Tunisian Embassy in Canada – Getting help in Canada

This is a complete guide on the citizen services offered by the Tunisian Embassy in Canada

Without a doubt, there are several things you would like to know about the Tunisian Embassy in Canada, the address and contact details as well as obtaining a Tunisian passport in Canada.

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What is an embassy?

Most certainly, an embassy is located at the heart of the capital city of a country housing the offices where representatives work and headed by an ambassador.

Basically, embassies are located in the capital city for easy accessibility, so that their citizen can easily locate in case of emergency.

Tunisian Embassy protects the interest of their land in Canada as well as acts as the intermediary between Tunisia and Canada during negotiations, reporting to the president back in Tunisia.

Also, the Tunisian embassy informs its government of significant economic, political, and social decisions that may affect the relationship between the countries either negatively or positively.

About Tunisia

Tunisia, which is officially known as the Republic of Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa and a part of the Maghreb region of North Africa. Basically, it shares a border with Libya to the south-east, Algeria to the Southwest and West, and the Mediterranean Sea to the North and East. Without a doubt, it covers about 163,610 km2 (63,170 sq mi) a population of 11 million people.

Interestingly, it consists of the northern reaches of the Sahara desert and the Eastern end of the Atlas mountains with most of the remaining territory arable land. And yes!, Its 1,300 km (810 mi) of coastland includes the African in conjunction with the Eastern and western part of the Mediterranean basin.

Undoubtedly, the capital and largest city in Tunisia is Tunis and is located on its north-eastern coast which lends the country its name. Tunisia is home to Africa’s northernmost point which is Cape Angela.

And yes! Tunisia is known as the country that originated from the Arab spring. An Uprising against the government in different countries in the middle East and North Africa started in 2011. Recently, Tunisia became known as an affordable and popular beach destination with an Oriental flair that has had a thriving tourism industry since a long time ago.

Not only does the beach attract visitors but also several historical sites such as several Muslim Kasbahs and Ribats (fortifications), pillaged Carthage, cave houses, or the remains of Dougga, fortified Berber granaries, a Phoenician and Roman settlement, and the best-preserved Roman town in North Africa.

Addresses and contact details of Tunisian Embassy in Canada

You wouldn’t need to bother about getting the address of the Tunisian Embassy in Canada, we have it here- check it out!.

However, there are also a Tunisian Consulate in Canada, we have their addresses and contact details here as well

#Tunisian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

Address: 515 O’Connor Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 3P8. Canada

Telephone: (+1) 613 237 03 30

Fax: (+1) 613 237 79 39

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

#Tunisian Honorary Consulate in Montreal, Canada

Address: Tunisian Honorary Consulate in Montreal, Canada, 1255 University Street, Suite 300 – Montreal – Quebec H3B 3B4 – Canada

Telephone: (+1) (514) 844-6909 & (+1) (514) 844-2342

Fax: (+1) (514) 844-5895

E-mail: [email protected]

#Tunisian Honorary Consulate in Vancouver, Canada

Address: Tunisian Honorary Consulate in Vancouver, Canada – 885 West Georgia Street, Suite 800 – Vancouver – British Columbia V6C 3H1 – Canada

Telephone: (+1) (604) 649-8435

Fax: (+1) (604) 687-6314

E-mail: [email protected]

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Tunisia

Nevertheless, if you are in Tunisia and you seek to locate the address of the Canadian consular in Tunisia you can check the address below

Canada Embassy in Tunis

Address: Rue de la Feuille d’Erable, Les Berges du Lac II

P.O. Box: 481053, Berges du Lac, Tunis Tunisia

Phone: +216-70-010-200

Fax: +216-70-010-393

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Website URL: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/tunisia-tunisie/


Haitian Embassy in Canada

Top 6 Services Provided by Tunisian Embassy in Canada

the following are the services that are rendered by the Tunisian Embassy in Canada

  • Passport
  • Consular services
  • Citizenship services
  • Visa issuing
  • General inquiries
  • Notarial services

Obtaining a Tunisian passport at the Tunisian Embassy in Canada

There are different requirements for different categories of obtaining a passport in the Tunisian Embassy in Canada, they are as follows

1. New first-time passport for a minor

To obtain a Tunisian passport in the Tunisian Embassy in Canada (either as a first-time passport or for a minor), you have to meet the following requirements

