Top 5 in-demand Jobs in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Toronto is the economic hub of Canada. The following jobs are the most in-demand this year.

Top 5 in-demand jobs in Toronto include jobs in Toronto that you require key skills and major qualifications to perform. They include jobs that help to improve the Canadian economy. Consequently, the emergency of the corona virus has made many jobs fall into the category of in-demand jobs in Toronto this year. The world is evolving and so is the workforce and qualifications for some jobs. 

Therefore, since Canada reopened her borders, the economy has begun to appreciate. This is because of the influx of foreign workers who help in doing certain jobs which fall in the category of in demand jobs. There are many in-demand jobs in Toronto that foreigners in Toronto can do to help to improve the economy of the province.

Top 5 In-Demand Jobs in Toronto in 2022-23

The top 5 in-demand jobs in Toronto according to Jobillico include the jobs listed below. We are going to give general information about the jobs, the average salary and the best visa programs for each job.

#1. Programmer

The number one among the top five in-demand jobs in Canada is programming. There are various job opportunities in Toronto for tech jobs. This is because it is the home of both startups and innovative hubs. So, if you fall into this category, you are sure of getting job opportunities in Toronto and at a good salary.

As a programmer, you must have a basic knowledge of computer code and as well have a keen interest in building new programs and apps for businesses. Hence, you will have plenty of choices to make because there are numerous jobs waiting for you once you are good in your area. In addition to that, you will be paid well as a programmer in Toronto.

Ontario also places special emphasis on computer programmers and media developers in the Express Entry system. They do this through a special program known as the Human Capital Priorities Stream. However, programmers being a tech job requires a lot of skills set for you to become a professional and thus be an in-demand programmer. 

Average annual salary: CAD$91,959

Visa programs

  • The Express Entry System
  • OINP: Human Capital Priorities Stream (Tech Draws)
  • Canadian Work Permit

#2. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are also in demand in Toronto. This means that if you are good with numbers, you can consider Toronto as your next destination. Toronto is reputed as the financial capital of Canada. Therefore, there is a need for financial experts all the time in the big financial institutions scattered all around the big town.

As a financial analyst, you have a lot of work including: reviewing and analyzing financial plans, researching trends in the market, and creating projections that will guide major financial decisions for months. Therefore, many top financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and pension companies need the services of financial analysts whenever there is an economic meltdown and uncertainty. 

Average annual salary: CAD $60,027

Visa programs:

  • The Express Entry System
  • OINP: Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Canadian Work Permit

#3. Customer Service Representative

Many managers are now hiring customer service representatives even though many people underrate this job. Customer service has gone up to be one of the in-demand jobs in Toronto. This is because the need to fill in the gap between companies and their customers increases everyday.

Maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with customers is very necessary for the growth of any organization. Hence, the need to hire professionals who can bridge this gap. Therefore as a customer service representative, you must be skilled in maintaining a friendly attitude with customers as you will deal directly with customers. You will be providing support and assistance to customers. You will also ensure that clients are satisfied with the products and services.

You can work remotely as a customer service representative in Toronto. The reason is that the majority of the job has to deal with phone calls and emails.

Average annual salary: CAD $58,177

Visa programs:

  • The Express Entry System
  • OINP: Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Canadian Work Permit

#4. Transport Driver

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the need for drivers has increased. The reason for this is because many people now do their shopping online. Hence, there is a great need for drivers to deliver goods to people in their homes. Toronto being a well populated city needs more drivers than other cities in Canada. However, as a driver in Toronto, you will need a corresponding valid driver’s license for the vehicle classification, you will drive. The various licenses include: Class A, B, C, D, E, and F licenses.

Average annual salary: CAD$48,867

Visa programs:

  • OINP Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Immigration Skills Stream
  • Canadian Work Permit

#5. Registered Nurse

With the Covid-19 pandemic, registered nurse has become a high in-demand job in Toronto.  Hospitals need nurses who will attend to their patients. Hospitals in Toronto are therefore welcoming  applicants for registered nurses.

As a registered nurse, you can work in places including hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities. However, to qualify as a registered nurse in Toronto, you must pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination.

Average annual salary:  CAD $73,841

Visa programs:

  • The Express Entry System
  • OINP: Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Canadian Work Permit

Steps to find in-demand jobs in Toronto

There are many steps to take in Toronto if you dream of getting a good job in the city. Finding an in-demand job in Toronto may mean that you follow some processes. So, the guide below will show you some processes that will help you get your dream jobs in Toronto. 

