Top 15 Unique Things to do in Whitby – For Singles, Couples, and Family

let’s explore the unique things you can do in Whitby today!

Ontario is the most popular and most visited province in Canada. Its cities and towns have helped to achieve this feat over the year. They are the friendliest, most beautiful, filled with the most opportunities and fun activities to do.

Whitby is one of those towns that make Ontario special. Located about 50 kilometres away from Toronto, the town has incorporated the urban lifestyle enough to make it a fun place.

Talk of history, culture, nature, fashion and entertainment, Whitby has it all. Sit back and discover some of the unique things you can do in Whitby today.

But before then, let’s explore this town called Whitby a little…

Where is Whitby?

Whitby is a large and urban town located in the centre of Durham Region in Southeastern Ontario. It serves as the headquarters of the Durham Region and sits just north of Lake Ontario.

Whitby borders Ajax to the west, Oshawa to the east, and Scugog to the north. On the south side lies Lake Ontario in all of its glory and is one of the attractive things about Whitby.

Noticeably, Whitby seems divided into two distinct regions according to the resident’s lifestyle. The south side of Whitby is the most urban and most populated. Going northwards, the town becomes less urban and more rural, featuring communities like Ashburn, Brooklin, and Myrtle.

Since Whitby belongs to the Durham Region, it is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Whitby Population

Whitby is known for its rapid population growth. Based on the 2022 population census, there are 111,184 people residing in Whitby. The town is one of the most populated in Canada, ranking number 42 on the population list. It has a population density of about 850 persons per square kilometres (about two persons per square mile).

Cities Near Whitby

  • Oshawa
  • Pickering
  • Scarborough
  • Markham
  • Richmond Hill
  • Toronto
  • Vaughan
  • Millbrook
  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Hamilton

These cities have been arranged in their order of relative closeness to Whitby (from the closest to the farthest).

How to Get to Whitby by Air and Road?

To get to Whitby from Ontario, you can drive yourself, board a taxi, a bus, or train. Public transportation like a bus or taxi would take you about 45 minutes. Boarding a train from Ontario would take you to Whitby in 53 minutes.

Since Ontario is very close to Whitby, you can fly from long distances into Ontario before commuting the 48-kilometre distance to Whitby by road.

Things to Do in Whitby

Now that we have unravelled a few things about Whitby, let’s explore 15 unique things you can do in the town.

#1. Experience the Waterfront

As we have already mentioned, one of the things that makes Whitby special is because it borders Lake Ontario. Canada is a country known for its many lakes, but Lake Ontario is a lake of a different kind. It is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, and Whitby is opportune to have a tiny part of the lake as boundary.

On the south side of Whitby, there are several attractions that exist only because Lake Ontario is there. There is the Whitby Harbour and Port Whitby Marina amidst several other lakeside activities that occur all year round in the area.

Visiting Port Whitby Marina offers you the opportunity to observe the lake’s waterfront from a very close range. From this point, you can take a sailing excursion further down the blue lake, walk trails down the lakeside, have picnics, fish, or even take a sailing or boating class.

#2. Visit the Farmers’ Market

A visit to any Canadian town is not complete without exploring its Farmers’ Market. These markets are centres for locals to sell locally grown foods and buyers to access fresh foods and fruits.

The Whitby Farmers’ market is no exception. It runs every Wednesday between May and October at the Old Fire Hall. Harvest is plump at this time of the year, and goods are fresh.

If you also want to experience firsthand interaction with the locals, the market is an excellent place to start. They are always so eager to interact with buyers, especially visitors interested in their goods and how they are grown.

Goods for sale at the Farmers’ Market range from fresh fruits and vegetables to baked treats, freshly made juices and salads. Aside from food, you will also find arts and crafts and several other items that fit as souvenirs to take home.

#3. Commune with Nature at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Lynde Shore Conservation Area is the best place to experience Whitby’s unique water species. The flagship animals here are the migrating waterfowl and shorebirds, who have learned to live freely despite the number of visitors that daily visit the conservation area.

But there is more to this conservation area than these birds. You can never know how much natural bliss you will experience until you explore. You could hike any of the trails available in the park and let your soul absorb the serenity of the environment. This area also makes a great place to wind down or picnic with friends and family.

#4. Explore the City – But not the South Side

Away from the hustle and bustle in south side Whitby, you can explore downtown Whitby up to the north side to feel the more quiet, cultural, and rural life.

Downtown Whitby is a peaceful place to be, having almost a village feel. Going further north even exposes you to more cultural sides of the town. You will find historical buildings that are still standing, antique shops to buy lovely things from, boutiques, and restaurants that open till late in the night.

#5. Enjoy Beautiful Artworks at Station Gallery

Station Gallery is Whitby’s community visual arts centre. The gallery features permanent collections of over 300, many of which are gifted to the gallery by artists and art organizations. Artworks at the Station gallery include paintings, sculptures, lithographs, and printed works.

The gallery has also been host to many special exhibitions, live music shows, art talks and conferences. If you are much time to spare, you could also sign up for an art class.

#6. Plunge in a Splash Pad

Splash pads are a common thing in Whitby during summer. There are up to 15 of them, which open daily between June and September from 9 am to 9 pm. These splash pads are usually located within parks. You can get a double deal of cooling up in a splash pad and enjoy doing other meaningful things within the park-like setting up a picnic, walking trails, or flying a kite.

Some splash pads come with playgrounds like the famous Kiwanis Heydenshore Park, which is also located very close to the waterfront. This park is the most visited in Whitby for its splash pad.

There is one thing about splash pads – kids love it best.

