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Top 16 Unique Things to do in Maple Ridge – For Residents and Visitors

Based on different measures, Maple Ridge is truly one of the best Canadian cities to live, work, study or visit. There are many one-of-a-kind things to do in Maple Ridge regardless of your earnings, nationality or status in Canada. Such things include bowling, hiking & boating around Rolley Lake, and so much more.

If you love nature, the most interesting part is that the city offers a wide range of scenic nature areas. These are places of interest to people within and outside Canada. A visit to Maple Ridge will keep you busy with creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Therefore, this article will let you know about numerous things to add to your bucket list as you plan a visit to Maple Ridge.

Where is Maple Ridge?

Maple Ridge is located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is a city in the northeastern part of Greater Vancouver between Fraser River and the Golden Ears. Maple Ridge possesses a total area of 266.78 km2. The city is one of the oldest municipalities in British Columbia.

What is Maple Ridge population?

As of 2016, Canada’s census recorded that were up to 82,256 people living in the city of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The city’s population density at this time was 308.3 per square kilometre. Moreover, Statistics Canada estimated that Maple Ridge’s population in 2021 was 90,990.

Neighboring cities to Maple Ridge

Whenever you are in the city of Maple Ridge for work, study or for a visit, you may desire to explore any of its nearby cities within a short distance.

Some of these cities include Vancouver, Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Burnaby, Mission, Coquitlam, and Richmond. With a car speed of 80km/h, you can reach the heart of each of these cities in less than 30 minutes.

How to get to Maple Ridge by air and road

If you’re coming to Maple Ridge via an aircraft within Canada, you can consider booking a domestic flight to Pitt Meadows Regional Airport (ICAO: CYPK) due to its proximity to the city. For foreign flights, Abbotsford International Airport (ICAO: CYXX) is open for landing of aircraft from a country like US.

If you think road transit is the best way for you to reach the city, driving through Highway 7, Dewdney Trunk Road, or through the Golden Ears Bridge will get you to your destination.

Exciting things to do in Maple Ridge for varied persons and needs

Maple Ridge is an amazing city for people of diverse personalities and earnings. The following are some of the enjoyable things to do in Maple Ridge no matter if you’re single, a newly wed, married, tourist, working professional, student or new immigrant.

#1. Visit Golden Ears Provincial Park for a hike, run or kayak

Golden Ears Provincial Park offers one of the best trails for running and hiking alone or with your loved ones. You can also surprise your family with a picnic to the park. Indeed, nature lovers will have lot of things to do in Maple Ridge because of Golden Ears Provincial Park’s limitless range of adventures. These also include waterfalls with amazing point of view.

#2. Get your kids to learn about Canada’s history

If you want your kids to know more about the history of Canada while catching fun at the same time, take them to Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada. The site is educative to both children and adults. Interpreters are also available to assist in translating languages for better understanding.

#3. Swim, boat or picnic at Rolley Lake

Visiting Rolley Lake offers a worthwhile experience no matter your interests. Even though the weather is cold, buildings around the lake are often warm. Rolley Lake is nice for picnics, and many other leisure activities such as hiking, boating and swimming. You can visit with your partner to create more romantic moments.

#4. Go to Minnekhada Regional Park with your family for adventures

With a size of 200 hectares consisting of trails, small natural hills, abundant trees with birds, and wildlife, visiting Minnekhada Regional Park makes provision of many things to do in Maple Ridge. Taking photos at the park will be great without the need to adjust your background.

#5. Take part in axe throwing sport at WildPlay Maple Ridge

Anyone that accompanies you to visit WildPlay Maple Ridge will definitely leave happy. WildPlay creates possibilities for numerous entertaining things to do in Maple Ridge. Some of these include axe throwing, party areas, as well as some other outdoor adventures. WildPlay Maple Ridge is often crowded as it hosts a large number of people daily.

#6. Visit Malcolm Knapp Research Forest to watch wildlife

Regardless of the fact that Malcolm Knapp Research Forest closes at 4pm on weekdays, all of its visitors will be able to keep valuable memories watching a variety of wildlife. Its trail system features different colors such as red, blue, yellow and green. Besides, there are facilities for workout within its premise.

