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Things To Know About The Port Of Entry

The Port of entry letter (POE) letter is a letter received from IRCC after being approved for a study visa, study permit, or work permit. It is an entry point to Canada. It is the first airport you get to while entering Canada, and you will be thoroughly searched here. This letter is valid for twelve months, and you must come to Canada before the date on the POE letter.

Things To Know About The Port Of Entry Letter

  • Your port of entry letter has a validity date; the applicant must apply again.
  • Once the POE letter is missing, the authorities must be informed so that it can be resent to your online account.
  • You do not have to land in the country for work or study before receiving your port of entry letter. Otherwise, you will be put into the tourist visa category. However, in a situation where you receive the port of entry letter while in Canada, you must find your way back to your country and re-enter the port.

Those Eligible To enter Canada

Both new and returning international students are not guaranteed access to Canada except if they have been checked properly by the Border Service Officers. They will assess your Genuity as a student. At the port of entry, you will also have to show the border service officer things you are bringing along with you to the country and promise to take them back while leaving. It is advisable to make a list of what you bring into Canada to make it easy for you to present to the border service officer.

What New Students have To Expect At The Port Of Entry


You will fill out a CBSA declaration card before meeting with the Border service officer at the port of entry. You can receive this care when you are on the plane or immediately after you arrive at the port.

The CBSA Examination

Here you will present some of your documents to the Board Service Officer. These documents include the CBSA declaration card, your passport, and your introductory letter. You may also be asked the kind of items you are bringing along with you, and all the questions need a truthful answer.

Secondary Inspection

Here is where you pick up your baggage and go to the next checkpoint, where you will show your CBSA declaration. After this, you will be asked for a secondary inspection, where more questions are asked. If you meet the requirements for entering Canada, you will be granted to assess.


The examination at the entry port can take up to 1-3 hours. So, you must prepare yourself for it.

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