Top Most Employable Degrees In Canada 2020

Do you know that getting a great job opportunity in Canada can pave the way to securing a permanent residence too? To increase your chances of getting that high-paying job in Canada, you must enroll yourself to graduate from a college or university in the country.

The Top most employable degrees in Canada will increase your chances of staying in Canada with a range of opportunities coming your way.

Having a strong background in science and maths, and wish to make a career in the field of engineering, you must apply for any of the engineering degree listed by the RBC.

Out of the top 10 most employable degrees in Canada, the four best happen to involve engineering including Civil engineering, Specialized engineering, Software engineering, Chemical, and petroleum engineering.

While choosing any of these engineering degrees, you might even lad yourself a chance of an internship program along with studies that you will benefit from in the long run while seeking a job in Canada. Take a look at the broad categories of these degrees below to find out the most suitable career options for you in Canada.

Healthcare Degrees:

Out of the need to serve an increasing aged population, the healthcare sector in Canada continues to expand its wings to provide adequate healthcare. As an international student, been a nurse or a pharmacist provides you with great opportunities in the Canadian healthcare sector for a bright future and permanent residence in the country as well.

All you need is a good healthcare degree in any of these two fields to fill in the role in this area. However, it is a fact that the field of nursing and pharmacology follow regulations in Canada, you will have to go through a licensing process along your graduation to kick start your professional journey in these fields in Canada. Once you are cleared for your license in any of these two healthcare professions, you will be absolutely ready to secure a job as a nurse or pharmacist in Canada.

Civil Engineering Degree: 

In a few year’s time, Canada’s economic growth is expected to boost investments in construction projects, which may lead to growth in employment in this sector.


Having a degree in this field can get you a good-paying job in Canada. This can lead to work in mineral and petroleum exploration, environmental consulting, and urban projects.


You Well have to undergo an exam with the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada, complete an apprenticeship and become registered with your province’s college. The government of Canada, forsee a shortage of pharmacists until at least 2024.

Degree In Management:

Potential jobs include administrative services, budget, management analyst and marketing managers.

Petroleum Or Chemical Engineering:

Petroleum and chemical engineers can expect employment by energy companies, research institutes and the government sector. This is a high paying job in Canada.


Upon the completion of a graduate degree, you will be eligible to work in a variety of financial such as security analyst, market research analyst, bank manager, mortgage broker or portfolio manager

Software Engineer:

The number of computer engineers need is expected to grow in the next few years according to COPS, as a result of high business investment in the technology sector. You may want to check which of these careers above are supported for permanent residence applications in Canada.

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