Top 10 Online MBA Programs in Canada

Canada is a great place for excellent online MBA programs. Give your career a boost, enroll in online MBA programs in Canada.

Earning your MBA online is a great way to continue your education while working full-time. Here are the top 10 online MBA programs in Canada, based on affordability, flexibility, and convenience. Check out the programs that best fit your needs and get started on your career advancement today!

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Dalhousie University MBA in Financial Services

It is a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada -with three campuses in Halifax. It was founded in 1818, making it one of the oldest universities, having more than 18,200 students. When it comes to MBA, it is one of the best universities you should consider. Its MBA online program, will help you develop practical and significant skills and knowledge for the financial world. This program is characterized by experimental learning that you can apply in your workplace. While you study online, you will grow your critical analysis and decision-making skills and increase your understanding and ability to have fruitful impact in client service role and managerial activities. This Master of Business Administration (Financial services) program takes 2.5 years to 7 years when you study online.

University of Guelph MBA

This university Is based out of Guelph in Ontario. Ranked always as the best in research activities. In the world of business programs, it has also achieved great milestones. It has an online MBA program created for experienced business leaders who intend to further their careers. This program is combined online learning with precise, intensive and interactive onsite sessions. With this plan you will be able to learn and complete your course content regardless of your busy life. This program entails one intensive year of study.

Laurentian University MBA in General Management

Established in 1960, it is an educational center based in Canada with its campus based in Sudbury with another one at Barrie. It offers an MBA in General Management. Through a complete refreshed curriculum, the MBA program is available at a flexible format allowing you as a distant learner to complete your course with no problem. This program gives learners the needed knowledge and skills that clients require to take their business to a more advanced level. Laurentian University MBA focusses on advanced financial, marketing concepts, business strategy, ethical leadership and focusses on complexities of managing within a global setting. With 57 credit hours, you will be packed with sufficient knowledge.

Thompson Rivers University MBA

Thompson Rivers University is located in Kamloops, Canada. Being one of the best Business school, expect a credible MBA online program. This MBA focusses on producing leaders and managers that can deal with the current market challenges. The program will also take care of those who want to enhance their academic and applied skills via Graduate project options and Graduate Thesis. Within two years, you will be through with your online MBA program.

Royal Roads University MBA in Executive Management

Is a public university based in Coalwood, Canada offering an MBA in Executive Management alongside other courses. This MBA program is designed to benefit working professionals. It gives a solid foundation needed in todays business leaders. Within 18 months, you will be through with this program.

MBA in Management of the Growing Enterprise

Trinity Western University MBA in Management of the Growing Enterprise, focuses on entrepreneurship, by teaching students whose highest goal is creating profit, by managing society resources well. As a student, you will get to learn how to combine skills with business essentials that permit you develop a business from ground up. This course takes 21 months to equip with the required skills.

University of Toronto MBA in Healthcare and Life Sciences

This program is designed for working professionals. It is an 18-month journey that equips you with a lot of important healthcare clusters all over the world. You will get knowledge and skills that your organization and you need to thrive. The ultimate of this course is to assist you become an impactful leader with great capabilities.

Queen’s University Executive MBA Americas

Established in 1841, this university is well equipped to facilitate its online MBA program. With 17 months, you will be able to take one of the only programs of its kind worldwide. This program is aimed at ensuring you continue enhancing your professional and personal responsibilities. In the end, it will make you a great leader.

Delhouise University MBA in Administration Leadership

All middle-career managers are recommended to enroll for this online program. It improves their management leadership abilities, transforming them into exceptional managers and leaders in their organization. With a faculty specialized in leadership practice and theory, you will be able to develop your behaviors, skills and competencies. You will have the ability to react professionally to management challenges and achieve your career goals. Honestly, as business leader, this is an important program that you should consider pursuing. The program will enhance your administration abilities. It takes 2.5 years or as many as 7 years.

MBA in Non-Profit and Charitable Organization Management

Through this MBA program, all stewards and leaders are catered for. This program will help its students to become competent non-profit managers. Besides it will breed professional and personal rewards educating you how to drive a business with beneficial purposes. As a student, your skills will be sharpened and you will be prepared to take the organization and its mission to a greater level. This program takes 21 months.


As a leader or an aspiring leader, leadership skills are very important to you. They will help you in coming up with rational decisions, propelling your organization to greater heights. Taking an MBA program is very important. Do not worry about pursuing it while on campus. Since, you are a busy leader, you can enroll to the online MBA program. It has been designed in a way that will suit all through your study program. With North America having some of the best business schools, you can enroll to their programs, Canada specifically. Do not hesitate to pursue this program.