Trump Administration Defends ICE Raids: Timing Was Unfortunate

Trump Administration Defends ICE Raids. Immigration and Customs Enforcements agents arrest almost 700 immigrants on 7th August as part of a series of ongoing raids at worksite throughout the state. The acting head of homeland security admits raids in Mississippi happened at the wrong time after El Paso attacks that was targeted at Mexicans. Trump administration officials defended the mass immigration raids that took place in Mississippi including an emotional footage of a kid pleading with authorities to release her father who was apprehended as a result of the raid.

Trump Administration Defends ICE Raids

Mark Morgan,acting Customs and Border Protection commissioner acknowledged that there was a video of an 11-year-old girl sobbing and begging for the release to her father was “emotional” but says the girl was quickly reunited with her mother. “I understand that the girl is upset, and I get that. But her father committed a crime which can not be overlooked“, he told CNN on Sunday.

Meanwhile, acting homeland security secretary Kevin McAleenan acknowledged the timing of the raids was “unfortunate”, coming hours before Donald Trump visited El Paso, Texas, where a man who told authorities he was targeting Mexicans killed 22 people on 3 August. However, McAleenan disclosed in an interview with NBC that the operation had been planned for more than a year.

ICE Raids Leave Latino Community Paralyzed With Fear

Latino communities in Mississippi are on edge after the arrest of 700 immigrants, with residents saying they fear going outside. In the wake of last week’s immigration raids in Mississippi, registered immigrants were required to show federal agents their identification before leaving the food plant. The ICE raids have left the small town’s sizable Latino Community Paralyzed With Fear. On a rainy Saturday, a grocery store owner Miguel, told the Guardian from across the counter of his store that “Hispanic people are scared to go out. They are afraid ICE is still around. I’m worried about my business. Its so slow. People came out and now no one is coming out”.

Trump’s White House has ordered US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to identify more targets across the country, according to a report by CNN. Just like those in the Mississippi, the network said the raids would be specifically aimed at workplaces.