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Turkey Visa – Types, Application, Documents and Validity

Some citizens of some countries do not need a Turkey visa before visiting the country. This is because of the bilateral relationships between such countries and Turkey. It is essential to verify if your country requires a visa to visit the country or not before you proceed to apply.

However, if you must obtain a Turkey visa before your trip to the country, you need to know the best Visa suitable for you. You are to provide important documents before your visa application can be processed. As you read further, the documents will be made known to you, likewise the validity for each type of Turkey visa.

Let me briefly take you through the uniqueness and important things to note about Turkey.

Turkey as a country

Turkey is a landlocked country located in Southern Eurasia. It is bordered by Syria and Iraq to the north, Armenia and Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Romania to the south, and Greece to the west.

Turkey is a lovely country with a fascinating culture. It has a variety of landscapes, including mountains, forests, and seaside resorts. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the food is delicious. Turkey is also one of the safest countries in the world to travel in.

There are different types of jobs available in Turkey, including tourism-related jobs, service sector jobs, manufacturing jobs, and agricultural jobs. The country is also home to several multinational companies, so there is a great opportunity for career growth.

What is a Turkey Visa? 

A Turkey Visa is a document that allows a foreign national to come and live in Turkey for a certain period. The Visa must be obtained before your arrival in the country. There are several types of visas available, depending on the purpose of travel.

Find out the suitable types of Turkey Visa for your trip to Turkey

You can’t apply for all the types of Turkey Visas at once. Rather you use for the type suitable for your visit. The kinds of Turkey Visa are as follows:

Tourist Turkey Visa

You can apply for this type of Visa if you plan to visit the country for leisure and adventures. This Visa covers events like exhibitions, visiting mountains, seaside, and site attractions in the country. It is primarily valid for 30 days or at most 45 days, so take note of the validity period.

Business Turkey Visa

This type of Visa is available to entrepreneurs that wish to visit Turkey to buy and seal business deals. Also, investors that want to invest in businesses like automotive, tourism, construction, real estate, and others need this type of Visa.

Education Turkey Visa

This Visa is required if you plan to study in any approved Turkish institutions. It also covers internships, research, and other educational programs. The type of educational program you are enrolled in will determine the validity of the study visa you will be granted.

Turkish work Visa

This is certainly the best type of Visa for you if you wish to travel to Turkey for jobs or employment. You will equally need a work permit to be able to work when you arrive in the country.

Turkey Transit visa

This Visa is required by citizens that want to transit through Turkey to another country. Take note that this type of Visa is only valid for 24 hours because it is meant to allow you to connect to the next flight to your destination. In addition, you can’t go out of the transit point of Turkey airport with this type of Visa.

Documents for Turkey Visa application 

The embassy or consulate in your home or resident country of visa application will provide some documents. They will serve as proof of your seriousness or commitment to visit Turkey. Your documents must be genuine and easy to verify by the embassy during the visa application process. The papers can be optional in some types of Turkey visas, while some are general for all. They include:

Completed Application form

This form should be downloaded here, and all the compulsory sections must be filled in correctly and free of mistakes.

Copies of Passport Photograph

You are to provide two copies of your passport photograph that meet the following criteria:

  • 5 cm by 6 cm recent passport photograph.
  • Sharp, bright, and focused

Traveling Documents

You can see the list of countries that can visit Turkey with a valid ID Card here, but if you can’t. Your passport with extra empty pages must be attached.

Evidence of Accommodation

You are to provide proof that you have a place to stay when you reach Turkey. The evidence can be like a hotel reservation/booking or invitation proof by your host or family member in Turkey. The confirmation must contain a traceable address in Turkey.

Proof of Funds

You will be required to show that you are financially capable of surviving when you arrive in Turkey. You should be able to spend 50 daily on your needs so you won’t be a burden to anyone. Things you can use as evidence of funds are bank statements, credit cards, and other means of livelihood.

Evidence of health care plan

This proof is necessary to assure the Turkey authority that you are covered for all medical care during your stay.

Additional Documents for Visa proposal 

Criminal clearance: This is granted by the police or other related security agencies as proof of your illegal status. It is expected to be clean, and if any, it should be a pardonable one.

Birth Certificate: If you plan to move to Turkey with a minor or your child that is less than six years. You are to attach this document and a consent letter.

Marriage Certificate: if you are a spouse to a citizen or resident of Turkey, ensure to attach this document as proof.

Proof of employment letter: You must provide this document or work permit as proof of a job offer from your employer in Turkey.

Proof of enrollment letter: A student needs to provide this to show they have genuinely secured admission to study in Turkey.

Evidence of Business license/ invitation for business: This is important if you visit Turkey for trade or investment. This may aid your Turkey visa application process because your investment will help Turkey’s economy.

Steps to apply for Turkey Visa successfully

First Step: Locate and Schedule an appointment with the embassy or consulate.

It would be best if you located the Turkish embassy in your country to schedule an appointment and make necessary inquiries. If the Turkey embassy isn’t in your country, you can contact Turkey’s third-party nation or visa accredited centers for guidance.

Second Step: Prepare your Turkey Visa application form and other documents.

Your completed application form and other documents should be ready before the date of submission inside a self-addressed envelope.

Third Step: Submit your documents and attend an interview.

Your credentials must be submitted in person at the embassy or visa center. The visa application fee will be collected at the pay point. The pay point. Furthermore, you will be called for an interview, and questions relating to your visit to Turkey will be asked.

Last Step: Notification of your application.

You will be contacted within 15 days to notify you of the success or otherwise of your turkey visa application.

Note: Some Types of Turkey visas are applied online from the official website as e-visa. But you must submit the printed forms and other documents to your embassy or consulate for onward consideration.

Turkey Visa processing time and the application fee

You must begin the visa application process at least one month before your planned trip to Turkey. It is possible to start as early as two months but earlier than this period. You will be notified about your visa application at least two weeks after submitting all documents and forms.

Generally, the sticker visa application fee ranges from €14 to €71, while e-visa costs up to €180. However, note that some countries like the United Arab Emirates pay as high as €465.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turkey’s e-visa?

It is a visa issued electronically to citizens of Turkey who are visiting the country for tourism, business, or transit purposes. The Visa allows entry into Turkey for 90 days and can be used multiple times. It is available through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and some Turkish travel agencies. To apply for a Turkey e-visa, you must have a valid passport and complete application forms.

Can I apply for Turkey e-visa 48 hours before my trip?

You can apply for a Turkey e-visa 48 hours before your trip. However, keep in mind that it can take up to three business days to process your visa application, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Is Turkey’s e-visa available for work and study purposes?

Turkey’s e-visa is not available for work and study visas. Therefore, if you are entering Turkey for work or study, you need a sticker visa.


Turkey Visa is easy to get if you follow the guidelines and have all the required documents. Errors are avoidable if you start the application process early enough and pay the processing fee.

We hope that the Turkey visa guide was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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