Top 7 Things to do in Medicine Hat – for Singles, Couples and Family

Whether you are a single, couple or family, there are always special things to do in Medicine Hat for you.

There are always interesting things to do in Medicine Hat – as single, couple or family. If you are looking for a special place to have fun, moving down here is exactly the best decision you can take.

For a long time, Medicine Hat has been a perfect place for natural assembly. From the local cultures dating thousands of years back to the friendly residents that keep it lively, the city has always been a place of attraction.

Probably, the geography, smoothly slanting valleys and merging waterways (protected by husky cottonwood trees) contributed to giving Medicine Hat the unique outlook.

Additionally, when it is time to break the routine and make a quick getaway from the city for a couple of hours, days or even nights, Medicine Hat is just the perfect picture for that.

With around 330 days of sunshine in a year, the city prides on a great food scene, a laid back small-town pace and attraction centres mixed with something for adrenaline seekers.

Looking for something to do on your special day, weekends or any other time you need to break the routine? Then, you should head to this fun city.

But there is more! Would you like to know stuff to do in this city that you may not enjoy elsewhere? Let us take you through a lot of them.

Where is Medicine Hat?

Founded in 1906 in the southeast of Alberta, Medicine Hat is a city that sits along the South Saskatchewan River. It is approximately 169 km east of Lethbridge and 295 km southeast of Calgary.

Further, Medicine Hat is derived from an ancient Blackfoot legend which is loosely translated as ‘Medicine man’s hat’. It is a bustling city that is steeped in local folklore. And so, it is one of the tourist destinations Canada can boast of.

Medicine Hat Population

Medicine Hat sits about 3 hours from Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway. Besides, it has a population of approximately 63,000 people. The dynamic city is full of culture, iconic natural environment and rich history.

Cities near Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat did not grow in the space. Hence, it has some surrounding cities and communities. They could somehow be considered part of the Medicine Hat area and they include the Town of Redcliff (towards the northwest boundary of the city), the hamlets of Desert Blume, Dunmore, Irvine, Seven Persons and Veinerville. Towards the southeast of the city, you will find Cypress City, which is a few km away.

How to get to Medicine Hat by Air and Road

The nearest airport to Medicine Hat in Medicine Hat (XYH). Nevertheless, you have other alternatives if you choose to.

They include driving from Calgary (YYC) to the city in about 3 hours. Likewise, various routes from surrounding areas can take you to and fro Medicine Hat.

Things to do in Medicine Hat

Although rich in cultural heritage, the city of Medicine Hat is surrounded by myths, which is a reason you should visit here. There are tons of fun stuff you can do in Medicine Hat. But you must be ready to explore and hang around people.

Moreover, the city is among the rare cities of Canada blessed with superb sunshine and clean air. Thus, it is a perfect place to escape the distractions of work.

Besides, this article carefully outlines all that you need to do in your next visit to Medicine Hat – as a single, couple or family.

#1 Enjoy Medicine Hat Exhibition Stampede

Just as the name, the place is Alberta’s oldest exhibition centre. It has been in existence since 1887. If fun is among the top things you plan to do here, then, the Medicine Hat Stampede is the best place to visit.

Whether you would love to amble through the crowd while sampling some local foods, cheering your preferred bull-rider, or hailing some midway riders, you cannot leave the stampede the way you came.

#2 Walk through Medicine Hat Teepee

Technically known as the Saamis Teepee, the Medicine Hat Teepee is the largest in the world. Besides, the 65.5 image sits unswervingly in the middle of the city. Without a doubt, it is one of the largest roadside attractions in Alberta.

It was initially constructed in 1988 and served for the Calgary Winter Olympics, which was a mark of respect to Canada’s local custom.

#3 Go for Golf Courses

There are great chances that you’ll show up in Medicine Hat on a sunny day. So, wouldn’t you prefer to chill out with friends and enjoy a round or two of golf? Medicine Hat has a few golf courses you can check out. Desert Blume, Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course, Paradise Valley Golf Course and a handful of others are some of the ones you should try out.

Since you may be visiting the Medicine Hat Teepee, you may make a stopover at Paradise Valley Golf Course to have fun. Enjoy the spectacular views and natural rivers that are the best part Medicine Hat golf course. Of course, October is usually the best month to play courses.

#4 Enjoy a Staycation deal in Medicine Hat

Are you longing for a break, probably, to escape from it all for a while so you can pamper yourself a little? You can book a staycation in Medicine Hat. You can make plans for yourself alone, you and your partner or the family as a whole.

Whatever the case, ensure that fun is the only thing you are after. You can take a dip in the pool, eat and relax with a staycation package deal and have someone else pamper you to your satisfaction. Shake off your usual routine and have some fun.

#5 Shop for discounts at a local Medicine Hat shop

It is one thing to make money and it is another thing to spend some on you. Going shopping gives you the feeling of entitlement to the money you worked for.

It’s cool if you feel like visiting all the shops in the city and picking some items from them. It’s also cool to visit one at a time.

