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Turkmen Embassy in Canada – 3 Consular Services

Unfortunately, there is no Turkmen Embassy in Canada at the moment but it doesn’t prevent them all necessary services.

The life of Turkmens in Canada is relatively safe; they also enjoy the privileges enjoyed by other foreign nationals in Canada.

However the Turkmens in Canada access consular services from the Turkmenistan embassy in Washington DC, USA through Canada Legalization services.

Also Kazakh Service centre in Canada help to provide such consular services in partnership with Turkmenistan embassy in Washington DC.

Similarly the Canadians planning to visit Turkmenistan will have to apply for visa from the Turkmenistan embassy in Washington DC.

The article will focus extensively on top three consular services offered to Turkmens in Canada through Turkmenistan Embassy in Washington.

Additionally, for those planning to immigrate to Turkmen but knows nothing about an embassy nor brief history about the country. Let begin with what an embassy is then the brief history about Turkmenistan and the rest details.

What is an Embassy?

An Embassy is a diplomatic building where all activities of a country are carried out in the hosting country. Most embassy headquarters for countries in Canada are located in Ottawa in the province of Ontario.

Few countries with more citizens in Canada do have extended offices called consulates in some provinces of Canada. This enables them to offer services mostly to their citizens and Canadians efficiently.

The embassy is mostly headed by an ambassador or a high commissioner when only Consulate office exists.

About Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan can also be called Turkmen, it is a country located in the Asian Continent. It shares border with Kazakhstan due northwest, Uzbekistan due northeast and Afghanistan to the southeast. Turkmen has a population of 6 million as at year 2020, it is the most sparsely populated nations in Asia.

The citizens of Turkmenistan are known as Turkmenistanis, the country Capital is Ashgabat, and the largest city in the country.

The country’s Currency is Turkmenistan manat (TMT), it is also an Islamic nation because about 96% of citizens practice Islam.

More so, the country is economically viable and progressive. The country is food sufficient, it economy survive on oil, Tourism, energy, natural gas, Agriculture and export earnings. The country’s export earning as at 2019 was $11.1 billion majorly from gas, crude oil, petrochemicals, textiles, cotton fiber.

Facts about Turkmenistan

Possibly you may not know some of these facts about Turkmenistan all because country is not that big. Find them below:

  • Petrol is extremely cheap and motorists are given a free allowance per month.
  • The world’s largest indoor ferris wheel, longest staircase in the world and largest man made canal are in Turkmenistan.
  • It is the only officially neutral country in the world.
  • It is top 10 least visited countries on earth

Turkmenistan’s Top 10 Dishes

If you are visiting Turkmenistan and you desire to have a taste of their dishes then dishes like:

  • Manti
  • Kazalanma
  • Gutap
  • kovurma
  • Chorek
  • Shashlyk
  • Dogroma chorba.
  • Shurpa


Shurpa is one of the most popular Turkmen and Central Asian soups, made from mutton broth with the addition of potatoes and tomatoes.

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Addresses of Turkmen Embassy in Canada

Alternatively addresses of the Canada Legalization Services and that of Turkmenistan Embassy in Washington will be provided in this article. Also the address of Kazakh Service Centre in Canada will be provided for you to have options to choose from.

Address of Canada Legalization Services


275 Slater St. Suite 900, Ottawa,

ON K1P 5H9, Canada

Telephone: +1 800-816-2360.

Official hours

Monday to Friday 09:00am to 05:00PM

Address of Kazakh Service Centre in Canada


275 Slater Street, Suite 900 Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5H9 Canada.

Telephone: ­+1 (888) 800-9339.

Email: [email protected]

Address (es) of Turkmen Embassy in Washington DC


2207 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008 USA

Turkmen Embassy in Washington DC Contact Details

TEL: (202) 588 1500

FAX: (202) 588 1500

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Address of Canadian Consular in Turkmenistan

Equally, there is neither Canadian embassy located in Turkmenistan for Canadians living in Turkmenistan nor in any of it cities. So the Canadians in Turkmenistan access consular assistance and further information from the Embassy of Canada to Turkey in Ankara.

