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Are there many things to do in Trois-Rivieres? This is the Cultural City hub of the Quebec Province. Trois-Rivieres is the second oldest industrial city in Canada. This beautiful town is found in the administrative city of Quebec in Canada. Etymologically, the name ” Trois-Rivieres” means three Rivers. It is named for three rivers as it has three mouths along the St. Lawrence River.

People visit Trois-Rivieres to experience beautiful festivals, stunning rivers, iconic buildings and other entertainment.

The second oldest city in Quebec, Trois-Rivieres sits at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and St. Maurice Rivers.

However, the Modern day’s Trois-Rivieres is quite a large city for the local standards, and it is a home to more than 135 thousand people.

It is also an industrial city with a few small and medium factories producing varieties of products such as paper, iron, parts for Ships and Machinery, Chemicals to mention but few. There are a few landmarks in the city, including a few old local monuments and parks.

Where is Trois-Rivieres?

Trois-Rivieres is a city with a small Population located in Quebec Province of Canada, in the Region of North America.

The settlement was established in 6th Century by French Settlers who discovered the town near the rivers through which the name of the town was coined

Actually, the area has been settled for over a thousand years by some groups of the location populations.

Trois-Rivieres is a city with multiple Activities and attractions. One who searches for things to do in Trois-Rivieres will have a lot to experience.

It is a low-key area that is extremely picturesque. There are over 50 buildings in the old city that date back to as far as 1650.

Cities near Trois-Rivieres

Trois-Rivieres is surrounded by some cities, towns and places which includes the following:

  • Saint Gregoire
  • Nicolet and
  • Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel

The closest major cities include:

  • Quebec
  • Montreal Ottawa and
  • Boston

Trois-Rivieres population

In 2022, the  population of Trois-Rivieres was 140,420.

How to get to Trois- Rivieres by Air and Road?

There are up to seven ways to get to Trois-Rivieres from Winnipeg or any other Close city. These include: Plane, bus, train or car.

To see step by step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel time, you can download ‘Rome2rio’s travel planners’

Things to do in Trois-Rivieres

Trois-Rivieres is a city with multiple Activities and attractions. One who thinks of things to do in Trois-Rivieres will have a lot to experience.

However, the following things to do in Trois-Rivieres includes the following:

1#. Visit an Island (Saint-Quentin Island)

This Island is located at the confluence of Saint-Maurice and Saint Lawrence Rivers. This Island has a lot to offer when you visit it and spend the day at the beach.

You can go cycling or hiking along one of its trails. It also has a park and a Marina.

Some people prefer to stay overnight on this Island because it has camping Facilities. Saint Quentin Island also hosts numerous annual festivals.

2#. Explore a biosphere reserve(Lac-Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve)

This Reserve sits across the Saint Lawrence River and it is recognized by UNESCO.

Particularly, the Lac-Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve is known for its heron nesting, and could boast of being the largest nesting ground in the Globe.

More than 5000 beautiful birds of different species are available in the reserve.

Lac-Saint-pierre Biosphere Reserve is home to 27 species of scarce plants and79 species of fish.

As a matter of fact, up to 90 percent of the area has been completely untouched, it is a must visit reserve for nature lovers.

3#. Bar hop(Rue Des Forges, Trois Rivières)

This is the main drinking strip in Trois Rivieres. While you think of things to do in Trois-Rivieres, you can walk along the strip and bar hup, going from one bar to the next.

Rue des Forges runs from the Saint Lawrence River to Rue Bellefeuille

There are many other bars around the city that are fun along Boulevard Des Forges to be precise.

4#. Go bowling(Salon de Quilles Quillorama)

Another interesting thing to do in Trois-Rivieres is to go bowling.

Salon de Quilles Quillorama has been an interesting bowling alley since 1959. You can head to the bowling alley and experience a bowling game.

The bowling alley is open 7 days a week and has moonlight hours on the weekends.

Cold beer on tap and snacks are sold at the snack bar, and there is a small shop where you can pick up all of the bowling gear that you want. In addition, there are shoe rentals available.

