Tulane University Scholarships for International Students 2021

Tulane University makes provision for unique learning programs and environments to its Canadian and international students.

Tulane University Scholarships are now available for qualified international students who wish to study abroad. This is a private university located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tulane University welcomes students from all over the world. It offers professional courses to both domestic and international students.

Students of the university have succeeded after graduation, due to the great professors as well as academic programs.

The institution is known for its high-quality educational standard. Alumni of the university assist students of the university to get jobs after graduation and also give career advice. If you wish to study abroad, this is university is the best choice for you.

About Tulane University

Tulane University was first established in 1834. Besides, Tulane University is a private research post-secondary institution located in New Orleans.

More so, Tulane University makes provision for unique learning programs and environments to its Canadian and international students.

Furthermore, studying at Tulane University will enable you to enhance your cultural knowledge, research skills, as well as your competencies in many foreign languages.

In addition, Tulane University undergraduate students undergo studies (Major) in one of the following schools.

However, these include Tulane University School of Business, School of Science and Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Liberal Arts, as well as School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Tulane University programs

Tulane University offers more than 75 different majors and minors to its Canadian and international students.

Hence, some of these programs include;

Areas of study

Available programs


Accounting Minor
Africana Studies Major / Minor
Anthropology Minor / BA / BS
Arabic Studies Minor
Architecture Minor / B.Arch / BSA
Art History Major / Minor
Asian Studies Major / Minor
Biological Chemistry Major / Minor
Biomedical Engineering Major / Minor
Cell and Molecular Biology Major / Minor
Chemical Engineering Major
Chemistry Major / Minor
Chinese Language Minor
Classical Studies Major / Minor
Cognitive Studies Coordinate Major
Communication Major
Composition BFA
Dance BA / BFA
Design Minor
Design: Preservation

Real Estate

Social Innovation.

Other Minor and Major Courses

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major
Economics Minor / BA / BS
Engineering Physics Major
Engineering Science Minor
English Major / Minor
Environmental Biology Major
       ” Earth Science Major / Minor
Environmental Studies Major / Minor
Exercise Science Minor / B.S.
Film Studies Major / Minor
Finance Major / Minor
French Major / Minor
Gender and Sexuality Studies Major / Minor
Geology Major / Minor
German Studies Major / Minor
Greek Major / Minor
Health and Wellness Minor / B.A.
History Major / Minor
Information Technology Minor / B.S.
Italian Major / Minor
Japanese Language Minor
Jazz Studies BFA
Jewish Studies Major / Minor
Latin American Studies Major / Minor
Latin Major / Minor
Legal Studies in Business Major / Minor
Linguistics BA / BS
Management Major / Minor
Marketing Major / Minor
Materials Engineering Certificate
Mathematics Major / Minor
Mechanical Engineering Certificate
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Major / Minor
Non-Business Students Minor
Music Minor / BA / BFA
Music Science and Technology Minor
Musical Cultures of the Gulf South Coordinate Major
Musical Theatre BFA
Native American Studies Minor
Neuroscience Major
Performance BFA
Philosophy Minor / MA
Physics Major / Minor
Political Economy Major with Concentration in Economics and Public Policy
Political Economy Major with Concentration in International Perspectives
Political Economy Major with Concentration in Law, Economics, and Policy
      ” Economy Major with Concentration in Moral and Historical Perspectives
Political Science Major / Minor
      ” Science/ International Development Major /Minor
Political Science/ International Relations Major
Portuguese Coordinate Major / Minor
Preservation Minor
Psychology and Early Childhood Education Major
Psychology Major / Minor
Public Health Minor / BSPH
Real Estate Minor
Real Estate BS
Religious Studies Minor
Russian Major / Minor
Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship Minor
Social Policy and Practice Coordinate Major
Sociology Major / Minor
Spanish and Portuguese Major
Spanish Major / Minor
Strategy, Leadership & Analytics Minor
Studio Art Minor / BA / BFA
Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor
Theatre BA / BFA
Urban Studies Minor
US Public Policy Minor

Admissions requirements to become an international student at Tulane University

Ans – Tulane University requires its international applicants to provide the following documents and certifications.

i. Tulane University application form

ii. High school transcripts of study

iii. An official letter of recommendation or secondary school report from their class head or guidance counselor

iv. Certification of Finances Form

v. Proof of English proficiency:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): The least score of 6.5
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): A minimum score of 95
  • Cambridge English: Advanced results
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency exam results
  • Duolingo English test: Score not less than 115.

