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Turkey Residence Permit – Types, Application, and Validity

Turkey, a spectacular country in the middle east of Asia, welcomes foreign nationals year-round. Tourists from over 70 countries always visit the country and sometimes intend to stay for over three months. To fully enjoy the splendor and glamour of the country for more than three months, then one will need to get a Turkey residence permit. With it, you can continue to stay and enjoy turkey longer and legally.

However, getting a Turkey residence permit comes with enormous benefits for a tourist. The only way you can take up to 90 days out of the 180 days in the year will be to get a residence permit. The truth is that getting this permit to continue enjoying the magnificent offerings of the country is just straightforward. However, your visa can only grant you the privilege of entering this transcontinental country for three months.

But if you want to enjoy other benefits like working at the international level and marrying a Turkish spouse. Also, with opening a Turkish bank or frequenting here for holidays, then you must have your Turkey permit. You would need to be furnished with truthful information to get the process carried out. So this post will cover all the information that you would need to know about Turkey Residence Permit: Types, Application, and Validity.

About Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a country that is partly in Europe and Asia. It is noted to be a transcontinental country. Turkey is a country where you can enjoy both European and oriental elements. Turkey has a population of about 85,51,97 people. The official language used in the country is Turkish, though other languages spoken include Kurdish, Caucasian, Arabic, and Greek.

The country is famous for its traditional Turkish tea, bazaars, hammam, and carpets. The two destinations in the country that are irresistible to tourists are Cappadocia and Istanbul. The two places always have sweet treats like Baklava and Turkish delight for their visitors. The Turkish are amiable people, and the country is electrifying to visit. The information below will help you swiftly get your turkey residence permit without hassles.

Benefits of Turkey Residence Permit

  • It will authorize you to stay in Turkey for longer than three months.
  • With the Turkey Residence Permit, you study in the country for a more extended period.
  • It will enable you to marry a Turkish spouse without any legal challenge.
  • You can also get a bank account and even purchase property in turkey.
  • The Turkey Residence Permit will enable you to get a tax number and also make investments in the country.

Types of Turkey Residence Permits

A tourist will be issued a residence permit according to the purpose of the visit to the country. So your visa and duration of time will be used as well to ascertain the residence permit you need.

Long-term Permit

The long-term Turkey Residence Permit is for indefinite validity. To obtain this permit, you must have lived in the country for about eight years without interruption. But some people are still not eligible for this permit even if they have lived here for eight years. This includes refugees, secondary protection status holders, conditional refugees, and humanitarian residence permit holders.

Student Permit

Student Turkey Residence Permit is for those in the country for their primary and secondary studies. But those with a family Turkey Residence Permit might not need this. Other groups that can apply for this permit are Higher education, associate degree studies, specialty training, and masters and doctorate.

Family Permit

Family Turkey Residence Permit is obtained by a Turkish foreign spouse, the dependent foreign child, and the family’s minor children. The spouse sponsoring the permit must have enough funds to cater to everyone applying for this permit to get a license.

Short-term Permit

Short-term Turkey Residence Permit is a tourist delight as it is the most sort after permit. This permit is obtained for scientific purposes or for establishing a business in the country. You can also get this permit for participating in in-service training programs, tourism purposes, and medical treatment.

Human trafficking Permit

The Human trafficking Turkey Residence Permit is issued to victims of human trafficking. So the victims living in the country can apply for this.

Applying for Turkey Residence Permit

Legally, you are to obtain Turkey Residence Permit when you intend to live in the country for longer than three months. The law stipulates that foreign nationals get a specific residence permit to stay in their country. So you would need to apply for this permit. The below steps are how you can apply for your Turkey Residence Permit.

  • The first is that to get your Turkey Residence Permit, you must apply for it within four weeks of getting into Turkey.
  • Then decide on the type of permit that suits your purpose of stay in the country
  • Next, access the Turkish ministry of the interior site to complete the online application
  • Then get to the central appointment system site to request an appointment at the closest office of the Directorate General of Migration management.
  • Complete a form with your address and information there with the site. Once this is done, you will be given the list of the needed documents and the time and date for the appointment. You will also make payment for the permit application this same day.

Turkey Residence Permit documents for your application

When you are scheduled for an appointment, you would be requested to show up with some documents. The documents will help you get the permit. The following documents will be needed

  • Your original passport
  • The residence permits application form
  • Sustainable financial resources, i.e., proof of sufficient funds that will cover your long stay. The least amount should be 500 Euros
  • Proof of health insurance and four biometric photographs
  • Travel document or notarized copy of the passport

Validity of Turkey Residence Permit

Each permit has its validity, and it depends on the type you are holding with you. So the validity for each Turkey Residence Permits as follows:

Turkey long-term Residence Permit: This Permit is issued for an indefinite validity.

Family Permit: the family type of permit is for three years.

Student Permit: this permit validity is according to the duration of education. Like if the duration of the studies is two years, then the validity will be for two years and doesn’t exceed that.

Humanitarian permit: the Humanitarian Permit is for a year, and it doesn’t exceed that and may not be renewable.

Human trafficking Permit: The Turkey trafficking Permit is valid for only 30 days

Short-term Permit: The short-term Permit is granted for two years at most. This is granted for just a time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who needs the Turkey Residence Permit?

All foreign nationals that get into Turkey for whatever purpose to stay above three mont

What happens if I don’t get a Turkey Residence Permit?

It will show that you are staying in Turkey illegally for three months, so it is good to get it for your safety.

What is the right time to apply for a Turkey Residence Permit?

Apply for one within a month of arriving in Turkey, but you can also apply two weeks to departure.

How long does it take to obtain the permit?

Using the government migration system is faster; it takes on 24 hours to get approval,

Can I make my application for the Permits online?

Yes, you can apply for your permit is done online. You do this when you are already in Turkey. You can’t do it in the country’s embassy or any other foreign country.

Do I need a permit to open a bank account In Turkey?

Yes, because all banks in the country will request it before an account can be opened for foreign nationals. In most cases, you would need a work permit to commerce. So the best bet will be to get your Turkey Residence Permit first before moving on.

Can I live in Turkey with a residence permit?

Yes, living in Turkey requires your visa and residency permits. But if you need to stay longer, you would need a residence permit.

Can I do a business or own an investment with a permit?

Yes, it is legal for foreigners living in Turkey with a Turkish Residence Permit to make corporate investments or own personal businesses. You can also search the country for future business.

Who issues the Turkey Residence Permit?

The Residence Permit is made available by the Directorate general migration management. This body is under the Turkish ministry of interior. This body has about 20 offices in the country and issues six different Permits to those eligible for it.


Turkey is a perfect transcontinental country where you can visit, stay and work for a long time. The government is blessed with appealing sights, enticing local and foreign cuisines, an alluring ambiance, and propitious people. You can stay in Turkey as a foreigner or tourist for more than three months to obtain your Turkish Residence Permit. The steps are pretty simple; you need to follow the above-outlined steps. The above information is to acquaint you with all that you need to know about Turkey Residence Permit.

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