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Timor-Leste Media Visa – Requirements and Application

Every member of the foreign media traveling to Timor-Leste for media and journalism work will undoubtedly require a Timor-Leste media visa. Timor-Leste, a newly independent country still off the beaten path, is a fascinating place to visit in terms of heritage and culture as well as its general way of life.

Certain foreign nationals do not require a visa, especially if they are only visiting for a short time. Nobody wants to identify with a bad travel experience. However, if you do not understand the requirements, documents, and application procedure, your travel visa experience will not be smooth as you envision.

Regardless, you have this article to read! It contains all the information you need about the country and the visa application process.

Timor-Leste Media Visa

A Timor-Leste media visa is specifically for members of the media or foreign nationals traveling to Timor-Leste for work or assignments. The Timor-Leste media visa is in the same category as the Timor-Leste cultural, scientific, and sporting visa.

The media visa grants the holder entry into Timor-Leste. However, it doesn’t permit them to stay in the country. To be able to live and carry out their work, Timor-Leste media visa holders need to request a temporary residence visa.
Furthermore, all foreigners arriving at the land border post of Timor-Leste except for citizens of Indonesia and Portugal must submit their entry visa to the embassy in Timor-Leste to activate the endorsement.

The Timor-Leste media visa is not eligible for request on arrival. Therefore, all foreign citizens who need this visa must request the Timor-Leste embassy in their home country.

How to apply for a Timor-Leste media visa

Once you have booked your availability for the media work or assignment in Timor-Leste, follow the steps below to get your Timor-Leste media visa.

#1. Inquire about the application method

You need to find out the application method available for the Timor-Leste media visa, especially if it is your first time applying. Even if it is not your first attempt, you need to know the current applicable visa application method.

#2. Download the Timor-Leste media visa application form

Register your identity on the Timor-Leste immigration bureau registration portal. After registration confirmation, log into the official website and download the corresponding visa application form.

#3. Fill in the media visa application form

After downloading the form, electronically fill in the required information. You can use Adobe. After filling out the form, print, sign, stamp, scan and upload the form to the portal.

#4. Upload your visa documents

According to the requirements, you need to upload other documents. So, you have to photocopy the other relevant documents for upload. After photocopying, scan both the original copies and the photocopies of the documents and upload them to the portal.

#5. Submit your application

Ensure that the uploaded documents follow the requirements stated in the visa application. Submit the documents after upload.

#6. Document review

After submission, you should give the embassy in your country time to review and process your application. After confirming your identity and certifying your visa application, the embassy will attach a stamp of entry to your visa. The embassy will also contact you regarding the readiness and availability of your visa passport.

Under normal circumstances, the review can take ten working days.

#5. Receive the Timor-Leste media visa stamp

You should go to the embassy immediately when you receive an email about your visa availability. Consequently, you should process your flight ticket once you receive your travel ticket to avoid expiration to avoid invalidation.

Application requirements for a Timor-Leste media visa

The materials that you need to upload before submitting your visa application. Although, there are copies that you must submit to the baddy in person. The below-listed documents are essential for your visa processing.

  1. The visa form of the embassy of Timor-Leste – The visa application form of Timor-Leste needs to be in English, and you need to fill it out using a black pen. If printed first before filling in the information, ensure to fill in block letters. However, you can complete the form electronically using Adobe. All information represented should be accurate and readable.
  2. An international passport. Valid for six months from the date of arrival in Timor-Leste with a minimum of two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. You can submit your previous passport if available and required.
  3. Two recent colour passport photos – The passport photos must have existed not further than the last six months and have sizes of 45mm×35mm. Front of the head, the eyes and ears must all be visible. Headgears are not allowed except for religious reasons. No sunglasses are either allowed. The image background should be white, and the image should be of very high quality.
  4. Copy of itinerary – Your return ticket and date must be represented and boldly stated on the flight arrangement. If you are transiting to another country, you need a transit visa and letter. You can use proof of return ability if your return ticket is not ready.
  5. Certified copies of personal identification – The identification document is required to prove your citizenship or residence in another country.