5#. Snap photos on a bridge(Laviolette Bridge)

Laviolette Bridge is among the cuties’ landmarks. This bridge connects Trois-Rivieres to Becancour on the south of the river.

This is the only bridge that crosses the river between Montreal and Quebec City. It is an impressive structure with a pleasant design.

The bridge spans for a total of 2,707 meters and has 34 pillars. You can Snap photos of this bridge at any time.

6#. Shop (Centre Commercial Les Rivières)

In the City of Trois-Rivieres, there are also a couple of large scale shopping malls. Center Commercial Les Rivieres downtown core has been a pedestrian mall filled with boutiques.

This is the largest mall in the city, boasting around 150 boutiques, food counters and services.

Recognized brands like RW & CO, Sketchers and Yves Rocher can be found, as Canadian brand shops.

There exists also Les Galeries du Cap, which is on the north side of Saint-Maurice Rivers. It is a friendly mall with cheaper shops like Dollarama and Walmart.

7#. Watch a race( Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières)

Are you a car racing game? The three days racing event features a number of races that run along the Circuit  Trois-Rivieres.

Additionally, it features other thrilling events as well such as an unforgettable fire show, a timing show and a chance to get up close to the cars in the race.

However, Races that take place throughout the event include rallycross races, super quads, motocross and of course NASCAR races.

8#. Visit the birthplace of the Iron industry (Forges Du Saint- Maurice)

Another interesting event as you think of things to do in Trois-Rivieres is to visit Forges Du Saint Maurice just to the North of the City.

It is the birthplace of Canada’s iron industry and was created on 25 March, 1730.

However, it is one of Canada’s National Historic Sites.

The forge employed about 100 artisans from Burgundy, as well as 300 to 400 laborers.

Pots, stoves and pans were some of the first iron products to be made here. It is a good place to spend an afternoon

9#. Look at art (Galerie d’art du Parc)

Galerie d’art du Parc is a gallery and an exhibition center that is housed in the Manoir de Tonnancour

The manor itself is a heritage and historical building that dates back to 1725.

It displays work by regional, National.and International artists.

Predominantly, Galerie d’art du Parc displays modern art, hosting a number of exhibitions every year

It offers creative workshops for all ages and has helped many local artists to be famous.

10#. See Quebec’s Unique Culture (Quebec Museum of Folk Culture)

You can visit and see the Museum of Folk Culture in Quebec.

It features different exhibitions that exposes the  Unique Culture of Quebec Province

Over 60,000 donated items are in the Museum collection. With this, the collection displays artifacts from all ages of history.

Temporarily, the Museum also hosts some exhibitions, which in support of others, showcases the beautiful culture of the Province.

Best times to visit Trois-Rivieres

The best time to visit Trois-Rivieres, Canada for Weather, Safety and Tourism is between May 14th and October 7th. This is based on average temperatures and humidity from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is Trois-Rivières worth visiting?

Yes, the City has a rich history and shows off its storied past and therefore it is worth visiting.

A stroll through the city’s historic district is all it takes to appreciate its appeal and beauty. Admire the architecture and monuments, and stop along the way to read the panels that relate its history.

What is Trois-Rivieres known for?

Trois-Rivieres is Canada’s oldest industrial city, with its first foundry established in 1738. The forge produced iron and cast for 150 years, much of it being shipped to France to be used in French navy ships. It is rich in Culture and History.

What rivers are at Three Rivers?

The city is named for its proximity to three rivers, The city’s name, which is French for ‘three rivers’ is named for the fact the Saint-Maurice River has three branches at the Saint Lawrence River, it is divided by two islands in the river.

What is there to do in Trois-Rivieres on Winter?

Many things are there to do in Trois-Rivieres during the Winter season such as snowshoeing with a Storyteller or Trapper, Snowshoeing at night by Headlamp, Skating by Torchlight etc.


In Conclusion, Trois-Rivieres is a nice environment for visitors and residents. Experience the rich culture and explore the nature of the City. Additionally, this article is a guide on things to do in Trois-Rivieres as you enjoy your stay. You are welcome.