Tulane University Scholarships for International Students 2021

Tulane University Scholarships is now available for qualified international students who wish to study abroad. This is a private university located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tulane University welcomes students from all over the world. It offers professional courses to both domestic and international students. Students of the university have succeeded after graduation, due to the great professors as well as academic programs. The institution is known for its high quality educational standard. Alumni of the university assist students of the university to get jobs after graduation and also give career advice. If you wish to study abroad, this is university is the best choice for you.

About Tulane University

Tulane University was established in 1834 located in one of the colorful city of the US, New Orleans, Louisiana. The city of New Orleans is widely known to be the origin of Jazz music. The original name of the university was the Medical University of Lousiana. As a result of many diseases that was spreading at that time, such as smallpox, yellow fever and cholera. And in order to contain and know more about these diseases, the predecessor of Tulane University was founded in order to train doctors and research more on these diseases.

During and after the Civil War, the institution went through a very tough time. Because New Orleans was one of the cities heavily affected during the Civil War, the university was shut down during this turbulence time. Entire South experience economic difficulty after the War, but the university remained closed. Tulane, a successful businessman in Louisiana donated real estate to Tulane University in 1884. This huge donation helped in reviving the university, and it reopened its doors.

Over 8,000 undergraduate and 5,000 graduate students are currently studying at Tulane University. The institution has more than 1,200 academic staff that teach these excellent students in their various departments and majors. The students and professors are one of the best in the nation because Tulane University is a selective university. Students studying at the university enjoys the musical activities and variety of food choices offered by the city of New Orleans.

Many individuals, organizations and government collaborated in funding this university. These funds, tuition and other income help in running many academic programs and facilities. Most of the fund used in the Tulane University Scholarships for both domestic and international students comes from the university’s endowment which is over $1.1 billion dollars. Part of the fund is used to sponsor research programs that are actively taking place at the university. As a result of the high research grant, there are many highly-qualified researchers, and because of this, the institution has been awarded by Carnegie Foundation to be one of the best research universities.

Thousands of students of the university have succeeded after graduation due to the great professors and academic programs offered. Also, many alumni and professors have won the Noble Prizes in different fields, also many alumni who have and still holding influential positions in the government, prominent sports players that succeeded in many sports. And also other alumni that have succeeded in other fields.

Tulane University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Tulane University offers numerous scholarships opportunities for international students. This excellent university offers up to $23,000 each year as a need-based grant for those who have not received merit scholarship greater than $23,000. In addition, they also offer up to full tuition scholarships which is known as the Global Scholarships for international students. They offer full cost scholarships called Brandt Dixon Scholarships for Latin American students. Of course, you will be required to show great academic credentials in order to receive these scholarships.

Undergraduate Admissions

In order to be eligible for scholarships at Tulane University, students need to be admitted into the university first. Visit the university Admission Page and see more details on the required documents such as transcripts, application, English Proficiency Exams, secondary School Reports and Certificate of Finances.

Tulane University Scholarships (Graduate)

Tulane University awards scholarships to majority of PhD students. Such students will receive fully funded scholarships inc!using tuition and stipend. For master’s students, the amount of Tulane University scholarships will depend on the strength of the applicant and financial situation of individual department.

Graduate Admissions

The admissions process for graduate students is not handled by a single department. In undergraduate admissions, the admissions process was handled by the Admissions Office. However, in graduate admissions, the process is handled by individual departments. This is same with Tulane University scholarships. It is important to look at individual department’s webpage in order to note the specific information for your major. Go to Graduate Admission Page and you will find detailed information on so many department to choose from.

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