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How to apply for Turkey Student Visa and Documentation

Thousands of international students troop into Turkey every year to study. This is a result of the recent development in the Turkish education system. Thus, international students from countries like India, Nigeria, and Algeria want to take advantage of this. However, you must obtain a Turkey Student visa before you can study in Turkey.

Turkey has tried to combine in-class studies with field experience. Thus, students get practical experience in what they study. So, international students, especially from third countries, prefer Turkey as their destination for their higher education. The reason is apparent, apart from quality education, Turkey also offers affordable education. This, with other factors, attracts international students to Turkish universities.

In this article, you will learn from the research of our team of writers. This research will give you all the details about Turkey Student Visa. In addition, you will also learn more about the reasons to study at a Turkish university or college.

Reasons to Study in Turkey as an international student

There are many reasons to study in Turkey as an international student. Therefore, our team has brought out the top reasons. And they include:

  1. World’s best universities
  2. Quality education
  3. Low tuition fee
  4. Combination of in-class and practical experience

World’s best universities

Among other reasons to study in Turkey is that you will learn in some of the best universities. Moreover, Turkey boasts of some of the best universities in the world. Thus, many Turkish universities rank among the best 1000 universities. For instance, Cankaya University, the best university in Turkey, ranks number 401. Other top-ranking universities in Turkey include Koc University(501), Sabanci University9501), and Bilkent University(601). For this reason, many international students go to these universities.

Quality education

Turkey also offers quality education to international students. This is because the Turkish system of education is among the best. Thus, it attracts students, especially from the third world. These students come to Turkey to upgrade from what they have in their country.

Low tuition fee

In addition to having the best universities, Turkey also offers affordable education. Thus, international students who have Turkey Student Visa enjoy this. In Turkey, international students pay about 3000 euros as tuition fees annually. However, this depends on your course. For instance, courses like Medicine, Law, and Engineering cost higher. At the same time, courses in Humanity and Art cost lower.

Combination of in-class and practical

Most of the top universities in Turkey combine teaching with practical. Also, students can have a field experience of what they learn. This, they become masters of their field.

Turkey Student Visa

With a Turkey Student Visa, international students can get access to Turkey. However, their access is only for educational purposes. Thus, it can be for an internship or enroll in the course of study at a Turkish University. This means that international students must get a residence permit to live and study in Turkey temporarily.

Eligibility for Turkey Student Visa

All international students who meet the requirements can qualify fie a Turkey Student Visa. However, international students from Cyprus don’t need this. So, if you are from Cyprus, you can study in Turkey without a visa.

Exemptions from Turkey Student Visa

The following individuals do not need to obtain a Turkey Student Visa. They include:

  • If you went to Turkish secondary or high school.
  • If your parents have a Turkey work visa and residence permit. You don’t need a student visa.
  • If you have a Blue Card.

Types of Turkey Student visa

There are various types of Turkey Student Visas. And the type you need depends on the education you need in Turkey. So, you will have to choose the proper visa for your study in Turkey. Below are the types of Student visas in Turkey. They include:

  • Internship Visa
  • Turkish Language Course Visa
  • Education Visa
  • Internship ERASMUS
  • Internship AIESEC
  • Course Visa
  • Education in Cyprus Visa

 Requirements for Turkey Student Visa

Any international student applying for a Turkey Student Visa needs the following documents. They include:

Turkey Student Visa application form

Of course, you will need to fill out an application form. As such, you must provide certain personal data. For example, your full name and place of death. You will also give the reason for traveling to Turkey.


You must also provide your passport. This will help to prove your nationality and other details. It must also be a recent passport. Your passport must have a space for your visa stamp.


Another requirement for a Turkey Student Visa is two photos. These photos must be the same in size and color. Moreover, it must meet the requirements for Turkey photo visa requirements.

Flight tickets

To obtain a Turkey Student Visa, you must show evidence of your flight ticket to Turkey. This must be an actual ticket. Instead, it can just be your flight reservation.

Travel Insurance

It would help if you also had travel insurance for your stay in Turkey. Otherwise, you may not have your visa. Therefore, you have to contact a Turkish insurer for this.

Letter of acceptance from a Turkish university

If you are not able to provide an admission letter, you cannot obtain a visa to study in Turkey. This letter must also contain the duration fop your study in Turkey.

Proof of payment

You must also show that you have paid your school fees for the first year. After that, or when applicable, for the entire course you enroll into.

Education Credentials

You will also provide proof of previous education. For example, you can provide your certificates and transcript from your former institution.

Proof of financial means

To obtain a Turkey Student Visa, you must prove that you have enough money to study in Turkey. For example, you can use a bank statement, proof of scholarship, or sponsorship letter.


You must show proof of accommodation while you study in Turkey. Your accommodation can be any of the following:

  • Proof of staying in the dormitory
  • Letter of invitation by a friend or relative
  • Proof of rent

Steps to apply for Turkey Student Visa

You can use the following steps when applying for a Turkey Student visa. They include:

Step 1. Find out the time to apply for your Turkey Student Visa

It is good to find out the best time to apply for the visa. This will help you to avoid inevitable delays in the process. For instance, early application is 60 days before your departure. In comparison, the late application is 30 days before departure.

Step 2. Find out where to apply

You have to apply for your Turkey Student Visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate. Sometimes, you can apply through a third-party agent. However, the Turkish embassy must process your visa.

Step 3. Find out which Turkey Student Visa is best for you

Turkey has different types of visas for international students. So, you will have o find which visa suits your study purpose in Turkey.

Step 4. Get an acceptance letter from a Turkish university

Without a letter of admission from a Turkish university, you cannot get your Turkey Student Visa. Therefore, before filling out any form, ensure your admission letter is ready.

Step 5. Complete an online application for Turkey Student Visa

The next step is complete an online application form. Once you have completed this form, you will receive an appointment for a visa interview.

Step 6. Gather your documents

This is time to gather all the documents for your visa application. First, make sure that no paper is missing. Because if you miss any document, you may miss out on your visa. To this end, start on time to gather your documents.

Step 7. Attend visa interview

Make sure that you are on time for the interview. Then, take all your documents with you. If any document is missing, you may not obtain your visa. Therefore, do not forget any while attending the interview.

Then, expect to answer some questions about why you prefer Turkey. Also, you will need to clarify specific information in the application form.

Step 8. Wait for processing

A Turkey Study Visa takes about 15 days to process. However, it can take longer if your documents are not complete once you receive a notification that your visa is ready. Then, you can visit the embassy for your visa stamp. With this, you can travel to Turkey as a student. However, you must obtain a residence permit once you arrive in Turkey. This allows you to live and study in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Turkey Student Visa?

You must apply online to get a student visa to Turkey. Then, gather all your documents and visit the embassy in your country for a visa interview.

How much is Turkey Student Visa?

A Turkey Student Visa for single entry costs about 800 TL. But if you need a multi-entry visa, you will pay a fee of 2542 TL.

Can I work as a student in Turkey?

Yes, you can work with a Turkey Student Visa. However, you will, first of all, obtain a work permit from the Turkish authorities.

How long is Student Visa valid in Turkey?

In Turkey, a student visa is valid for only a year. However, it is renewable if you have not completed your program. Then, you have to fill out a form and get your renewal.


In summary, nothing stops you from getting a visa to study in Turkey. So, you can follow the guideline that we have provided and get your visa efficiently. Moreover, learning in Turkey has a lot of advantages for you. So, why not use this opportunity and get a quality education in Turkey.

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