Top 10 Careers That Favor New Immigrants In Canada

Have you always dreamed of living abroad in a developed country? Ever wondered what it will be like to live in a wonderful country, experiencing new cultures, people, and places? To some people work is the motivating factor for wanting to move to a new country. Canada is perhaps the best option!

Canada offers a wealth of opportunities in a wide range of well-paid and highly skilled roles. The country is opening its doors to skilled international workers who wish to live and work in a beautiful country with the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world.

Shortages of skilled labour have led the Federal Government of Canada to develop Fast-Track immigration programs for individuals with high-priority skills. This makes the country a great choice for those looking to build a new life and career.

This list looks at some careers that immigrants in Canada can easily avail themselves of. If you are planning to or already immigrated to Canada, this post will help you look in the way of the most available careers opportunities.

Top 10 Careers That Favor New Immigrants In Canada

Here are the top 10 careers that favor new immigrants in Canada

1. Nurses

Canada’s population is ageing so naturally more healthcare workers are required to care for the elderly. For this reason, registered nurses have become one of the most sought after professions in the country and we don’t see this trend going anywhere.

It’s not just the overall population that’s ageing, the average nurse in Canada also falls in the older age bracket. So it is believed that in the nearest future will see a big decline in working registered nurses. Some even anticipate that there will be a shortage of more 25,000 registered nurses by 2024.

The best part is they are needed throughout the country, for example, it is one of the top careers in Nova Scotia and Ontario!

2. Pharmacist

As in the case with nurses, the services of more pharmacists are needed in Canada to help keep the ageing population happy and healthy.

To help make more healthcare workers available to the elderly some provinces have even allowed professionals in this field to renew prescriptions or prescribe certain medications. This gives us more proof of the growth potential of this field in Canada.

3. Truck Driver

Canada is a very large country, making it quite difficult to deliver goods to the entire nation. That’s where truck drivers are very much needed! Without the hard work and dedication of the honourable truck drivers, Canada’s economy would be seriously affected and many Canadians would be left with no food and clothing.

Unfortunately, there are not enough young adults entering this sector, for this reason, it is thought that Canada will be short of more than 27,000 in the coming years.

The services of truck drivers are needed everywhere in Canada. In fact, it reaches near the top of the list in British Columbia for in-demand jobs.

This is quite an easy job to do to get started in Canada when you decided to move to the country, requiring little education and sometimes no education. As a truck driver, you will do the country a great service by keeping its residents happy and healthy.

4. College Instructor

Canada needs people who have working experience in teaching at the college or vocational level. It is expected that the country could soon be short of as much as 6000 instructors.

As a college instructor, you will be teaching at academic or technical schools. The credentials you need will be dependent on the course you want to teach and the institution offering it, for example, a more academic institution may require you to have at least a master’s degree while a vocational based institution might only ask you to have a bachelor’s degree.

5. Software Engineer and Designer

Are you interested in technical careers or are you a tech talent? Canada’s growth in the computer, telecommunications and mobile tech industries is fuelling the demand for more and more software engineers and designers.

Currently, Canada is welcoming more tech talent from the United States due to the unfriendly immigration policy by the Trump administration. Other provinces in Canada are also prioritizing tech talent in their provincial nomination programs.

In the coming years, it is projected that there will be much more job openings in these industries than there are people who can fill them. The technology world isn’t going anywhere so you will find stable employment in this field in Canada.

6. Welder

Canada is currently seeing immense job growth in welding as the manufacturing and fabrication sectors have increased in size. If you have advanced welding certificate and skills, like FCAW and SMAW, you are in luck because of highly skilled welders in seriously in great demand in the country.

It won’t be difficult for you to find a job if you can read plans and blueprints but even low skilled welders are also greatly needed.

7. Electrician

Canada desperately needs highly skilled electricians. There is currently a shortage of qualified electricians to make up for the great number of those who are retiring. Industrial electricians are in much demand, especially those working in the manufacturing sector.

8. Data Scientists, Statisticians

Every day, our internet and device usage is culminating in exponentially increasing amounts of data. The demand for experts who can interpret it and make sense of it is also growing.

Statisticians, Data Scientists, and Actuaries are trained to use mathematical techniques and procedures to build models that solve problem and predict consumer or user behaviour and outcomes. To fit into this role you will probably need a bachelor degree in statistics or mathematics and knowledge of other data science tools.

9. Steamfitter or Pipefitter

There is great industrial growth throughout Canada especially in the urbanization of more rural and unpopulated regions. In order to construct all of this new infrastructure, employers have reported a great need for steamfitters and pipefitters.

Now is the perfect time for you to learn this skill so that you can work wherever construction is needed in Canada. In the profession your responsibilities can include fabricating, assembling, laying out, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing a variety of systems.

10. Veterinary Technician

Canadians are spending more of their household income on veterinary services and an increasing number of people are becoming pet owners.

If you have a passion for animals, you should consider taking a career as a veterinary technician because you will most certainly find jobs in this growing field. Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan are the provinces with the highest demands for these services.