This guide will take you through the 8 steps for getting a job in Toronto.

Step 1. Make sure you’re eligible to do an in-demand job in Canada

Before you can talk about getting an in-demand job in Toronto. You must make sure that you are eligible to work in the financial capital of Canada. To become eligible to work in Toronto, you must be issued a work visa or permit. This work visa or permit will make you employable by Canadian employers. 

Step 2. Consider the type of available jobs

As you are preparing to work in Toronto, you must as well decide on the industry and kind of work you want to do. The best industries to work in Toronto include: the financial sector, media, tech and tourism and other core industries. So, your knowledge of the industry and the kind of work you want will help you decide if it falls under high in-demand jobs in Toronto, hence, your decision to work in that city.

Step 3. Look online for in-demand jobs

A lot of high in-demand jobs are now being listed on the internet. This is due to the fact that people from different places may like to work in a particular city. So, when jobs are posted online, it can get to more people who can apply for the job.

Step 4. Find a recruiter

You can also try to find an agency to help you find a job in Toronto. Recruiters or agencies can help you in your search for jobs in Toronto.  They do this by helping you draft a good cover letter or your resume. They also help in getting tips for your interview as well as help to gather some info on the companies. However, if you hire an agency, then you must be ready to pay third party fees. 

Step 5. Do some networking

If you are looking for an in-demand job in the, you may also need some networking. A strong network of friends can help speed up your search for jobs in Toronto. An opportunity to visit the financial hub during the job search can be helpful to you as well.

Step 6. Update your CV for the in-demand job in Toronto

There are a ton of jobs available in Toronto. However, it’s also necessary to keep in mind that there are many professionals competing for them. So, if you want to be selected for the job, you’re going to need to have a CV that really stands out.

Step 7 Apply for a Canadian work visa

Canada’s department of immigration has made it fairly easy to apply for your work visa. The entire process can be completed online. All you will need to have with you are scanned copies of the  necessary work permit documents. Once you have everything you need in order, you can apply for your permit through the Canadian government’s online portal.

Step 8 Make The Move for the in-demand job in Toronto

The next big step is to make a move for the job you want in Toronto. You need to begin on time since you may have many competitors. So, once you have finished arranging your visa. Then, you must send in your applications for the job and follow them up.

Where to find in-demand jobs in Canada

To find an in- demand jobs in Toronto may be a tough task. This does not mean you have to get out of your house to do that. When you look for jobs in Canada, you must not get out to the streets. There are many sites where you can look out for works if you want to work in Toronto.

If you have concluded that that you want to work in Toronto. Then, you can try any of the following job search sites in Toronto. Some are specific to Toronto, while others are for general job search. 

  • Service Canada Job Bank
  • Kijiji
  • Workopolis 
  • Monster
  • WorkIn Culture
  • City of Toronto
  • Indeed
  • Media Job Search
  • GoodWork Canada
  • Masthead
  • Jeff Gaulin
  • LinkedIn
  • Bunz Employment Zone
  •  HiTechJobs
  • Charity Village
  • Startup Jobs
  •  EightSix Network

How to Work in Toronto, Canada

To work in any of Toronto’s five in-demand jobs in 2021-22. You will need the required skills and work experience. This is because there are various in-demand jobs in Ontario. Hence, once you have the skill, you don’t have to worry since there are works available for you. Below are the three most popular visa programs for in- demand jobs in Toronto.

The Express Entry System

You can apply through the Express Entry system if you want to live and work in Toronto permanently. One good thing about this program is that you can apply from outside of Canada. You do not also need any job offer to qualify for permanent residency. The requirements include: work experience, education level, and language abilities. You can also use the express entry system to enter Canada as a refugee but you must meet the requirements needed in the pool. 

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is managed by the provincial government of Ontario and designed to nominate international workers with in-demand skills to live and work anywhere in the province including the city of Toronto. You can either apply directly to the OINP if you’re a transport truck driver and most skilled workers like registered nurses and programmers can achieve nominations directly through the Express Entry system.

Canadian Work Permit

Unlike the above-mentioned programs, working in Canada on a work permit does not directly lead to permanent residency but it can in the long run. You’ll need a valid job offer to obtain a Canadian work permit and you may also need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for your visa application. A work permit is far easier to obtain if you have the support of an employer in Canada.