Hence, you can move down to your favourite shop restaurant, breweries and coffee shops and immerse yourself with Medicine Hat’s hospitality as you shop. One more thing, pick a gift item for your loved ones too.

Sledge in Kin Coulee Park

Longing for a better outdoor activity with your lover or family? Kin Coulee has one of the best tobogganing hills in southern Alberta. It is equally has over 100 acres of space for you.

Likewise, know that it’s usually fun to spend the weekend or evening out with family and loved ones. The Kin Coulee Toboggan Hill is usually lighted from 4 pm to 10 pm daily.

Other places that offer maximum fun include Celebration Park in Southlands and South Ridge Community Park. Do not forget to go with your helmet, sledge and toque.

#6 Step into Medalta

If you have ever dreamt of visiting a working museum with contemporary ceramic arts facilities, art gallery and community hub in Medicine Hat, then, Medalta is your perfect description. In essence, coming here is one of the things to do in Medicine Hat.

The place is innovatively transformed into a vibrant area that gets everyone in the city looking forward to the weekend or special days.

Spend some time in the contemporary galleries of the museum or walk the factory floors and see the diverse creations from local, regional and international artists.

While it seems you are only having fun, the bigger picture is that you are holding the stories of the city’s industrial history.

Before you go, you can head to the gift shop to pick something that will hold the memory that you once stepped into a working museum.

What to do on Medicine Hat on Special Days

Special days don’t always come. That is why they are special days, anyway. It is more interesting when you choose to spend such days engaging in outdoor activities, with lovers, friends, family or even alone in a cosy environment. So, here are what you can do in Medicine Hat on your special day:

Organise a picnic at the Riverfront. You can head to the South Saskatchewan River to experience the river in its glory. Having a picnic with your family or your partner and getting to meet other people is fun and exciting.

See some live music. Precisely, the perfect things to do in Medicine Hat on special occasions is to see some live music and enjoy your eyes. The two major music venues in Medicine Hat are the Canalta Centre and the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre.

Likewise, you may choose to catch some bands at Inspire Cafe & Art Gallery, Local Public Eatery, Liquid Concert and Event Venue, The Silver Buckle, and other fascinating places.

You can equally head down to the city centre and walk around. On the second street, you can check out the mom-and-pop shops, nice restaurants, and artsy cafes.

Since the area has gone through a rebirth over the past decade, many of the fine-looking old buildings have been refurbished to their former glory.

What to do in Medicine Hat on a Weekend

Have you ever wondered what could happen if there are no weekends to keep us away from work and other schedules? Well, one thing is that people will break down because of over labouring the body. But how can one recoup the lost energy and deal with the stress?

Your weekend should offer you a new, fun and relaxing activity. It should be an opportunity to laze around and wander without doing something tangible. Here are ways to break the routine and quickly get out of town:

Downtown Medicine Hat is home to several galleries, of which 8 of them have come together to offer occasional Medicine Hat art walks.

As a result, you can stroll through the galleries, enjoy the creations, and get to know more about the history. You may also consider taking a self-guided walking tour through Medicine Hat to see the dazzling old homes and buildings around the city centre.

If you are a lover of festivals, everyone does, anyway, you may choose to enjoy your weekend attending some festivals within the city. Besides, Medicine Hat has historically hosted the Banff Mountain Film Festival every year.

This typically takes place each winter, and it is the ideal time to nestle up in a movie theatre and take in the best of new movies and documentaries – during the weekends, of course.

What to do in Medicine Hat today

What if you wish to make a quick getaway from work to quench the hunger or satisfy your craving? You may have to rush down to McBride’s Bakery to take a quick bite of doughnuts, peanut butter, cookies, bread, cakes, croissants or anything made locally for you.

On the other hand, you may think of something cool, soft and yummy to go down the throat. Then, Swirls offers the best Greek yoghurt, thick and rich too. So, if you have a sweet tooth, Swirls Ice Cream is a place to always make a stopover.

You may wish to catch a movie at the historic Monarch Theatre in the evening, holding hands with your lover over a bowl of popcorn. Interesting, isn’t it? The theatre shows movies a few nights a week, often at a discounted rate, of course. Equally, the Monarch often shows small indie flicks that you might not have heard of otherwise.

Best time to Visit Medicine Hat

Although the city is one of the places in Canada that enjoys almost an all-year-round sun, the middle months are preferably the best time to hit the road and head here. Between June 18 and September 30, you are good to go. Coming by this time always offers amazing things to do in Medicine Hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Medicine Hat?

Medicine Hat is located in Southeastern Alberta, on the TransCanada Highway.

How far is Medicine Hat from Saskatchewan?

The city is just 56 km west of Saskatchewan.

What is Medicine Hat best known for?

Historically, Medicine Hat is known for its large natural gas fields, being immortalized by Rudyard Kipling as having ‘all hell for a basement’. As a result of this, people also know the city as Gas City.


We could go on and on to reel out some fascinating things to do in Medicine Hat as a single, couple or family. But then, we know that we have been able to offer you something to spark up your interest. Would you like to share your experience with us? It will be very much appreciated.