Tips For Standard Canadian-style Resume

You stand a very good chance in finding a job with a Canadian-style resume. While they are in various formats, they share some standards which you ought to know about. You can request a free Canadian resume sample in comment.

Keep it Short: Keep your resume short because most people have a resume that is 2 pages long. Keep it to 1 page especially if you just finished school or have little or no experience.

Change Your Resume for Each Job: Career experts will suggest you customize your resume for every job, even at the beginning of your resume. This days, general or generic resumes are least accepted for the labour market. You can change some sentences to target certain skills and achievements. For others, you might need a completely new resume.

Include Volunteer Work: Volunteer experience can be added in work experience section. It is necessary to discuss your work duties. Whether you are paid or not.

Use Social Media: Most employers refer to your resume through your online presence. For instance, LinkedIn is a well recognized business-related social networking site. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile when updating your resume. Employers may also survey you on other social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. If you don’t want a potential employer to have wrong impression of you, don’t put some things online at all.

Formatting Tips: To have a Canadian-style resume format is important. Use headings to organize your information. Résumé must be organized, neat, clear, and consistent with the use of font styles, sizes, bold and bullets to make important information stand out. Common resume headings are:

  • Highlights of Qualifications
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

Include Keywords: It is necessary to include keywords in your resume. Employers do not have time to read every word on each resume. Keywords describe skills and qualifications. Enhance your resume by using suitable keywords. But, do not use keywords for unreal experiences. You might see keywords in the job postings on related companies’ websites.

Look It Over: Look through your résumé before you forward it. Ensure that the company names, job titles and dates are accurate. You may Print out your resume so as to see how it looks when printed.

It is advisable to save your resume in PDF so that formatting will be consistent and employers will be able to easily open the document.