Other essential documents include;

  1. Certified copy of no criminal record – Acquired from the police unit of your country. If the papers are validated and signed but not translated into English, you should transcribe all documents to English and Portuguese.
  2. Certified copies of immigration status certificates – For foreign nationals residing in countries not their country of origin, you need to provide certified copies of immigration status certificates from the nationality of residence.
  3. Proof of current job – You do not just enter your current job status in the application form. You have to upload proof of your current job.
  4. Proof of monthly income or certificate of deposit from your bank for the past six months.
  5. Purpose of travel – A correspondence with your travel sponsor or host or invitation letters.
  6. Proof of accommodation – This can be a hotel booking ticket. It can also be the home details of your host.
  7. Health certificate from a licensed health professional
  8. A letter of invitation from your host, travel sponsor or media company.
  9. A letter from your guarantor. It must include your address from the country of residence at the time of application, the purpose of travel and the travel expenses.
  10. Travel health insurance
  11. Confirmation of visa fee payment – A receipt can serve this purpose.

All documents must be translated to English if in another language. Furthermore, you should return the original documents when submitting the visa application documents. On that note, you need to prepare corresponding copies of the documents.

Cost of living in Timor-Leste

Every foreign national travelling to Timor-Leste should know about the cost of living in the country. The cost of living in the country is on average compared to other countries in the region.

#1. Communication

One thing that is constant in every country despite the region is communication. You will communicate with family, friends, travel sponsors and colleagues. Communication costs vary for different communication methods; home telephone rental, mobile service provider, internet subscription, and data cost.

On average, it costs about $206 for communication. An average monthly standard internet subscription plan is $50, while the benchmark for a mobile tariff is $0.08 per minute.

#2. Cost of groceries

Items such as cleaning products, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, snacks, soft drinks and general food products cost money on average. Average grocery prices in major international markets for some items are as follows;

  • One kg of apples cost $6.12,
  • One head of lettuce, $1.36,
  • One kg of oranges, $4.45,
  • One kg of chicken breast, $5.93
  • One kg of potatoes, $1.70,
  • One dozen large eggs, $2.48
  • One kg of cheddar cheese $7.79
  • One Litre full of cream milk $1.98
  • 500g loaf of white bread $1.49
  • 1.5 L of water $0.59 and many more

However, the average cost of these groceries cannot exceed $10

#3. Cost of Healthcare

For people who are not under insurance, the average cost for a private practice doctor visit is $52 per visit. The cost of staying per day in a private hospital is about $1,606.

This cost includes nursing care, diagnosis test, medications and food. For government-owned hospitals, the health treatment cost is always lower, around $700 to $1000.

However, the cost is always lesser for people with health insurance.

#4. Cost of accommodation

For average apartment rent, house rent for a secure upmarket unfurnished house, utilities and mortgage, you should budget $4000 per month in central locations and $2,999 in suburban states.

#5. Miscellaneous costs

Miscellaneous costs include items such as; dry cleaning, office supplies, magazines, newspapers and postage stamps. You should budget $2000 on average. The average payment for dry cleaning One man’s pieces of a suit is $5.94, and for an international newspaper, the cost is $1.83.

#6. Cost for personal care

If you love personal care, it is not all that cheap. For a men’s haircut, you pay $29, and for women, you will pay more.

#7. Cost for recreation and culture

If you love sports, books, cinemas, fitness and theatre visits, it costs quite a sum for any of them. For instance, an international fitness, recreation or sports club membership will cost you $60 per month.

#8. Cost for Transportation

Whether you want to use public or private transport or even car hire, you must spend.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a Timor-Leste media visa cost?

For every Timor-Leste visa application, you are to pay a non-refundable visa application fee of $30 minimum. The visa fee varies from $30 to $270 across countries.

However, the fee can be more or less than $270 if you go through travel agencies.

What time limit does processing a Timor-Leste media visa take?

On average, it takes about ten days to review and activate a Timor-Leste media visa. It can defer in different regions across the globe.

Does Timor-Leste issue a media visa on arrival?

The answer is No! Timor-Leste visa on arrival is only available for a tourist visa.

Can I extend my Timor-Leste media visa?

Yes, you can extend all Timor-Leste visas except for the transit visa. However, it will cost you $35 for a 30-day extension and $75 for a 60-day extension. In addition, you need to submit a visa extension application at least seven days before the visa expiration.

Is a holder of a Timor-Leste passport eligible for a visa-free entry into a Schengen zone?

Yes, holders of Timor-Leste passports do not need a visa to visit any country within the Schengen zone. However, there is a limit to the time they can stay. If their stay is more than the given duration, they will apply for a Timor-Leste visa.


The media visa is strictly for journalists and media experts employed to cover an event in the country. You have all you need for the trip in this article.

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