20 Unique Things to do in Moncton – For Singles, Couples and Family

Moncton offers something unique for all ages with it’s rich cultural and artistic scenes. Let’s Dive in!

Moncton, is a terrific place to stop by on your way across the province or to experience the best of New Brunswick. It’s the kind of area where a day trip is ideal, with a plethora of the exciting things to do in Moncton strewn around the city.

This makes Moncton an excellent location for exploring the rest of the region, including the Bay of Fundy.

Moncton may not have the allure of larger Canadian cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, but it does have its own ambiance and history, making it an excellent destination to stop along the way.

Let us not forget! The locals are friendly, and it’s a great place to learn about the Acadians’ history in Canada. And, not to mention the never-ending selection of mouth-watering meals and delectable desserts they have to offer.

Where is Moncton?

Moncton is the largest city and one of New Brunswick’s most developed communities. It’s in the province’s southeast corner, about 25 miles from the Petitcodiac River, in a lush green environment surrounded by parks and forests. Moncton has been inhabited since the 1700s.

Interestingly, the city is a fun spot to visit and stay for a few days. Museums, the bell tower, gardens, galleries, and other areas of interest can all be found in the old city area.

Moncton Population

Moncton has grown to have a population of just over 79,508.

Cities Near Moncton

The closest cities and places to Moncton in New Brunswick, Canada are listed below in order of increasing distance:


Shediac is a Canadian town in New Brunswick’s Westmorland County. The town bills itself as the “Lobster Capital of the World” and holds an annual festival in July to celebrate its lobster fishing heritage; the town’s western entrance features the world’s largest lobster sculpture.


Sackville is a Canadian town in New Brunswick’s Westmorland County. The history of Sackville (and the Tantramar Region) may be divided into several periods, each reflecting different settlement patterns in the area.


Riverview is a town in New Brunswick, Canada, located in Albert County. The City sits on the Petitcodiac River’s south bank, across from the bigger cities of Moncton and Dieppe.

How to get to Moncton by Air and Road?

Moncton is a prominent highway crossroads that offers a variety of travel options from Nova Scotia to Moncton.

If you are driving from Sackville to Moncton, Canada, is approximately 34 miles or 55 kilometers.

Currently, Three Airlines flies in and out of Moncton Airport: Air Canada Express, Canadian North, and WestJet Encore.

Maritimebus runs a bus from Sackville, New Brunswick to Moncton once a day. The travel takes 45 minutes and tickets range from $12 to $16. Alternatively, VIA Rail runs a train twice a week from Sackville to Moncton.

Things to do in Moncton 

Whether you are visiting the Moncton as Singles, Couples and Family, there are plenty of great activities in the area from watching the world’s highest tides to fantastic summer festivals. Moncton offers something unique for all ages with it’s rich cultural and artistic scenes. Here is our bucket list of top 20 things to do in Moncton.

#1. Acadian Museum

Do you want to learn more about the Acadians’ history? This museum showcases the life, history, culture, and art of the Acadians of Canada through its wonderfully laid-out exhibits. Don’t forget to pick up a gift at the museum’s shop.

#2.Magic Mountain

This exciting waterpark is Canada’s largest man-made tourist attraction. It is one of the top things to do in Moncton, including pools, body slides, dry adventures, and a variety of entertaining attractions for kids.

#3. Magnetic Hill 

Because of an optical illusion that makes it appear as if goods are moving uphill while they are actually rolling downwards, this strange slope is known as Magnetic Hill. In New Brunswick, it is a must-see attraction.

#4. New Brunswick Casino

In Moncton, there is a magnificent entertainment resort. It has a casino with a variety of fun gaming tables and slot machines, as well as a live poker room. The hotel’s 128 luxurious rooms, three restaurants, and a high-end spa guarantee great eating and leisure.

#5. Resurgo Place

Moncton Museum is housed in Resurgo Place, a 31,000 square foot structure. There are other galleries, an education center, and an interactive transportation show. It’s a great spot for both kids and adults to have a good time.

#6. Bay of Fundy Tidal Bore

Moncton is a great place to watch the tidal bore in the Bay of Fundy. It offers a riverfront walking and cycling trail where visitors may see the tidal bore roll up from the Petitcodiac River.

#7. Centennial Park

In the summer, Centennial Park offers a variety of entertaining events. Adventure seekers can enjoy hiking and riding trails. Picnic places and splash parks are particularly popular with families. Winter also offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities.

#8. Moncton Market 

Fresh vegetables from local farmers, as well as delectable meals and pastries from aspiring chefs, are available at this bustling city market. Purchases of handcrafted goods and home décor are also available to the general public.

#9. Moncton Mural Tour

Get in here, street art aficionados. Grab a map and embark on a Moncton self-guided Art Murals Tour. Explore and admire over 51 murals painted on buildings throughout town by local and international artists.

