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Timmins, Ontario Opens Applications For Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

Timmins in Ontario has opened it’s applications procedures for the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot. Timmins became the latest city to do so after Sudbury.

The city will initially only receive applications from existing international students and temporary foreign workers and due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Officials are specifically targeting skilled workers in healthcare and social work, trades, business administration, and information technology.

Of 100 new immigrants each year under this program, Ten (10) will be allocated in an open category for any highly-skilled worker.

It is one of eight communities to launch its website for the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot program.

The others are Claresholm in Alberta, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay in Ontario, Vernon in British Columbia plus, Brandon and Altona/Rhineland in Manitoba.

Timmins Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Program

Eligible Applicants

Due to some special travel restrictions instituted by the Government of Canada in response to coronavirus pandemic, only applicants that are presently living and working in Timmins will be considered at this time. The Timmins RNIP will proceed when the federal government removes travel restrictions.

Step 1: Ensure you meet the IRCC Federal Eligibility Requirements.

Step 2: Candidates must secure full-time permanent employment in one of the eligible occupations listed below. Applicants must present the RNIP Offer of Employment Form duly signed by the employer to continue with the application.

Eligible Occupations

Healthcare & Social Work Trades (licensed or unlicensed) Business Administrations Information Technology(ICT) Open NOC (maximum of 10 applicants)
NOC 3012: Registered nurse and registered psychiatric nurse

NOC 3413: Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associate

NOC 3233: Licensed practical nurse

NOC 3112: General practitioner and family physician

NOC 4152: Social Workers

NOC 4214: Early childhood educator and assistants

NOC 4212: Social and community service worker

NOC 4412: Home support worker, housekeepers and related occupation

NOC 3111: Specialist Physician

NOC 7312: Heavy-duty equipment mechanic

NOC 7321: Automotive service technician, truck and bus mechanic and mechanical repairers

NOC 7311: Constructions millwrights and industrial mechanic

NOC 7611: Construction trades helper and labourer

NOC 7237: Welder and related machine operators

NOC 7271: Carpenter

NOC 7241: Electrician

NOC 7251: Plumber

NOC 7511: Transport Truck Drivers

NOC 7521: Heavy equipment operator

NOC 7535: Other transport equipment operator and related maintenance workers

NOC 8231: Underground production and development miner

NOC 8614: Mine Laborer

NOC 941: Machine operator and related workers in mineral and metal products processing and manufacturing

NOC 943: Machine operator and related workers in pulp and paper production and wood processing and manufacturing


NOC 111: Auditors, accountants and investment experts

NOC 121 Administrative services supervisor

NOC 1311: Accounting technician and bookkeepers

NOC 0621: Retail and wholesales trade manager

NOC 063: Managers in food service and accommodations

NOC 0213: Computer and information systems managers

NOC 2147: Computer Engineer

NOC 2171: Information systems analyst and consultant

NOC 2172: Database analyst and data administrators

NOC 2173: Software engineer and designers

*Applicants with a job/employment offer not listed above will be considered only at the discretions of the Community Recommendation Committee. 
The following jobs are EXCLUDED: (6421) Retail salesperson, (6511) Hosts/hostesses, (6512) Bartender, (6513) Food and beverage server, (6611) Cashiers, (6622) Store shelf stocker, clerks and order filler, (6711) Food counter attendant, kitchen helpers and related support occupation.

Timmins Employer requirements

To participate, employers have to:

  • Be an active business in Timmins for at least two (2) years. Exceptions may be made to include businesses or organizations in operation for at least two (2) years that recently relocated or expanded to Timmins, making an investment of over $100,000.
  • Prove their efforts to employ a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident before providing the job offer.
    Provide a genuine job offer co-signed by the employee.
  • Should have no outstanding or pending orders made against them under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000.
  • Not be in violation of the Immigration, Refugee and Protection Regulations or Immigration, Refugee and Protection Act (IRPA).
  • Have no pending charges or penalties with the City of Timmins Planning & Building departments, and that both property taxes and water and sewer account are current with no past due balances.
  • Prove that they are confident that the employee is reasonably able to carry out the functions of the job offer, as shown by past work experience, interview and reference checks completed by the employer;
  • Must Attest that they did not receive any form of payments in exchange for the job offer.
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