Why You Should Consider studying at Tulane University?

Ans International students at Tulane University take advantage of several benefits during their study, which includes;

  • Firstly, you will be able to learn in small classrooms that contain a maximum of 15 students, which brings about hands-on learning
  • Secondly, you’ll be opportune to learn up to twenty-six (26) different languages
  • Thirdly, you will have access to career services via

However, the Tulane University Career Services website will enable you to view employment postings from 1,600+ companies and establishments.

  • Additionally, Tulane University makes provision for TIDES, which allows its international students to explore the community, increase their reputation, as well as to get new contacts.

Tulane University Scholarships for International students

Tulane University provides several merit-based and need-based scholarships to its international students.

Besides, their need-based scholarships make provision for about $23,000 Canadian Dollars to international students who were able to satisfy certain conditions.

Moreover, you must not have received a scholarship of the same amount or more in any of Tulane University merit-based scholarships.

Additionally, you are required to apply yearly for Tulane University need-based scholarships for continuity.

As an international student at Tulane University, you can apply for any of the following scholarships.

  1. Brandt Dixon Scholarship
  2. Global Scholarship
  3. Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award

Brandt Dixon Scholarship for Tulane University international students

This scholarship automatically considers female natives of Latin America who are entering Tulane University.

Thus, Latin Americans are funded with part/full payment of their Tulane University tuition fees.

Moreover, the Brandt Dixon Scholarship can be renewed for four years of study.

Eligibility requirements for Brandt Dixon Scholarship

  • First of all, you must be a female Latin American who wants to become a student at Tulane University Liberal Arts.
  • In addition, you are required to showcase superb academic and extracurricular certifications.

Global Scholarship for Tulane University international students

This scholarship is open to non-Canadian students at Tulane University. Eligible international students are rewarded with part or full amount of their tuition fee.

Additionally, Global Scholarship can be renewed for 4 years if you’re undergoing study in any 4-year program at Tulane University.

However, if you’re studying one of Tulane University’s 5-year programs, your Global Scholarship is renewable for five years.

Furthermore, you need to partake in a video interview with Tulane University International Admission Committee by the 30th of March, for which you will receive an invitation.

Eligibility requirement for international students at Tulane University

  • Before anything else, you must be an international student with great academic records.

Hence, you are required to be among the top 20% of applicants as regards testing and Grade Point Average (GPA).

NOTE: It is recommended that you submit a full Early Action by the 15th of November. As an option, ensure submission of Early Decision by the 1st of November.

Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award for international students at Tulane University

This scholarship doesn’t require application by international students. Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award is renewable for four years of study.

Besides, Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award provides funds to Tulane University international students, which covers their full tuition fees.

More so, this scholarship mandates you to possess impressive academic and extracurricular certifications.

Furthermore, Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award is only open to undergraduate students who are from a country in Sub-Saharan Africa and are studying there.

Examples of these countries include Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, etc.

Tulane University Office of the registrar 

Ans Tulane University registrar’s office is situated at 110 Gibson Hall,

Tulane University address: 6823 St. Charles Avenue,

New Orleans, LA 70118.

Tulane University phone number: 504 865 5231

Fax: 504 865 6760

Tulane University email: [email protected]


FAQs about Tulane University scholarships for international students 

Q. What is Tulane University’s ranking?

Ans – Tulane University was ranked as No.41 in the 2021 list of National Universities.

Q. How much is the Tulane University’s application fee?

Ans Tulane University offers a free application of admission to its prospective students

Q. What is Tulane University’s student population for full-time undergraduates?

Ans – Tulane University has about 6,750 full-time undergraduate students on its campus.

Q. Are there international students at Tulane University?

Ans – Tulane University admissions are open to international students from many countries.

Moreover, there are more than 1,282 international students at Tulane University.

Q. How do I make inquiries on Tulane University Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award?

Ans You need to reach out to Paul Burgess via, [email protected] in order to get answers to your concerns on Sub-Saharan Africa Leadership Award.

Q. How do I apply for need-based scholarships at Tulane University?

Ans – Before the 15th of February, you need to submit a CSS Profile, along with some supporting documents so as to successfully apply for Tulane need-based scholarships.