Trump Proclamation Could Bar An Estimated Legal Immigrants

Trump Proclamation Could Bar An Estimated Legal Immigrants. An estimated two-thirds of legal immigrants could be bared as a result of the recent proclamation by the Trump administration. A new analysis discovered that the US president issued a proclamation that will deny visas to immigrants who can not provide prove that they will get health insurance or would be able to cover medical costs could exclude two-thirds of future immigrants. This is the latest Proclamation and perhaps the most significant action taken by the Trump administration in order to reduce legal immigration and may also prove to be more restrictive than a separate, recent policy targeting legal immigrants who use public benefits. This will particularly affect lower-income immigrants.

Trump Proclamation Could Bar An Estimated Legal Immigrants

The proclamation was released quietly on Friday evening by the White House, it will require immigrants to prove they will either obtain health insurance within 30 days of entering the country or prove they are able to cover “reasonable foreseeable” medical costs. Those who failed to meet the requirements will be denied visas. Immigrants who uses the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies to obtain insurance will equally be denied visa. 65% of would-be green card holders may be bared by the rule, discovered by an analysis by the nonprofit Migration Policy Institute. Asylum seekers or temporary visas will not be affected by the policy.

This will be a big disadvantage for immigrants who do not have a job offer that will provide health insurance or are not joining a spouse already in the U.S. who has health insurance they could join, says Julia Gelatt, a senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute who conducted the analysis.

The health insurance system is very hard to navigate in a short period of time, Gelatt continued, and individuals must be able to make a certain amount of money in order to qualify for insurance through an ACA exchange without being eligible for subsidies.

The rule could create a de facto income test for immigrants and assist in achieving the Trump administration’s long-term goal of shifting the legal immigration system so that it could favor the so-called merit-based immigration, rather than the immigration of those seeking to join family members who are already in the United States.

It’s consistent with this administration’s push for so-called merit-based immigration to let in only people who have high paying job offers as well as high educational achievement,” Gelatt says. “Perhaps, this could be the way to try to enact that type of policy without going through congress or having a public debate“. The White House argues that uninsured immigrants create a financial burden on taxpayers and healthcare systems.

The Proclamation put that, “Immigrants who enter this country should not further saddle our healthcare system, and subsequently American taxpayers, with higher costs“. After the proclamation was issued, immigration groups and advocacy organizations widely condemned the proclamation.

The Trump administration has pushed for wholesale immigration reform aimed at  decreasing family-based immigration and increasing merit-based immigration, but Congress has not acted on any such reform measures. Any bills aimed at reshuffling the legal immigration system would face almost impossible odds in the Democratic-controlled House.

In August, the administration finalized a new ” public charge” policy that gives the government the authority to deny permanent legal status to immigrants who use public benefits like food or housing assistance, or those the government determines may be likely to use public benefits in the future. The policy is facing numerous court challenges.

This new rule could be even more restrictive than the public charge rule. The public charge rule considers many factors when determining if an immigrant is likely to use public benefits, while this new rule is centered solely on insurance and healthcare costs, says Gelatt.

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