#7. Check out the model trains at Maple Ridge Museum & Community Archives

This museum is one of the interesting places to visit in Maple Ridge. It has displays about the history of Maple Ridge, as well as an array of model trains that you’d love to see.

#8. Plan a family picnic to Whonnock Lake

Whonnock Lake is a great place to take your kids and spouse to on weekends and festive seasons. It features a top-notch playground for kids, stunning spot for photographs, and a pavilion for several kinds of events. Even though visitors do not have access to certain areas of the lake, you and your family will still get enough fun from a visit.

#9. Play bowling with friends at Revs Maple Ridge

A way of relaxing from work in the city of Maple Ridge is to visit a bowling alley like Revs. Bowling is indeed fun when played with pals of similar interest. An high spot about Revs is that it charges a little amount for bowling.

#10. Visit Evans Peak for a challenging hiking to maintain fitness

If you’re struggling to keep fit, a visit to Evans Peak can be of help in shedding off some weight. While hiking, you’ll also enjoy the perfect views of its environs, including the mountain range.

#11. Experience a beautiful view of nature at Jerry Sulina Park

You’ll realize more amazing things to do in Maple Park by checking out Jerry Sulina Park for a scenic view or to walk your dog. Hiking and bike riding are also so much fun around the park.

#12. See Kanaka Creek Regional Park’s waterfall

Kanaka Creek Regional Park has a waterfall that requires about 1-hour hiking in reaching its location. This offers double fun to visitors as one of the amusing things to do in Maple Ridge.

#13. Walk around Cliff Falls with your kids and canine friend

Cliff Falls features nice trails for walking with dogs and children. It also has picnic tables for visitors coming with their family and friends.

#14. Get yourself a thrilling experience by swimming in Davidson’s Pool

As one of the unique things to do in Maple Ridge, Davidson’s Pool is ideal for children and adults. Adventurous persons will enjoy themselves pretty much at the pool. This is probably the reason why the pool is often in use with not enough space for incoming swimmers.

#15. Take your dog to Maple Ridge Dyke Dog Park for exercise

If you wish for your canine friend to experience some fun things, take it for exercise in an off leash dog area like this dog park. You’ll surely meet other dog owners at the park who want their dogs to walk or swim in the midst of other breeds.

#16. Take photographs with loved ones at Maple Ridge Park

Maple Ridge Park is a superb place for photographs with family, friends, work colleagues, etc. It features ample benches and picnic tables, green spaces, old trees, and trails for walking.

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Best times to visit Maple Ridge

Are you thinking of the most appropriate times to visit Maple Ridge in the year? If yes, consider visiting the city in any of its warm months, which starts around mid July and ends in mid August. The city usually have a muggy weather of 1% at these times.

You won’t feel much cold or discomfort due to weather if you take note of this factor while planning to visit Maple Ridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants offer the best foods in Maple Ridge?

  • Paliotti’s Italian Restaurant
  • Home Restaurant
  • Bobby Sox 50’s Diner
  • Big Feast Bistro
  • Sunflower Cafe
  • La Trattoria Restaurant
  • Chameleon Restaurant
  • Smile Thai Cuisine

What are the bars and nightclubs to visit for a drink in Maple Ridge?

  • Black Sheep Public House & Liquor Store
  • The Haney Public House
  • Breakaway Bar & Grill
  • The Wolf Bar
  • Breakaway Bar & GrillBilly Miner Ale House and Café
  • Witchcraft Beer Market and Bistro
  • Sammy J’s Grill & Bar
  • Ranch Pub & Grill
  • Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill

What are the free things to do in Maple Ridge?

  • Visit Bell-Irving Hatchery in Kanaka Creek Regional Park from 1pm to 3pm on weekends
  • Take your family to see the waters in Whonnock Lake
  • Plan a picnic with loved ones to Rolley Lake


It is without doubt that all kinds of fun are available in Maple Ridge. We hope that this article is resourceful to you in getting the most possible experiences and excitement as a new immigrant, working professional, student, visitor or couple in this city.

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