Top 5 Reasons To Get Australian Citizenship

Are you a permanent resident in Australia? Here’s 5 things to know about the rights and privileges of becoming an Australian citizen.

Obtaining the Australian citizenship can be a difficult task, but the benefits of taking the next step will be worth it.

Presently, about 118,000 people across the country are waiting for their citizenship applications to be treated, and the Department of Immigration and Border Control is expecting more applications in the next coming months, in response to the government’s failure to pass proposed reforms which include English language test.

The outcome is, it’s still relatively possible to meet the English language requirements of Australian citizenship testing, Hence, there’s no better opportunity than now to put your dream in motion and making a commitment to life Down Under official.

Let’s check out the top 5 benefits of Australian citizenship and why it could be time for you to apply:

1. You are entitled to a hold an Australian passport 

Australia is still one of the popular country to live in and this also makes it one of the best passports to travel on. As an Australian citizen, you are eligible to apply for and hold an Australian passport.

The passport allows you enter 171 countries without visa or with a visa issued on arrival. Moreover, you can receive consular assistance in any countries you visit.

2. You have the right to vote and be held

As an Australian citizen over the age of 18 years, you have the legal right to vote. You can in fact be fined $180 if you don’t vote.

It’s considered a privilege to get involved in the democratic process, be it local, State or Federal elections, by choosing a representative who you believe best matches your interest and views.

3. You can work in Federal Government and armed forces

As a citizen you can work or get employment in some government departments, such as the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the Department of Immigration & Border Control.

In addition, if you are an Australian citizen you are also allowed to serve in the Australian defence forces. These privileges is open only to citizens.

4. You can become a politician

An Australian citizen over 18 years and above can be elected as a federal or state MP or stand as a Councellor. You should, however, remember that you can not hold dual citizenship, as that means renouncing your birth country, as stipulated in the Australian constitution drawn up about a hundred year ago.

5. Your children can become Australian citizens too

Your children born overseas can become Australian citizens by descent, once you become a citizen. They enjoy the same rights and privileges as other children born in Australia.

Thus, obtaining an Australian Citizenship is worth the effort, although getting it can be very difficult.