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Turkey Work Visa: Requirements, Application and Documentation

Turkey works visa holders can work across diverse booming industries, including tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and the defense industry.

Without a doubt, the tourism industry is a vital part of Turkey’s economy. The Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country. Besides, it has a total area of 783,356 km2 and a population of over 84.6 million as of 2021. Turkey is the 36th largest country in the world by its entire area.

Living and working in Turkey is usually a great experience for foreigners. Turkey is huge and has many different cultures. Foreigners who want to integrate into Turkey’s economy must have a job offer from a Turkish company and all requirements.

This blog post covers the requirements, processing time, application procedure, and cost of a Turkey work visa.

What is a Turkish Work Visa?

A Turkish work visa is a type of visa that permits its holders to enter Turkey, particularly for employment purposes.

While applying for the visa, you also need to submit a work permit application. This will give you full authorization to start working in Turkey.

Categories of Turkey Work Visas

There are a few Turkish work visa categories based on occupation classes. The types are as follows.

  1. Assigned Artists (for foreigners who have to make artworks, draw or paint in the Republic of Turkey)
  2. Assigned Sportsperson (for foreigners who engage in sporting activities as their occupation and need to take part in a sporting event in Turkey)
  3. Assigned Journalists (for foreign writers of newspapers and magazines who have to perform their job duties in Turkey)
  4. Assigned Lecturers/Academicians (for foreign educators who want to work at a Turkish university or college)
  5. Montage and Repairman Purposes
  6. Assigned Free Zone Workers
  7. Employment Purpose/Special Employment Purpose

Turkey Work Visa Processing Time

The average time it takes to process an application for a Turkey work visa is three weeks.

Therefore, you should consider applying for a Turkey work visa in about one (1) month from the date you wish to travel to the country for employment purposes.

Turkey Work Visa Cost

The cost of a Turkish work visa is about USD 140. The authorities will deny your work visa application if you don’t pay the fee at the appropriate time.

Turkey Work Visa Requirements

Here is a list of documents needed to complete the application process for a Turkish work visa.

  • A valid passport or travel document that is valid for up to six months upon reaching Turkey
  • Turkey Work Visa Application Form filled out with all required information
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos taken within the last six months
  • Police clearance certificate to show that you haven’t been involved in any crime
  • Diploma or Provisional Graduation Equivalency Certificate
  • Diploma or Provisional Graduation Certificates such as a sworn translation or officially certified translation certificate
  • Employment/work contract that must include information on your job position, commission, and wages, as well as when your job contract will be due
  • Valid health insurance that would cover you throughout your stay in Turkey
  • Proof of accommodation in Turkey, such as a rental agreement
  • Proof of funds, which can include an account statement that demonstrates a saved amount of €50 for each day you’ll spend in Turkey
  • Round-trip ticket of international flight to Turkey

How to Get a Turkish Work Visa

Suppose you wish to work for a Turkish employer. In that case, you have to follow some steps to guarantee a successful application for your Turkey work visa. The steps are quite different from the application process for other types of Turkish visas.

A Turkish work visa requires the foreign worker and employer to complete a few procedures.

These steps include:-

  1. Receive an employment contract from a Turkish employer
  2. Book an appointment with a Turkish embassy or consulate
  3. Apply for your work visa at the embassy or consulate
  4. Ask your employer to submit all supporting documents to Turkish MLSS
  5. Attend visa interview and submit required documents
  6. Allow time for Turkish work visa processing

Step 1: Receive an employment contract from a Turkish employer

The first step to getting a Turkish work visa involves your employer sending you a job offer or employment contract. It is mandatory to possess a job offer before taking any other step to getting a Turkish work visa.

To obtain a job offer from a Turkish employer or company, you must log on to any of Turkey’s job sites to access job vacancies. You can also apply for the jobs online via the website.

These websites include Turkey Talent, Career Jet, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

Step 2: Book an appointment with a Turkish embassy or consulate

#2 out of the five steps in obtaining a Turkey work visa requires you to book an appointment with a Turkish embassy or consulate. Therefore, securing the meeting online at a Turkish diplomatic mission close to your residence is best.

Step 3: Apply for your work visa at the embassy or consulate

Next, you have to apply for your Turkish work visa. Again, be sure to have received an employment offer before applying for the visa.

The ideal time to apply for a Turkish work visa is one or two months before your intended travel date.

Step 4: Ask your employer to submit all supporting documents to Turkish MLSS

The fourth step in getting a Turkish work visa is contacting your employer and asking them to submit all supporting documents to the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MLSS).

Suppose your employer does not submit the documents at the expected time. In that case, your work visa application will be incomplete and discarded.

Step 5: Attend visa interview and submit required documents

You must attend an interview at the Turkish embassy or consulate less than ten days after submitting your work visa application.

Moreover, it is necessary to submit all required documents to the embassy or consulate either in person or by mail.

Step 6: Allow time for Turkish work visa processing

There’s nothing else to do at this time than wait for the Turkish embassy or consulate to process your work visa application. The whole process takes twenty days, which is equivalent to three weeks.

Duration of Turkey Work Visas

Turkish work visas do not last forever and will expire after some time. The work permit has a validity period of one (1) year. After the first year, you can renew the permit for an additional two years.

When the two years elapse, you’ll be able to renew your Turkish work permit for three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs to get a Turkish work visa?

Turkish work visas are required by foreigners who desire to work for an employer within the country. The process of procuring the visa is straightforward. It is completable through a Turkish embassy or consulate in your country of residence. To qualify for this work visa, you must not miss out on any of its requirements. These include holding a valid passport and employment offer, among others.

What is the difference between a Turkish business visa and a work visa?

There are many differences between a Turkish business visa and a work visa. For instance, a Turkish business visa is an authorization granted to foreigners who hope to carry out a business activity in Turkey. Contrarily, a Turkish work visa permits foreigners to work in the country. Another significant difference is that Turkey’s business visa is valid for three months, while a Turkish work visa lasts one year.

How much is a Turkish work visa fee?

The fee for a Turkish work visa is $140. You can complete the fee payment via different platforms, including credit and debit cards.

Is a Turkey work visa process easy?

Yes, it is easy to obtain a Turkish work visa if you can fulfill its requirements, provide all supporting documents, and contact your employer for necessary assistance. In addition, the process requires you to have a police clearance certificate, proof of funds, and more.

When should I apply for a Turkey work visa?

The best time to apply for a Turkish work visa is anytime from one month to your intended travel date. However, you can still apply for the visa two months before the date you wish to leave your country for Turkey.

What jobs are in demand in Turkey?

Many jobs have high labor demands in the Republic of Turkey. For example, some workers in need in Turkey include airline pilots, doctors, surgeons, orthodontists, lawyers, and IT specialists.


In summary, the Turkey work visa makes it possible for foreign workers to live and work in Turkey. The visa fee is very reasonable, and its application process is relatively easy. With Turkey’s plenty of opportunities and benefits, your stay and employment in the country would be worthwhile.

We believe that you have gotten answers to your questions and have little or no more curiosities by reading this blog post.

Thanks for reading!

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