#7. Discover Downtown Brooklin

Brooklin is a community within Ontario situated within the northernmost parts of the city. Brooklin is known for its historic charm and has been designated a Heritage Conservation District under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Besides exploring the district and its structures, other things to do at Brooklin are enjoying the local food, drinking local beer, and shopping items to take home as souvenirs. Downtown Brooklin is also usually always worth the visit during Christmas.

#8. Ski the Winter Through

Perhaps, Whitby enjoys the most visit during winter. With a few ski resorts nearby, head to the slopes on a white snowy day to enjoy skiing before the snow melts away. Other than skiing, you can also enjoy snowboarding, snow tubing, or hiking on these great slopes.

We’ll recommend two ski resorts to anyone: Ski Lakeridge and Ski Dagmar. Ski Dagmar offers you different terrains so you can ski as dangerous as your adventurous spirit will let you. The resort also has four lifts, two magic carpets, and a charming chalet.

Ski Lakeridge has a more flexible operation and opens all year-round. You could ski or go snowboarding here during winter and come back for hiking or mountain biking any other time of the year.

#9. Visit Lynde House Museum

Lynde House is not just a museum. The structure itself is one of the first homes ever built in Whitby. Whitby’s history dates back to 1855, and this is why you will find pieces as old as the19th century in this museum. At that time, the house was a beautiful standing mansion that put passersby in awe.

There are tour guides to welcome you and show you just the things you need to see. You may choose to explore around on your own or have a tour guide give you a brief history of the house. The museum also has room for hosting shows, meetings, and special events.

#10. Walk Trails

Whitby makes a good place for leisure walks. There are several trails in Whitby that you make want to walk. All of them allow you to take in the beauty of this city. No matter the season of the year, there is usually something to daunt in the topography of this place.

Therefore, you needn’t be bothered about what season of the year it is. In fact, we recommend that you walk trails in every major season if you can. So that you can compare the beauty of the town’s natural atmosphere as the seasons change.

#11. Shop a Boutique Down

We do not mean that you do that literally, but if you can, do go ahead! Downtown Whitby features several boutiques to shop for clothes and other fashionable items. Here, you will find anything from thrift stores to classy fashion shops. We warn you, though, do not leave home without making a budget, or better still, only go out with a certain amount of money. Else…

#12. Go for a Show at Whitby Centennial Building

The Whitby Centennial Building started as a courthouse in the mid-nineteenth century until 1964. Today the place has become a heritage building, functioning as a theatre, banquet facility, and a place to find local archives.

It is not uncommon to find a wedding banquet happening at the Centennial Building or to have a local drama group performing a stage play at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre. It is also being said that the building might be haunted with seemingly harmless ghosts…

#13. Play Golf at Pickering Golf Club

Wondering what else to do at Whitby? You could play golf! There are seven golf courses altogether in Whitby and the communities surrounding it. Pickering Golf Club is a popular one, being the oldest of all. You may also find other golf courses quite fascinating. But of course, what matters is that you get to play one or two rounds of golf games.

#14. Brew Along with a Beer

For many of us, taking beers from sealed bottles is what we’re used to, but what about getting a cup of nice bear directly from a brewery – like freshly brewed, frothy, with a sparkling golden-yellow finish. This is what you enjoy when you visit a brewery in Whitby.

We recommend some of them – Little Breast, Five Paddles, Brock Streek Brewery, and Town Brewery. When visiting any of these places, your aim should be to drink to health and the beauty of the city. You can also visit these breweries with friends on days when you all are so pumped. In fact, that may be the best way to enjoy one or two glasses of locally brewed beer.

#15. Something for the Pets – Jeffery St. Off-Leash Dog Park

Doesn’t it feel good to know that your pet dog can also experience fun in a unique way in  Whitby? Jeffery St. Off-Leash Dog Park is a regulated park that affords dogs opportunities to play and exercise – as humans would do.

There is a fenced area for small dogs to play in and a wider area for other dogs to “interact” with each other and shed some energy. The only thing you may be concerned about when visiting a dog park is if a visiting pet turns out to be slightly aggressive. But for all the exercise your cute dog gets, this visit is worth it.

Moreover, parks like this are great places to hit a conversation with a fellow dog owner and probably start a new friendship.

What to Do in Whitby on Special Days?

What to Do in Whitby on a Weekend

Things to do in Whitby Ontario this weekend:

  • Experience the waterfront
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Explore Downtown Whitby
  • Plunge in a splash pad
  • Shop at Downtown Whitby
  • Play golf at a golf club
  • Enjoy beer at a local brewery
  • Take your dog to an off-leash dog park

Things to Do in Whitby for Families

  • Experience the waterfront
  • Plunge in a splash pad
  • Explore Downtown Whitby
  • Visit Lynde House Museum
  • Go to Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Things to Do in Whitby Today

  • Experience the waterfront
  • Shop at downtown Whitby
  • Enjoy beer at a local brewery
  • Take your dog to an off-leash dog park
  • Plunge in a splash pad
  • Walk trails

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Popular Places to go to in Whitby with Kids?

  • Heber Down Conservation Area
  • Lynde Shores Conservation Area
  • Splash Pads
  • Iroquois Park Sports Centre
  • Reptilia Zoo and Education Centre
  • Hy Hope Farm
  • Landmark Cinemas
  • Kids Zone

Is Whitby a Good Place to Live?

Whitby has often ranked in the list of top ten places to live in Canada. This is not surprising considering how beautiful the city is. It has pleasant weather and a beautiful environment bordering Lake Ontario to the South. The city’s proximity to Toronto and other major cities in Ontario also makes it highly preferred.


Like many other Ontario cities, Whitby is a beautiful place to be in and enjoy unique activities. Out of the 15 things you could do in Whitby we have mentioned here, you will surely find a couple of them intriguing. And who knows, you may be willing to give all a try. Whatever be the case, we are sure your stay in Whitby is now set to be exciting and educative.