme, the women’s museum, is located in Longueuil. This museum has fantastic galleries and artworks.

The artworks and galleries concern the uniqueness, impact, and struggle of women of virtues and substance.

Once in this museum, you will be guided and lectured to understand the women’s world comprehensively.

The museum’s interior and exterior speak volumes of women’s strength and uniqueness as homemakers.

#9. Stroll to the Bell Center

Historically, Bell Center was initially called Molson Centre, located in Montreal, Quebec province of Canada.

It is a multipurpose arena for Hockey, Basketball, Concerts, an Amphitheatre, etc., owned by Montreal Canadians (Molson family)

So while in Longueuil, board a car to Montreal to explore the down-to-earth activities in Bell Center.

#10. Check the nearby restaurants

Certainly, you will need to quench your thirst and hunger, especially after one or two activities. There are good nearby restaurants for fast food and sit-and-eat services in Longueuil.

Undoubtedly one out of the restaurants listed below will be close by and satisfy your desires for food and drinks.

  • L’Gros Lux,
  • La Piazetta,
  • Tim Hortons,
  • L’incredule Bistro,
  • La distillerie No.4,
  • McDonald’s,

#11. You won’t regret spending a night in Quartier Dix-30

Part of the things to do in Longueuil relating to site attractions is to try to spend a night in Quartier Dix-30 Hotel. It is an elegant and famous hotel in Quebec province with extra health safety and hygiene given topmost priority.

The hotel hosts about 100 stores you can access for your dining and nightlife activities, along with free Internet access.

You will find many entertainers displaying their diverse talent in a very ordinate ambiance, so the night is always fun. Your value for money is next to know in terms of leisure, comfort, feeding, etc., in Quartier Dix-30 Hotel.

#12. A visit to Parc Jean-Drapeau

This center is known for sporting and several sociocultural events in which singles, couples, and families will find fun.

While in the arena relaxing and revitalizing, other things to do in the form of activities are listed below:

  • Yoga and fitness exercise
  • Biking or cycling
  • A trail through the islands
  • Aquatic recreation
  • Aquazila
  • Picnics
  • Rock climbing

You will find more activities when you eventually visit Parc Jean-Drapeau.

#13. Check-in at Spa St. James

If you care for massage therapy, Couples retreat, and other aesthetics, then the best place is Spa St. James.

Services offered here are exclusive and worth the money, and the environment is lovely.

#14. Sandman Hotel Montreal-Longueuil

Sandman Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in the Quebec province of Canada.

Interestingly, in this hotel, you will discover The Underground City, an interconnecting pedestrian pathway.

It is under and across downtown Montreal, and the experience of trekking on the pathway is an amazing one that may not tire you.

#15. Longueuil Public Market

A visit to Longueuil Public Market will be necessary to include in your things to make Levi’s list.

The market is open all year round and well situated to be accessible to everyone. Hygiene and safety are Paramount in the market. It has many shops selling different commodities, from foods to cosmetics and clothing, at affordable rates. The shops are well equipped and furnished so you can go shopping in the market even at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Longueuli a cold city?

Longueuil is not an all-through cold city, May to August is usually warm and hot. On the other hand, December to February is generally freezing and not friendly.

Can I find up to 15 site Attractions in Longueuil?

It is possible to find more than that, but not all in Longueuil but in other nearby cities.


Conclusively, this article has made available 15 things to do in Longueuil without boredom relating to activities and site attractions.

You will find the places much more enjoyable when you eventually visit.

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