Top Visitor Attraction Activities In Canada

Top Visitor Attraction Activities In Canada 2018. The top visitor attraction activities in Canada is breathtaking. See details below.

Canada being a nature loving country with so many natural wonders has been awarded the “Best country for 2017” by Lonely Planets. The natural wonders of Canada makes it a wonderful place for tourist activities.

If you are thinking of the best place to spend your holiday then consider choosing Canada as it is a home of natural wonders.

Visitor Attraction Activities In Canada.

The visitor attraction activities in Canada are;

1) Niagara Falls: The Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America and maybe the most famous in the world, attracting millions tourist each year. In the winter the Niagara falls place does resemble a lot like a winter wonderland. In the winter, you do not have to choose any other place for tour excepts the ‘Niagara falls’ because during this period,you will be able to attend a lot of festivals/events which include the festival of lights, annual new year party etc.

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2) Pacific Rim National Park: The park provides access to nature at its rawest: Wet, wild and dramatic scenery that can be observed from the comfort of warm, luxurious hotels that dot the coastline. The park is made up of sandy beaches on the west coast of Vancouver Island between Ucuelet and Tofino.

3) Rocky Mountaineer: This offers over 45 Canadian vacation packages and four unique rail routes. it is the best way to experience the majestic Canadian Rockies. It is a tour company offering Western Canadian vacation packages that operates trains on four rail routes through British Columbia and Alberta.

4) Old Quebec City: This is the oldest part of Quebec City which is maintained with a strong military and administrative presence from its beginning. The rich historic nature of Old Quebec is marked by the city’s ramparts, fortifications, and many historic houses and buildings. Quebec’s Old Town is the only North American fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist.

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5) Parliament Buildings Ottawa: This is the most visited Ottawa attraction. It is the focal point for Canada Day celebrations each July 1. In December, the Hill is bathed in the colours of thousands of lights as one of the premier sites of the Christmas Lights Across Canada. This hill houses Canada’s parliament.

6) Alaska or Alcan Highway will be marking its 75th anniversary

This highway will turn 75 this year. it was built during 2nd world war in order to make the travel of Canadian and US army easier during the war. This highway connects Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. The Kluane National Park is located near Alaska Highway and it is also the home of the tallest mountain in Canada (Mount Logan). People prefer taking a trip on this highway in order to enjoy various picturesque sights that can be seen from Alaska Highway.

Canada’s peaceful and warming nature makes everyone want to visit Canada from other countries. Canada is just the best place to cool your head off and enjoy life.