10 Best Canadian Cities to find a Job – Based on BMO’s Report

If working in Canada is your need, explore these 10 cities first.

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) have released list of 10 best Canadian cities to find a Job – whether as an unskilled, skilled/professional career immigrant, resident or citizen of Canada. This report comes in handy, especially since the prospects of finding a job is one of the drivers of peoples’ decision on the choice of city to settle in Canada.

A new regional labour market survey from the Bank of Montreal, BMO has ranked Canadian cities according to their level of job and population growths to determine the best places for finding work. Brantford, Ontario maintains the number one spot for the job market in Canada, according to the recent BMO Labour Market Report Card.

About The Bank of Montreal Labour Market Report

The BMO Labour Market Report is an economic indicator that tracks the labour market in Canada. It releases data on employment, jobless rates, wages and other factors related to the labour market in major cities of Canada. The report is published monthly by the Bank of Montreal (BMO).

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) released its latest labour market report today, which contained some interesting insights into the Canadian workforce. The report found that overall, the Canadian labour market is in good shape, with strong job growth and relatively low unemployment. However, there are a few areas of concern.

First, wage growth remains stubbornly low, despite the tight labour market. This suggests that employers may be able to get away with not raising wages as much as they otherwise would have to in a tighter labour market. Second, the report notes that fewer people are participating in the labour force than before the recession. This partly reflects an aging population but may also signal discouragement among potential workers who don’t think they can find a job in a Canadian city easily.

Major cities moved into the top ten (10) for the third quarters of the year, with six (6) of Canada’s ten (10) provinces represented on the list.

“The top of our city rankings is looking diverse, but larger cities from each region are moving to the top. For instance, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax all sit in the top-11,” says Robert Kavcic, a BMO Senior Economist and Director.

Brantford comes retained the top spot for its mammoth employment increase of 17.3 per cent in the previous year. The Ontario city is an important supporter of people seeking to move out of the Greater Toronto Area to search for more affordable living. The BMO surveys come amid a healthy period for Canada jobs.

Employment increased by 110,600 in the third quarters, building on significant gains in the last year.

“The spread between provincial jobless rate also remains historically low, suggesting more uniform condition than we have been used to,” Kavcic writes.

What are highlights of BMO Labour Market Report?

The BMO’s Labour Market Report card gives a comprehensive overview of the Canadian labour market. It includes both regional and national data, as well as sector-specific analysis.

Highlights of the report include:

  • The job market continued to strengthen in September, with employment rising by 1.2% on a year-over-year basis. This marked the fourth consecutive month of gains and was the strongest since February 2008.
  • Full-time employment was up 2.0% from a year earlier, while part-time positions declined 0.4%.
  • The unemployment rate dipped to 7.0%, from 7.1% in August (and down from 7.6% a year ago

Canada’s Top 10 Best Cities To Find A Job

The best cities to find a job in Canada vary depending on your skills and experience. However, some of the most popular cities for job seekers include Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and 7 other cities listed below. Each city has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and offers a wide range of jobs in a variety of industries. The cost of living is high, but the city also has a rich cultural life and plenty of amenities. Vancouver is also an attractive option for job seekers, with a thriving economy and beautiful scenery. However, the cost of living is also high in this city. Calgary is home to many energy companies and offers many opportunities. Below is a list of the ten cities that topped the BMO’s choicest cities to find jobs easily.

1) Brantford, Ontario

Unemployment rates: 3.6%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -2.2
Employment rates: 67.7%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 17.3%

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2) Ottawa, Ontario

Unemployment rates in Ottawa: 4.4%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -0.2
Employment rates: 67.7%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 8.3%

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3) Kelowna, British Columbia

Unemployment rates: 4.1%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -1.6
Employment rates: 64.6%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 5.7%

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4) Quebec City, Quebec

Unemployment rates: 3.0%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -0.9
Employment rates: 67.0%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 2.7%

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5) Calgary, Alberta

Unemployment rates: 7.1%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -1.0
Employment rates: 68.8%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 6.1%

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6) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Unemployment rates: 5.8%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -1.5
Employment rates: 65.2%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 2.8%

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7) Abbotsford, British Columbia

Unemployment rates: 5.0%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): 0.2
Employment rates: 63.1%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 4.7%

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8) Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unemployment rates: 5.7%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -0.9
Employment rates: 64.7%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 3.5%

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9) Victoria, British Columbia

Unemployment rates: 3.2%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -0.7
Employment rates: 61.3%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 0.4%

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10) Toronto, Ontario

Unemployment rate in Toronto: 5.8%
Unemployment rates change (last 12 months): -0.3
Employment rates: 63.1%
Employment increase (past 12 months): 5.0%

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Most unlikely cities to find Jobs in Canada

On the flip side, the lowest-ranked Canadian cities for finding a job are:

  • Saint John, New Brunswick (unemployment 7.7 per cent),
  • Peterborough, Ontario (unemployment 7.6 per cent),
  • Windsor, Ontario (unemployment 9.7 per cent), and
  • Sudbury, Ontario (unemployment 8.4 per cent).

What are the benefits of working in Canada as a Foreigner?

There are many benefits to working in Canada as a foreigner. One of the biggest benefits is that Canada has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate. This means that you will be able to find work easily, and that you will be able to earn a good salary. Additionally, Canada offers great benefits packages, including health care and social security. And, because Canada is a multicultural country, you will be able to experience different cultures and traditions while living here. Finally, Canada is a safe country with many opportunities for recreation and travel.

The benefits of working in Canada as a foreigner depend on your visa status. For example, if you are on a work permit, you may be eligible for health insurance and social assistance programs. If you are a permanent resident or citizen, you may enjoy additional benefits such as access to education and employment opportunities.

Overall, Canada is a great place to work because of its strong economy and welcoming environment. There are many opportunities available in various industries, and the government actively encourages immigration and foreign investment. Moreover, Canadians are known for their politeness and hospitality, so you can be assured that you will be treated well wherever you go.

Wrapping up

Chances of finding an unskilled, skilled/professional job in a Canadian city is relative and vary based on ones’ skillsets, exposure, education, years of experience and support network in Canada. It is recommended that immigrants explore all cities and find which one best suits their career needs. For more information about working in Canada, please see work in Canada page.