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Things to Know Before Moving to Canada Permanently

How Interesting it is to finally move to your dream Country- Canada. Canada is receiving more visitors than some other countries in the world. Its zero-tolerance for discrimination and racism makes Canada the best place for you to settle permanently. However, In the middle of your excitement to move to the beautiful country, there are some things to know before moving to Canada.

We are absolutely dedicated to setting you on the right path for you to fully integrate into Canadian life. We will leave you with realistic expectations and no/less confusion as we dive into the things to know before moving to Canada. Read carefully!

Top 15 things to know before moving to Canada

Canada is a place for different traditions and ethnicities, with its own unique culture and way of life that you will have to blend into. Immigrants from all over the world are highly welcome with open arms in Canada, and you are not an exception!

Things To Know Before Moving To Canada Permanently - Workstudyvisa

Check out on the top 15 things to know before moving to Canada.

#1. Canada is multicultural

Canada loves having people around, and people don’t stop moving to Canada. About 20% of Canadians are not born on Canadian soil, and an estimation shows that it is expected to reach about 50% by 2031. There are over 250 ethnic groups and nearly 200 nationalities across Canada which include aboriginal people.

Canada is big indeed a multicultural diverse country with plenty of Interesting people.

#2. The landscapes are beautiful

Have you seen a very beautiful city with an overwhelming landscape? yes!- Canada is all and more!

Basically, about 90% of all Canadians leaves miles away from the American border, so there is enough space for north exploration. Therefore, if you want to isolate yourself from other humans for a temporary or permanent period, there is enough opportunity for you to do so.

You can find the magical meadows in the sky, boiling desert and tropical Forest, Pacific rim, the granite mountains of Gros More, and a lot more! Also, if you want to be like a cowboy in an old western film you can explore the Alberta Badlands.

#3. Two official languages

One of the things to know before moving to Canada is that Canada has two official languages. Unlike many other countries like India with six official languages, Singapore with four official languages, etc.

Canada has two official languages i.e English and French with equal status. Although you wouldn’t notice the Frenchness of the country until you get to the Eastern parts of Quebec where people keep things as French as possible. Hardly will you get to a shop without a signpost to greet you in French.

#4. Canada isn’t small

Come to think about it, Canada is the second-largest country in the world measuring about 10 million square kilometers. The United kingdom can be fitted into Canada more than 40 times, and will take you for years to walk down its coastline- just to mention but a few of the bigness of Canada.

To make things a little manageable Canada is divided into three territories and thirteen provinces.

#5. Lakes everywhere

Without a doubt, Canada has the best of both freshwater and saltwater. It has about 20% of the Earth’s Lakes and the longest coastline in the world. So, if you’re  either a  saltwater or freshwater person, you get to live in peace and harmony in Canada with over 2 million lakes of both fresh and saltwater

#6. The cities in Canada are top-notch

Can you imagine being in a country where three of its cities are ranked top 10 of the world’s most livable cities in 2017? These cities were Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary ranked third, fourth, and fifth consecutively. These cities and some other cities in Canada are rich in infrastructure, education, health care, stability, and environment.

#7. The education is top-notch

Canada does not mess with education, when it comes to teaching at the primary level or adult education, Canada is the best place to be. In addition to school education, the mix of traditions and ethnicities from immigrants all over the world makes Canada an amazing place to learn about a lot of things.

#8. There is a smoking restriction

One of the things to know before moving to Canada is that you cannot smoke in public places such as offices, restaurants, hospitals, stores, and other places made for employment. This also includes shared or public areas of rental complexes and apartment buildings. You can only smoke is in your vehicle, living space, and Great outdoors- Know this and know peace!

#9. Canada had a flag design competition

In 1965, when Canada realise that they do not have an official flag, the leaders decided that people should get creative on designing the national flag, so they entered a design competition.