#10. Attend a performance at the Capitol Theatre

An amazing theatre with fantastic architecture and acoustics. You may be guaranteed of a good time if you get tickets to see a play or an acoustic gig by one of the excellent local artists.

#11. Magnetic Hill Zoo

This 40-acre conservatory zoo, located in the Magnetic Hill area, is a popular tourist attraction. It is Atlantic Canada’s largest zoo, with approximately 400 animals. Learn about nature and be motivated to save the environment.

#12. Moncton Gallery in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Immerse yourself in the brilliant works of local artists. This gallery is a small, intimate venue that features a changing collection of original works by local and regional artists.

#13. Magnetic Hill Winery

The Magnetic Hill Winery offers an authentic roots experience. While you’re there, sample some well prepared wines and learn about the winery’s history. The store also sells bottles of wine, cheese, and crackers for an afternoon picnic.

#14. Mystery Moncton

This attraction is a fantastic group activity. It includes a live escape room entertainment experience, in which participants are trapped in a room until they discover clues and solve riddles that will allow them to escape.

#15. Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

This indoor trampoline park provides a fun, engaging sport that will leave you feeling energized. Prepare to dodge, jump, flip, bounce, laugh, and sweat as you dodge, jump, flip, bounce, laugh, and sweat. This area is ideal for all family members.

#16. Magnetic Wharf Village 

The Magnetic Wharf Village is a beautiful family attraction in the heart of New Brunswick, with a laid-back, whimsical air. Enjoy a few hours of shopping, delectable meals, and delectable treats. The nachos are to die for!

#17.The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk, a prominent tourist destination in Moncton, provides a lot of fun for the whole family. Enjoy your time on the go-karts or at the driving ranges, batting cages, and mini-golf course.

#18. Butterfly World

Butterfly World, Moncton’s lush indoor garden, is located within The Boardwalk. Flowers blossom all year round here. Hundreds of free-flying butterflies attract visitors from all over the world. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

#19. Les Gourmandes 

Cheese is the reason why foodies flock to this Maritime hotspot in Moncton. Les Gourmandes has earned an unblemished name by offering a wide range of distinctive raw cheeses made by local cheesemakers.

#20. Try Some Local Brews

Moncton has a plethora of friendly brewpubs where you can unwind with a nice beer at the end of the day. Pump House, which also serves wonderful comfort cuisine, is a must-visit. Tide & Boar and Tire Shack are also must-sees.

What to do in Moncton On Special Days?

Thinking of night outs with your spouse. Or you’re looking for things to do in Moncton with your kids this weekend! You’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s walk you through some exciting things.

What to do on a weekend?

Moncton is a Canadian city where you may spend your weekends having fun. Take a look at the following checklist:

The Moncton Market and the Dieppe Market are both open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and both provide wonderful local food selections.

Many smaller communities, like Salisbury’s growing market/antique scene and the Little Red Rooster Cafe at the Green Pig Country Market, as well as Hillsborough’s Old Church Farmer’s Market, feature marketplaces and fantastic hidden eating delights.

A stroll down St. George Street will reward your taste senses with Halo Donuts, Lost and Found Ice Cream, and perhaps a Taco in a Bag from Notre Dame de Parkton or anything from Dolma. You’re also within walking distance of Co Pain Artisan Bread Company and a plethora of fantastic restaurants!

The Arches of St. George host pop-ups with some of the coolest designers in town on a regular basis. There will be treats, vintage discoveries, jewelry, and much more! Visit Apple Art Gallery and two pépins, their new shop.

Things to do in Moncton Today?

Perhaps you’re bored today, or you’re unsure where you should take your lady. You’ll barely have time to pull your wallet out of your backpack with these fantastic places:

  • Bay of Fundy Tidal Bore
  • Hopewell Rocks
  • Magnetic Hill
  • Magnetic Hill Zoo
  • Parlee Beach Provincial Park
  • Bouctouche
  • Sackville
  • Cape Enrage

Best Times to Visit Moncton

So, the best times to visit Moncton are April to June. Moncton’s highest temperature was 82.4°F in June, August, and September. In February, the lowest temperature in Moncton was -5.8°F. The month of August is perfect for swimming. While the weather is pleasant from June to September.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moncton worth visiting?

What are your thoughts? Moncton is a great place to take your family or friends for a fun getaway, thanks to its historic magnetic hill and natural park. If you get the opportunity to visit Moncton, make a list of all the best sites to see and explore.

What is Moncton NB known for?

Moncton, one of New Brunswick’s main cities, is located near the mouth of the Petitcodiac River, where it flows into the Bay of Fundy. Moncton has a vibrant French cultural scene, and its Francophone university has established it as a global hub for celebrating the Acadian diaspora’s culture.

What is Moncton’s Population?

Moncton has grown to have a population of just over 79,508.


In conclusion, we compiled a list of fun things to do in Moncton. Couples, solitary travelers, and families with kids will enjoy these places. We have a hunch that if you include this places in your checklist, you will be thrilled you did so.