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Top 15 Things to do in Norfolk County – for Residents and Visitors

Whether you live in Norfolk County or you are a visitor, there are always amazing things to do at all times. Norfolk County is alive with activities all year round. Mostly, live theatre and indigenous carnivals enliven and make the towns and villages colourful.

From tree climbing to visiting wineries to exploring superb gardens to doing a multitude of activities, Norfolk County is a great place to have fun.

In this article, we have not just listed things to do in Norfolk County, we explained things to do at particular times, how to get to Norfolk county and the best time to visit the city. So, dive in as we take you through this journey.

Where is Norfolk County?

Norfolk County is one of the rural single-tier municipalities in Canada. Besides, it sits on the shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario. Although its name bears ‘county’, it is no longer one by definition as all municipal services in Canada are handled by a single level of government.

What is the population of Norfolk County?

The 2016 census in Canada pegged the population of Norfolk County at 64,044.

What are the cities near Norfolk County?

The closest cities in Norfolk County in order of distance include Delhi, Simcoe, Port Dover and Waterford.

How to get to Norfolk County by Air and Road

There are different ways to get to Norfolk County. With a personal vehicle, you can easily get here at your own time and pace.

However, Ride Norfolk offers regular Monday to Friday services between Brantford and Norfolk County. Additionally, if you have a motorcycle or bike, you can easily make your way to the city through Ontario’s South Coast.

More so, the city is well-connected with a trail system that can allow you to use a bicycle to navigate the city. For that reason, you can follow the Lake Erie cycling route between Windsor and Fort Erie.

In the same way, if you are coming by air, there are different airports you can follow, depending on the one closest to you. Hamilton International Airport, London International Airport, Waterloo International Airport, Toronto International Airport and Buffalo Niagara International Airport, all have their routes to Norfolk County.

Things to do in Norfolk County

There are several things to do in Norfolk County by residents and visitors alike. Weekends, special days and other occasions are all lit and colourful for your if fun is the only thing you are after.

Thus, you can visit the museums, parks and historic sites in Norfolk County. Discover fun activities on the water, including kayaking, swimming, boating and waterskiing.

If you have kids, summer is usually the best time to take them on outdoor activities and let them have fun. Further, with friends or your partner, you can tour numerous shots and retail outlets in the city and pick one or two items.

Below are the many interesting activities and places of fun you can decide to go to. Ensure to enjoy yourself and make friends as well.

#1. Turkey Point Provincial Park

The park is one of the best places that are perfectly located near strategic places like wineries, restaurants and a port. It is also identified with a golf course. Besides, Turkey Point Provincial Park has car campsites, three serene trails that cut across forests. Most importantly, it is the site for the Turkey Mountain Bike Club. Don’t forget to grab a cone of ice cream before leaving.

#2. Burning Kiln Winery

This used to be a tobacco park barn before it became a scenic winery. It faces the Long Point Bay World Biosphere Reserve and offers an excellent environment where one can taste some wine amid friends and laughter.

#3. Big Creek National Wildlife Area

If it is not wildlife, it is not Big Creek. Here, you will find birds, turtles, insects, amphibians, and many more animals that reside in wetland habitats. More remarkably, around 100,000 waterfowl, in the spring and fall, visit during their annual migration. Similarly, you can visit the viewing towers of the creeks and savour the beauty of wildlife with your eyes.

#4. Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery

Precisely, this is one of the most outlandish places in Norfolk County and offers the best getaway from stress and distractions. Coming here is like finding yourself in a field of lavender and enjoying a glass of wine or cider, while your eyes rove the estate in admiration. Equally, the estate used to be a tobacco farm before it was refurbished into a farm for different crops like lavender, grapes and grains.

#5. Waterford Antique Market

The market is a hub for a variety of historic items, from furniture to china to glassware, pottery, vinyl, textiles and gadgets. The market is unique and stands out from other antique markets in the country. Moreover, you can never come here without coming again.

#6. Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm

Technically, this farm is great for wine and premium craft beer lovers. It is best visited on a cool evening or weekend when you want to be alone and reflect on your life. However, you may still visit with friends and have some cup of laughter, together with the drinks. More to the point, you will enjoy the winery better with a plate of chips on the side of a Dakota Pearl Ale, Country Pilsner, or Country Lager.

#7. Whistling Garden

The Whistling Garden is an award-winning botanical garden that is owned by a private individual. Additionally, it cuts across 20 acres, with over 2,300 species, cultivars and hybrids of flowers, which make it one of the largest you have ever seen.

What is more, with 1,200 peonies, it can be said to be the largest public in North America. Unbelievably, there is a display of over 100 jets which are choreographed to music composed by the owner of the garden.

#8. Port Dover Harbour Museum

The aim of the museum is primarily to preserve the history of Port Dover and its great fishing heritage in Norfolk County. As such, visitors are offered the opportunity to make fresh memories from several exhibits. Notable among the exhibits include the history of Ivey’s Greenhouses, Celebrating 100 Seasons of the Abor as well as salvages of the 1852 Atlantic shipwreck.

#9. Long Point Tours

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Long Point is the world’s largest freshwater sand-spit. It contains many varieties of endangered species and is one of the protected water in the country. Undoubtedly, you can go snorkelling in this water.

However, it is a perfect place for a tour where you will learn various about marine life. You will explore the UNESCO world reserve on fishing, photography and boat tours.

Further, Long Point Provincial Park is the fourth oldest provincial park in Ontario. It is characterized by its long one-and-a-half km sandy coastline hugging Lake Erie.

