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Top Reasons Why International Students Settle In Canada After Graduation

International students are always highly motivated to apply to Canada for abroad study. A new report suggests that many of them are already planning to apply for Canada permanent residence and work after graduation.

The CBIE survey found a 50/50 chance that respondents will apply for Canadian permanent residency after graduation and a good percentage are planning to work and settle in Canada after graduation.

Some of the various reasons prospective international students gave for wanting to apply for Canada PR include better job opportunities and Canada’s better standard of living compared to their home country.

So why are international students increasingly choosing to settle in Canada after graduation? This article highlights some of these reasons.

1. Improved Immigration Process

One of the most valid reasons behind the increase in the number of international students opting to settle in Canada after graduating is the straightforward and easy process of immigrating to the country.

The popular Express Entry system underwent reform last year to make economic immigration even more easy for applicants, especially international students applying to become Canadian permanent residents.

The reforms to the Express Entry program were aimed at luring the best of highly skilled international students. Following these reforms, there is a lesser emphasis on a job offer in Canada, and more focus on the quality of education the student has received their language proficiency, and their Canadian work experience.

2. Post Graduate Work Program

Getting valuable work experience after graduation is another essential reason for international students planning to remain in Canada after graduation. An International student is qualified for postgraduate working permits after graduation.

The PGWP allows international students to gain valuable work experience so that they can apply to become a Canadian permanent resident through the Canada Experience Class program. Learn more about post-graduate work permit here.

3. Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is the most common route to Canadian permanent residency for international students and highly temporary workers.

If you have a minimum of Twelve (12) months of skilled work experience in Canada within the last Three (3) years before you apply, then you are qualified to apply for CEC through Express Entry. Foreign students can also earn points for having studied in Canada if they earned a diploma or a degree from a Canadian designated learning institution.

4. Quality of Life

Canada is a wonderful place to settle down in, and quality of life is a major factor when planning to immigrate to a country.

The 2017 Global Peace Index reports, Canada as one of the Top Ten (10) safest countries worldwide and according to statistics measuring the quality of life specifically, Canada ranked number one in 2017! Quality of life statistics considers certain factors such as income equality, economic stability, education system, political stability, and public health system.

These four reasons have largely contributed towards the upward trend in the number of international students opting for Canada for their post-secondary education and eventually become permanent residents of Canada.

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