In the end, a whopping number of 3541 flags were designed and submitted by citizens in the country. Beaver, maple leaf, union jack, and fleurs-de-lys designs were made. At the end of the competition, Colonel George F. G. Stanley lists the entry with a simple red and white maple leaf design, which is the Canadian flag till today!

#10. You’ve got good healthcare options

Undoubtedly, American neighbors even to the South envies the Canadian Healthcare system. The Healthcare option in Canada is a tax-funded Medicare system where the basic health insurance of the citizen of Canada is paid for by the government, as it gets delivered by private sectors.

So, if you get sick or need some medical attention you will get one for free,  however, you have to wait for a little time to get attention.

#11. Winters are not funny

One of the things to know before moving to Canada is that it can get chilly cold during winter. The temperature in Canada during the season can be as low as -30°C or -40°C, which might want to get you locked inside. During this time, going for an outdoor or wind chill is a no-no!. Therefore, you should be prepared for this cold season.

#12. Maple syrup

Maple syrup- you can find it in nearly all kitchens across Canada. It is only fair to say that Canadians are obsessed with maple syrup. Likewise, you can find maple trees all over Canada turning a beautiful bright red color in the autumn period.

The maple syrup is made from the sap collected from maple trees and then boiled to create the sweet sugary syrup. Basically, the boiling process of the syrup increases the sugar content from around 8% to about 70%. Amazing!

Currently, Canada is the lead producer of maple syrup all over the world.

#13. Get used to the word “Sorry”

Interestingly, the most important word in Canada is “Sorry”, and every Canadian is always ready to use it at any time. You’ll be good with knowing and getting used to the word as throwing enough sorry at any situation will make it settled.

Funny though, there was an “apology act” in 2009 in Ontario, that stated that if any Canadian uses the word “sorry” at a point of incidence of crime, will be counted to him as an admission of guilt.

#14. There are bridges for animals

The solution to animal-vehicle crashes in Canada is the construction of bridges for animals. This is one of the things to know before moving to Canada. This bridge is leafy and grassy and is a lovely way for animals to cross the road. Between 1996 and 2012, about 11 species of mammals were known across the Bridges more than 150 thousand times.

Some of these animals were bears and moose which are animals that are capable of orchestrating a dangerous accident if they had taken the normal road.

#15. People are obsessed with ice hockey

Not only is hitting a heavy object with a hockey stick dangerous for Canadians but also they decided to do these dangerous acts on ice!. In Canada, ice hockey is a sort of religion where no other type of hockey matters!. Also, in the history of Canada, the USA versus Canada men’s hockey final held in 2010 at Vancouver Olympics was the most common-watched TV broadcast in the history of Canada.

In fact, on the Canadian $5 bill, there are pictures of kids on a frozen pond playing hockey. To make you know how much this game means to Canada and Canadians

What are the Cons of living in Canada?

Basically, there are other disadvantages and some other pros and things to know before moving to Canada, it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you can manage it well. Some of the cons are

  • Canada can be so cold during the winter period
  • Getting around and blending between cities can be a Problem
  • City Life is Expensive
  • Also, taxes are way very high
  • The goods you are used to are limited. You’d have to learn to use other available products
  • Houses are expensive and are getting even more expensive by the way
  • Healthcare assistance might be delayed
  • If you don’t speak French, blending in some areas can come with difficulty

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the easiest jobs to come by In Canada?

Some of the easiest jobs in Canada are

  • Transit Driver
  • Bartender
  • Receptionist
  • Construction Worker
  • Transit Police
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Sales Professional
  • Truck Driver

Is life in Canada difficult?

Like any other new place, starting in Canada might be a little difficult, but it’d get better as you get familiar with the country, culture, hardship, and the people

Is College free in Canada?

Basically, one of the things to know before moving to Canada is that college is not free. However, it tends to be more affordable than some other countries.


Canada is an interesting and lively place to be. Although there are Cons/disadvantages to living in Canada, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and you’d really love to be there. We’ve provided you with the things to know before moving to Canada, and as you eventually Immigrate to the beautiful country, we wish you the best!

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