#10. Tree Climbing Canada

Tree climbing may seem old-fashioned but not when you are amid your family and friends. Remarkably, Tree Climbing Canada tries to twist the adventure into something modern and irresistible.

This activity gets kids, youths, adults, singles, couples and families off the ground and straight into the canopy using saddles and arborist ropes. You can mostly go there during the weekdays and on Saturdays.

Although Saturdays are mostly open Sundays are usually closed for business. They also offer courses on tree climbing

#11. Winter Sunset on the Beach

Winter is a unique season that rarely allows the sun to blush. Therefore, when you get the chance to see the sun, it should be a sort of celebration. It’s more stimulating to get to see the sunset on the beach.

To enjoy an amazing evening, you can have a walk, bring some warm locally made cider from the Cider Keg and soak up the vista. Port Dover or Turkey Point is a perfect place for this solo amusement. Don’t forget to come along with some chairs and blankets. Meanwhile, nothing beats watching the setting of the sun on a quiet evening.

#12. Polar Bear Plunge on a New Year’s Day

This is not a game for the faint-hearted. The Polar Bear Plunge, which takes place in Port Dover, offers the craziest way to begin the year. Technically, this takes place in Lake Erie and offers a refreshing start. In general, this fun is open to all and capable of raising one’s heart rate.

#13. Snowga

Yea, that’s simply yoga plus snow. You can actually practice yoga in the snow. Just get up at your favourite spot and keep moving, stretching and breathing. Again, you can book a private session with a professional to boost your skills.

#14. Sledding

This is equally another exhilarating way of enjoying the winter. As the snow quietly approaches, you should dig out your sled and take your family to have some winter fun with you. Again, just move down to Simcoe or Waterford to play outside.

#15. Blueberry Hill Estates

You can make a stopover at the Blueberry Hill Estates; it operates a farmhouse in the summer months. Stopping over to buy your favourite items or picking some berries can be a way to round off your day. Jams and jellies, salsas and relishes, hard cider and grape wine as well as fruits and pickled vegetables, are all offered to you at a discounted rate.

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What to do in Norfolk County on special days?

There are lots of things to do in Norfolk on your special days. Here are some simple ideas:

Have a Crepe Day

Moving down Port Dover, you will find the Food Network with samples of food, of course.

Long Point Eco-Adventure

This is a unique outdoor event that is not found just anywhere. It offers eco-friendly adventures and vacations that help you to develop new skills and have exciting moments with your friends.

Visit the Arbor for a foot-long hot dog

Since 1919, the Arbor has been saving lives through their Ritz Red Hots (foot-long hot dogs) with fresh fruit drinks to make the journey down the throat easier.

Conversely, you may choose to let it go down with your preferred ice cream. What’s more, you can’t resist this place once you are in Norfolk County, whether as a resident or visitor.

Check out a production at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre

The Lighthouse Festival Theatre offers something for everyone. Here, you can chill out with your friends or family to enjoy a laugh from one of their comedy shows.

What to do in Norfolk County on a weekend?

Weekends are days we use to unwind from the many activities that kept us occupied all week long. Are you a resident of Norfolk County or you are trying to make a stopover, the following are the best bets for you this weekend:

Visit Andy’s Drive-In

Established in the ‘50s, this Drive-In offers you an out-of-the-ordinary experience, right from the moment you arrive. From the calm atmosphere to the ambience of the environment, all you will encounter are fun and relaxation.

Twin Ice Cream Parlour

Located on Bay Street, Port Rowan, this parlour only releases an irresistible aroma into the air. With over 40 flavours of ice cream and yoghurts, you will find it hard to make a choice.

Stroll along Norfolk Waterfront Trail

Norfolk’s coastlines are scattered with Provincial Parks, conservation areas, three public beaches and marshes that give it that naturalist’s heaven outlook. You wouldn’t want to miss this place this weekend, we are sure.

Things to do on Norfolk County today

You and your family may be making plans on how to make the best of Norfolk County this weekend, but do not understand the best way to do so. From zip-lining through the canopy of Carolinian forest, to stargazing at Long Point Observatory, to kayaking down Big Creek into Long Point Biosphere, you will never find your day boring in Norfolk County. Here are the best bets for you today in Norfolk County:

  • Get something fresh from the multiple award-winning wineries, the Burning Kiln Winery
  • Head to the Catherwood and the Kiln for your mouth-watery pizza
  • If you love birds, visit the Long Point Bird Observatory.

Best times to visit Norfolk County

If you want to enjoy your stay in Norfolk County, try to visit in spring. The climate is milder, although there are some days you will experience a mix of cooler and wet weather. This period is also the best time for lavender plant bloom. If you love fresh farm produce, early fall will be the best time to visit. For warm-weather activities, late June to early September is the best time to enjoy the city as a tourist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norfolk County known for?

In Norfolk County, you will get to enjoy various vegetables like asparagus, sweet corn, sweet potato, strawberries, and more. If you are a tourist, the best tourist attractions are the ports, towns and villages along Lake Erie or Ontario South Coast.

What towns are near Long Point?

Port Rowan, Turkey Point and Port Dover are some of the towns along the Bay’s north shore, where Long Point lies.

What are the best activities that Norfolk is known for?

Precisely, there are several activities you can enjoy in Norfolk which are exclusive to the city and some of them include bird watching, zip-lining, canopy tour, tree climbing, among others.


Conclusively, we can say that it is better to visit Norfolk County than to imagine the sweetness that drips from it. And so, we urge you to make a move today.

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