  • Application Form that is duly filled out.
  • A Copy of Tunisian Birth Certificate (However, you must register the birth first, once you complete the registration)
  • Two Copies of both Parents identity (Tunisian C.I.N if one of the parents is Tunisian or if both are Tunisian)
  • Two Recent Passport Photograph ( that is 2”x 2” inch White Background )
  • Parent’s Authorization Form notarized and duly signed
  • Also, application Fees 31.50$ ( Which is a sum of 19$ Passport Fees + 8$ Parent’s Authorization form Fees + 4.50$ Birth Certificate Fees)

2. Passport renewal at the Tunisian Embassy in Canada

However, to renew an expired passport at the Tunisian Embassy in Canada, you have to meet the following requirements. Note that passports can only be renewed 6 months before it’s expiring date

  • Application Form duly that is filled out and signed.
  • Likewise, the Expired original Passport must be sent with the application, if not, it will be considered a lost Passport Application.
  • In addition, you will need two copies of Tunisian ID Card C.I.N (if lost, expired, or damaged or over the age of 18 and never had an ID, you will have to fill up the C.I.N Pledge form )
  • Tunisian Birth Certificate- 2 copies(even when in Canada you can obtain the Tunisian birth certificate online through the generation birth certificate link)
  • Two Copies of legal status in Canada, or proof of(Pending Green card cases, will need a copy of the USCIS receipt notice)*
  • Recent Passport Photos- 2 copies(2”x 2″ White Background) Old photos will be rejected*
  • Tax return for Self Employed, or Employment Letter or Business license (for Business owners).

However, if you want to enroll for a passport at the Tunisian Embassy in Canada you have to provide the parent authorization (this is peculiar for minors that are under the age of 18).

3. If you want to keep the old expired Tunisian passport

  • Application Fees: (Money Order only paid to the Embassy of Tunisia)
  • Adults and Non-Student that is 18 years and above will pay the passport fee of $60 NOTE: C.I.N Pledge form Fees is $8 (Only if Applicable)
  • Kids: 27$ ( which is a sum of 19$ Passport Fees + 8$ Parent’s Authorization form Fees )
  • Students that are 18 years and above will pay a passport fee of $19. NOTE: C.I.N Pledge form Fees 8$ (Only if Applicable)
  • Consular Card Fees 12$ (which is eligible over 16 years old Applicant only)

4. The lost passport application process

Note that if you want to apply for another passport as a result of a misplaced or lost passport, you will require the minister of interior’s approval. The process may take a long time though.

Here are the following requirements to apply for a lost passport

  • Application Form that is duly filled out and signed.
  • Copies of the lost passport (2 copies if available)
  • Two copies of the Tunisian ID card C.I.N (if lost, expired, or damaged or over the age of 18 and never had one, you can fill up the C.I.N Pledge form )
  • Parent’s Authorization (this is applicable for Minors only under the age of 18)
  • Two Copies of a recent Tunisian Birth Certificate.
  • Also, Two copies of the proof of legal status in Canada, Permanent Resident Card, or Canadian Passport.
  • A Letter that explains the circumstances of losing the Tunisian passport.
  • Fingerprints (you will use the fingerprinting Kit )
  • Canadian Police report.
  • You have to pay for Lost Passport Application Fee 111$
  • Consular Card Fee of 12$ ( but for applicants over 16 years old Applicant only)
  • Lastly, you have to provide Recent Passport Photos, two at least. (2” x 2” White Background)

However, if your civil status has changed from being single to married in Canada, you must register your marriage and submit the marriage registration application and some other fees, with your application passport application form.

Importantly, all passport applicants must provide a self-addressed prepaid priority mail express that is an envelope from the Canadian postal service. This is to ensure that their passports will be mailed back once the new passport has been issued.

How to get a job in Tunisian Embassy in Canada              

Getting a job at the Tunisian Embassy in Canada is not too difficult. We will like to let you know about the list of jobs that you can apply to. They are

  • Passport and visa services
  • Economic policy advisors
  • Security
  • Foreign language skills

And so on. There are requirements to land this job, you can check the official website for more information

Frequently asked questions

How many Tunisians are in Canada?

According to the 2016 Census, there are about 25,645 Canadians who claimed Tunisian citizenship.

What do Tunisia and Canada have in common?

Canada and Tunisia established a diplomatic relationship in 1957. The two countries really enjoy excellent bilateral relations, likewise, are members of La Francophonie. In 2020, the Tunisian diaspora in Canada represented up to 35,000 people residing in the province of Quebec.


Without a doubt, the Tunisian Embassy in Canada is dedicated to Tunisian citizens in Canada. The citizen services offered by the embassy are top-notch. However, ensure to meet all requirements to obtain a Tunisian passport in Canada