Therefore the address and contact details of embassy of Turkey in Canada will be provided.

Street Address:

Cinnah Caddesi

No. 58, Çankaya 06690, Ankara, Turkey.

Telephone: 90 (312) 409-2700


90 (312) 409-2712

Email: [email protected]

Internet: www.turkey.gc.ca

Top three Consular services provide by the Embassy

  • Visa Services
  • Legalization of Documents
  • Reclaim of documents

Visa services

Turkmen doesn’t have embassy in Canada so if you intend to apply for Turkmen visa. The Kazakh service centre will provide you the service for a fee of $80 with all tax included. If the service centre will arrange for payment on your behalf you will be paying extra $5 with 4% consular fee as charged by PayPal.

You will be required to provide the following documents:

  • A completely filled application form which can be downloaded online.
  • Means of proof of identity like a personal ID or a driver’s license.
  • A valid and signed passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
  • A copy of your ID page of passport (You should make a copy of the 1st page of your passport, which has been signed to be identical to the original. It should be arranged so it fits vertically into the upper left half of a standard Letter size paper.)
  • A letter of invitation from the person or company that you are visiting is also required. Note the letter must be certified by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. It will only be valid for 3 months from the date of certification.
  • If you are only a tourist and will not be visiting anyone in particular. It is important you contact a tourist agency and obtain LOI from them.

Legalization of Documents

The Turkmen embassy in Washington also legalizes documents for Turkmens in Canada this can be channeled through Kazakh service centre.  Here are the stages the legalization process follows:

  • The notary office in Turkmenistan notarizes a copy of the document.
  • The Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan testifies the authenticity of the signature and seal of a notary.
  • The CO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan confirms the authenticity of the seal of the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan and the signature of the official.
  • The CO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan confirms the authenticity of the seal of the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan and the signature of the official.

The fee for these services will be made available by the Kazakh service centre.

Reclaim of documents

In case you have a document with the Turkmenistan government as a citizen and you need it in Canada. You can reclaim such document easily through the Turkmen embassy in Washington.

Considering that Turkmen embassy is not in Canada you visit Canada Legalization Services office or Kazakh Service Centre in Canada. Fill two copies of the application form for each claimed document and pays the appropriate fee or charges.

Furthermore, your request will be relay to Turkmen embassy in Washington then send to Turkmenistan for processing. Once the document is found it will sent to you through the embassy but if not found you will also be contacted.

Other Consular Services rendered

Certainly as a Turkmens living in Canada you can access the following consular services as side the top three. Canada Legalization Services office or Kazakh Service Centre in Canada makes them possible through partnership with Turkmen embassy in Washington. The fees for each of the services are available on request but definitely not expensive.

The services include:

  • Police clearance certificate for employment and immigration purposes.
  • Certificate of birth, death and marriage.
  • Company legalization documents.
  • Incorporation of documents, agreements and other business correspondence to Turkmenistan Government.
  • Commercial invoices, packing lists and other import or export documents related to trade with Turkmenistan.
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How to Apply for Passport at Turkmen Embassy in Canada?

Despite Turkmen not having embassy in Canada, Turkmens can apply for their passports through Turkmenistan embassy in Washington DC USA.

Turkmens don’t need travelling to USA because Canada Legalization Services office or Kazakh Service Centre in Canada provides such services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Canadians need visa to visit Turkmenistan?

Yes, the Canadians will have to obtain the Turkmenistan visa at the point of entry to the country.

How to get job in Turkmen Embassy in Canada?

There are embassy jobs for Turkmen in Canada because the country neither has an embassy nor consulate offices in Canada. No doubt there are other jobs readily available in Canada for Turkmens.


Hopefully, the details provided about Turkmen, the top three services and others provided by it embassy will assist you.

If you find this article helpful, please endeavor to share it with your friends and families it might be helpful.

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