Top 10 Jobs For New Permanent Residents To Canada In 2021

Information communication technology and professional business knowledge and skills once again proved to be among the best ways for new immigrants to take up permanent residence in Canada last year as jobs in the retail sector were lost due to the coronavirus global pandemic. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data reveals the top ten (10) jobs for new permanent residents to Canada in 2021 were:

  • Software engineers and designers;
  • Foodservice supervisors;
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers;
  • Information systems analysts and consultants;
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Financial auditors and accountants;
  • Administrative assistants (excluding legal or medical administrative assistants);
  • Cooks;
  • Restaurant and foodservice managers;
  • Professional occupations in advertisings, marketing, and public relation, and;
  • University professor and lecturers.

Among the top four jobs of 2021 are software engineers and designer, information systems analyst and consultants, and computer programmer and interactive media developers.

That’s didn’t come as a surprise as those IT jobs were among the top ones the previous years as well.

But in 2019 those jobs ranked a bit lesser than they did last year. In the year before the COVID-19 global pandemic, the top job for new permanent residents to Canada was food service supervisors.

As the borders tightened up during the COVID-19 and international travels became more difficult, sit-down restaurants took a massive hit.

Luc Errjavec, a vice-president with the Restaurants Canada industry association, has reportedly estimated sales at full-service restaurants in Canada fell by about thirty-five (35) percent in 2020.

“It was as bad a year as you and I are going to see in our lifetimes. It was a miserable year,” Errjavec reportedly said. “We conducted a survey in early December and about half of restaurants, or fourty-eight (48) percent, are at risk of closing in the next six (6) months if things do not improve.”

In that gloomy business environment for restaurants, the number of newcomers able to land jobs as food service supervisors dropped by more than forty-One (41) per cent in 2020.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadian provinces imposed lockdowns of all but essential services.

Those lockdowns in certain provinces lasted some months. With that and the public health restrictions that ensued, retail sales in stores declined early in the year. Those sales rebounded later in 2020 but still looked likely to close the year off by 2.5 percent in late December.

In 2019, retail sales supervisors had become the eighth most popular job for new permanent residents to Canada. Last year, that occupational category did not even make it into the top Ten (10).

The number of newcomers to Canada coming to do that job fell by more than Ninety-three (93) percent, to 135 from 1970, last year compared to 2019.

Year over year, the total number of newcomers to Canada declined by about fifty percent, from 279,490 in 2019 to only 145,515 last in 2020.

Although the total number of new permanent residents to Canada landing jobs as financial auditors and administrative assistants and accountants fell last year, those two occupational groups were more stable compared to the previous year.

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged in 2020, some of the Canadian provinces renewed their efforts to bring nurses and other medical personnel to Canada, including Nova Scotia province through its Provincial Nominee Program.

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