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Top 5 Civil Engineering Programs In Canada

Civil engineering is in Canada’s in-demand occupation list, with Immigration offering temporary fast track work programs for eligible candidates and their families to live, work and study in Canada. With such a great focus on civil engineering programs, Canadian post-secondary institutions are now offering both domestic and international students brilliant opportunities to study the field of civil engineering and acquire valuable qualifications that will set them up for life, in many career opportunities, both in Canada and beyond.

Below, we have listed five (5) civil engineering programs that we think you should check out if you’re looking at undertaking any civil engineering courses in Canada.

University of Toronto, Ontario – Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Always ranking on the number one spot in Canada, the University of Toronto’s Department of Civil Engineering offers this bachelor degree program where students will be equipped to create solutions that will directly impact the quality of life around them, from rebuilding dilapidated buildings to creating news ones to withstand natural disasters. As part of engineering courses, students will receive education in relevant subjects such as physics, maths and geology. In the third year, students will receive opportunities to acquire real practical experience through camps and site projects.

McGill University – Bachelor of Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics department at McGill University was founded in 1871 and today has about 570 undergraduate and postgraduate students registered in their programs, of which about are half are women and one-third are foreign students.

Their comprehensive bachelor program empowers students in the engineering field, offering an engineering opportunities for both domestic and international students to either specialize in an advanced area of interest or gain valuable knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

The University of Alberta – Master of Engineering

The University of Alberta is, without doubt, one of Canada’s leading research higher institutions, with more than $490 million in external research funding. They put considerable focus on internationalism, having over 37,000 international students from 143 countries from around the world. The university has also been one of Canada’s greenest employers for the last eight (8) years.

Their master program in Civil Engineering takes Nine (9) to Twelve (12) months to complete and students are required to work on a Capstone Project as part of the curriculum.

The University of British Columbia – Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering

The University of British Columbia consistently ranked among the top forty (40) universities in the world, also occupying the list of top 10 best universities in Canada. It always encourages its students to challenge convention and explore new ways of learning.

Their BS.c in Civil Engineering courses offers a foundational program in both basic sciences and specific skills in civil engineering. Laboratory work is incorporated into the coursework to provide practical experience to students. Each year, around 120 domestic and international students are enrolled in this program.

The Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary) – PhD in Civil Engineering

The Schulich School of Engineering is perfect for both those planning to begin their studies in engineering, as well as those looking at progressing on to postgraduate education level. Part of the University of Calgary, they pride themselves on offering an all-round academic experience that furnishes students with the skills required to pursue successful careers in the engineering industry.

Their PhD program in Civil engineering is a research-based degree that will take three (3) to four (4) years depending on earlier qualifications held by the student.

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